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Case Study: Longford Football To Connaught? - 21 Like(s)
I'd be more worried about Kerry's easy route through Munster...what a bloody joke that is.

yew_tree (National) - 29/07/2019 08:08:40

Meath V Mayo - 18 Like(s)

Replying To bobkarlgees:  "What will happen if the game is cancelled sunday ? Will the game be played next weekend 16th February or 8th March ? Mostly likely next weekend I guess. Round 3: Saturday February 8th. ... Break Round 4: Saturday February 22nd. ... Round 5: Saturday February 29th. ... break Round 6: Saturday March 14th. ... Round 7: Sunday March 22nd. ... Division 1 final: Sunday March 29th."
Big Mayo support traveling up.....many traveling up sat....hopefully a call is made well before throw in....I believe many local hotels are full. What condition is the pitch like in Navan?

yew_tree (Meath) - 07/02/2020 14:04:15

Dublin V Tyrone All Ireland Final 2018 - 17 Like(s)
Congrats on the 4 in a row. Some team. Hope we can be back next year and throw a spanner in the works but for now ye look good for the five.

yew_tree (Dublin) - 04/09/2018 18:10:41

Meath V Mayo - 17 Like(s)

Replying To longroadback:  "Parc Tailteann surface is one of the best in the country, will take an awful lot of rain for it to be unplayable"
Good to likely to go ahead so. Do t think the east coast is to be hit as bad as the west...Mayo gone orange alert now but imagine conditions will get better the further east you go. Looking forward to the's a real relegation 4 pointer.

yew_tree (Meath) - 07/02/2020 16:18:26

Kerry Lads And Tattoos - 17 Like(s)
Joe Duffy, his show and some of his callers are absolute doses. Moaning ignorant tossers.

yew_tree (National) - 04/08/2021 10:59:40

Brian Carthy - 17 Like(s)
RTE going down the tubes....bland and sterile. I don't agree with Brolly but like Dunphy you need someone to disagree with on tv. Brian Carty is an excellent commentator...sad to see him being axed. My guess is a new female commentator will be coming in down the line for "balance"

yew_tree (National) - 18/01/2020 16:17:49

The GAA And "Northern Ireland" - 17 Like(s)
I remember talking to a couple from Derry at a Brice Springsteen concert a few years ago in Belfast. They told us how their GAA field was destroyed during the troubles and even had tar poured on it. Constant intimidation going to club game's, held up at army checkpoints to delay getting to a game. Ironic as we were talking a UVF flag went up on front of stage and was taken down by security and some people were turfed out. "You see what we've had to put up with" they said. At Springsteen shows they always fly the American flag and flag of whatever country there are in. In Belfast they don't fly any flags....the only worldwide venue they can't do this. Who are we in the south to preach? We have no idea what northern GAA people went through. Sooner or later the United Ireland debate will begin though. I think both sides are going to have to give up symbols and flags in a new Federal Country...who knows time will tell.

yew_tree (National) - 18/04/2021 10:03:56

Anti GAA Agenda - 16 Like(s)
I don't subscribe to the Dublin media jibe as many of those working in national media in Dublin are from all over the maybe highlights what Dublin GAA also have to fight against in contrast to their other advantages. Fact is there are Hundreds of thousands of people living in Dublin who don't like or care about the GAA and wouldn't even know All Ireland final day....perfect example being I had to give two Dublin rugby lads directions to Croke Park a few years back. I don't think they ever crossed O'Connell bridge. Agree if GAA is shut down then league of Ireland and all underage etc should be inc rugby. There is an arrogance from every sport, inc GAA as to why our sport is superior. Just look at Johnny Sextons comments yesterday saying the whole country will be watching the Italy game...well I won't be. I'll be switching between Roscommon v Cavan and Kerry v Donegal.

yew_tree (National) - 21/10/2020 13:22:48

John Kiely Comments - 16 Like(s)
Firstly congrats to Limerick today on another Munster title...what a team and what a manager they have. Just after a big final win, John backs his squad players unable to attend the game. He is 100% right. All panel members should be allowed to attend. It's ridiculous. Load of media there when half them aren't needed. A huge stadium and neither team can bring more than the allocated numbers which means players training all year miss out. We had the same ridiculous situation in club games this year, lads missing out outside the match day 24. Time for government to address this.

yew_tree (National) - 15/11/2020 21:59:04

"Why Should Anybody Have The God-Given Right To See All Games On Television?" - 16 Like(s)
Just because something was not available years ago, doesent mean we should be happy to go back to the system. I have a family member in hospital and had to listen to the Mayo v Donegal game on radio, many people in the ward would liked to have seen that game but hospitals don't have sky naturally enough when they don't even have enough beds... Fact is quarter finals used to be always free to air and now aren't.

yew_tree (National) - 06/08/2019 15:21:56

2019 Attendances - 16 Like(s)

Replying To kiloughter:  "Absolutely. And it does not matter who Dublin play be it Kerry, Mayo or whoever. Winning becomes routine. Sat night would have that type of crowd whoever Dub would be playing."
Would have been at least double there if Mayo were playing Dublin sat night mate and you know it.

yew_tree (National) - 04/02/2019 11:32:23

Club Championships - 15 Like(s)
Well done Corofin...a real footballing side. Pearce's very dirty. Hope Corofin go on and complete the 3 in a row.

yew_tree (National) - 24/11/2019 16:00:00

NFL Division 1 - 15 Like(s)

Replying To oldsam_newsam:  "Well maybe we can agree that you wont have a good laugh at Meath's current woes and I wont point out the difference in levels of success over the years. And just to be clear, I do not make any sort of a habit of gloating on here . However, I wont take people laughing at us and the slagging of our manager that has gone on here. Andy has complained after some of the games - maybe he shouldn't have but he was damn well entitled to after the last couple of home games. I look forward to the game in Monaghan - I will certainly be there irrespective of the result against the Dubs."
Grow up will ya...everyone gets stick on this forum..."they are laughing at us".....well yeah they are but suck it up. That's life .

yew_tree (National) - 07/03/2020 09:05:23

Could it prove to be.. - 14 Like(s)

Replying To theduke66:  "Yeh once it was kicked dead Dublin had the chance to set up and defend which they didn't do very well. Also I saw cillian o Connor going mad looking for a free ( what's new! ) from cluxtons kick out, not sure was it for a pick up or the clash with bastic ."
Was it not a straight pick up? I watched it back last night again and it was a straight pick up of the ground. Then again il admit I saw Andy Moran pick the ball of the ground in the build up to one of our scores so it evens itself out over the course of a game.

yew_tree (Dublin) - 22/09/2016 16:49:07

Influence Of Donie Buckley - 14 Like(s)
Has left the Kerry setup with immediate effect....this is no ordinary selector/trainer. A huge loss and all not well in the Kerry camp?

yew_tree (National) - 07/03/2020 12:24:04

Who Are Dublins Challenger Now? - 14 Like(s)
Poor aul'd swear they were in the doldrums the way their fans are going on

yew_tree (National) - 18/06/2019 12:38:53

Full Stadium For Hurling And Football Finals. - 14 Like(s)
So 40,000 allowed into Croke Park this weekend for the hurling final but they drop down to 24,000 a week LATER for the 2nd football couldn't make it up. Craggy Island.

yew_tree (National) - 19/08/2021 10:14:36

I know its been said before, but... - 14 Like(s)
Very scary indeed...Dublin have raised the bar and it's up to the rest to compete and get there. Like the Kilkenny hurlers did. I still think we can compete with ye but only if we are on our A game. I believe if any team is off form against Dublin and you will be blown away as we seen last sat night. While money helps I don't believe it's the main factor. Dublin are currently enjoying a golden age of talent. I look at counties like Meath and Kildare and shake my head. Huge population, resources are there. Surly they can fundraise at home and abroad like Mayo and Kerry do. They have big sponsors yet they complain about Dublin. Maybe they should but the effort into underage and build from there. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail and all that.

yew_tree (Dublin) - 11/03/2017 09:07:23

GAA Keeping Rural Ireland Alive - 14 Like(s)
As I write this, the new Leinster club champions Mullinalaghta have just appeared on the late late show and well done to them. They have given hope to clubs up and down the country. It was interesting to listen to their captain speak about the post office gone, shop, one pub closed and one left etc....however the GAA club is the ever constant. My club wouldn't be much bigger and I'd imagine it's a case in every county where most clubs are rural, with services and people disappearing. So for all the giving out we do just be thankful that we are all part of a fantastic organization, far from flawless and at times extremely frustrating but it's ours all the same and it's keeping communities alive.

yew_tree (National) - 14/12/2018 21:55:14

NFL Division 1 - 14 Like(s)

Replying To StopTheLights:  "Mayo are nothing if not consistent, I'll give you that. Mayo and Dublin are the two teams who give us exactly what we expect year in year out. Not the type of consistency I'd be drawing attention to."
Well Dublin's consistency is that of winning and winning in style, playing the game the right way. Mayo have a loosing final streak that is not pretty but more importantly a consistency of getting back up and keeping at it...never throwing in the towel. So your comment that it's a consistency you would not be drawing attention to is wrong. You haven't a clue.

yew_tree (National) - 26/02/2020 14:31:15