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Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 6 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "Whoah horsey, ok if your granted on the games development money, let's put that to bed, I don't blame you given the Monaghan figures. I'm a bit lost on the point you are trying to argue, but I'll perservere. The DCB publish their audited accounts. Now we're you are making a mistake is confusing sponsorship with GAA money. GAA fund grass roots through GDF. Sponsorship and commercial revenue runs the senior teams. That's the model the GAA use. Sponsorship and commercial revenue is up to the county boards and a private matter. What you are essentialy saying is your annoyed because Dublin are more attractive, marketable and desirable to sponsor then everyone else. Someone has to earn the most and it's Dublin. Why not though? We have the best players, they are great models, there is a massive market in Dublin. This is competive sport and someone will be on top. I actually think we could do better commercially, but there is a real sense of the communal system in the DCB at present. You haven't produced any evidence or figures, that's the article improvident in the link in my previous post, you just went and found it in the paper. Why not run off and give us figures of the country cumilitive funding. Do cork get more cumulative funding then Dublin for the last 15 years as they spent over 100 mill on a new stadium, the grants given to Kerry for IT Tralee and Curran's last year equate to Dublin GDF for a decade. I'd like you to go and prove your point on Dublin comparatively with every other county, don't forget the bail out for McHale, redevelopment of Hyde, dare I mention Clones! On a point of note, I have ties in Mayo, in fact I'm fairly close with a few club chairman, a criticism I often here is the demands of the county board on clubs. Many don't think it's fair and I know many have stepped down with enmity. I say this because I asked the question of a DCB rep as to why Dublin's fundraising figures were so low, I like you was outraged, truth is and what i was told was that the DCB don't fundraise, as they have agreed with the clubs to leave the field open that any fundraising they do is kept by the club. This works in Dublin, it's why we say other counties need to look at what we do here. That fundraising has seen facilities improve, GDO and allows clubs to fund coaches. That's were good players become great. Contrast that what happens elsewhere, with kickbacks to the county board through lottos gates etc. I've no idea what other counties sponsorship is, do you want to tell us the the figures? I would ask the question though, why are Dublin happy to allow theirs in the public domain and other counties don't? Hmmm.."
Its not hard to understand Username, not for most anyway. Look back at my posts. I stated the money Dublin get from the GAA (from HQ and inclusive of GDF and all other payments like team payments, CAPEX etc) is probably about right if not a little bit high to fund such a large number of clubs in the county inclusive of the projects. You are the one focusing on GDF and GAA specific payments. My point, again, is questioning the large revenues that Dublin have available to them with relative ease that other counties simply don't have. So, yeah I am annoyed that other counties find it hard to compete with Dublin due to Dublins ability for attracting commercial revenue. This is the whole point!!!! For those asking, in fairness I cannot discern what comes from each individual commercial sponsor but you can see from this the amount received by Dublin GAA from commercial sources is more than the combined amount received by Kerry, Mayo and Monaghan from commercial sources (just as a comparator - for the record they all fund themselves quite well). Dublin are in a position to attract large sponsorship with relative ease and have a commercial manager to manage and develop this. Most counties (not all) will never be in that position. Nobody is confusing the numbers or points except a few Dubs from what I can see. Here is another link. You can feel free to reach out to Colm Keys and ask him for his sources. He is an honourable journalist and if his numbers are incorrect or downright lies I'm sure the indo would have to retract. To date they have not done so. Someone needs to be on top. No kidding? Its not good if its dominance much beyond what we already see. If this were to continue, if Dublin were to keeping winning Leinster every year, win sam this year, next year etc..etc. Do you think that's ok? Do you think kids in Longford, Louth, Carlow, Laois, Offaly, Westmeath are going to be inspired to play for their county football team knowing they will face this onslaught? No county team (IMO) should be financed more or less than any other. The GAA funding for clubs is different and distinct from the discussion. You are the one bring that up and nobody really disagrees that various county boards with more clubs, players etc need more money to fund their activities. With respect to the point made on Mayo, you're just reinforcing what I am saying here. Mayo have to fight for every penny of funding and its comes through the grassroots. They do this so they can compete with a juggernaut that has much more options available. As for clones? Have you been there? It's the ground used for the Ulster final and it hasn't seen any investment in my lifetime. Its old and badly needs refurbished. FYI - I have lived in Dublin for many years and my kids are playing with our local team (Cuala). It's a far cry from my own experience of barely being able to field a team at underage levels. This also signals more of the problem. I live in Dublin. I will have my kids play GAA in Dublin contributing to a club that could beat half the counties in football a few in hurling. I, and many others, have little choice about where we live in order to make a living.

Gator (National) - 30/05/2019 13:31:51

Posters Crossing The Line - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Cavan_Shambles:  "The post in question is hilarious and hats off to whoever wrote it. A great laugh. I pity anyone who finds that offensive, remember, offence is taken, never given."
Hilarious is going a bit far. Mildly amusing perhaps. Its not Frankie Boyle (Hilarious and Offensive) on either front.

Gator (National) - 05/06/2019 17:54:30

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 5 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "Ill just leave this here: Of the 1.3 million people in Dublin 39k are registered to a GAA club. Advantage. No. Finance? : Below is the games development funding ratio per head of population for 2018. Advantage, no. Population of Dublin: 1.345 million, Games Development Funding: 1.298 million, Ratio per head of population: 96 cent Population of Kerry: 140.600k, Games Development Funding 197.600k, Ratio per head of population: 1.40 euro. Population of Mayo: 130k, Games Devlopment Funding: 127.98k, Ratio per head of population: 98 cent. Population of Donegal: 158k, Games Devlopment Funding: 132.000K Ratio per head of population: 83 cent. Population of Galway: 258,552, Games Development Funding: 178.400k Ratio per head of Population: 69 cent. Population of Tyrone: 177.986k, Games Developmet Funding: 119k, Ratio per head of population: 66 cent. Population of Monghan: 60,483k Games Devlopment Funding: 122.500k, Ratio per head of population: 1.99 euro. Population of Cork: 542,196k, Games Development Funding: 249k, Ratio per head of population: 45 cent. Population of Kildare: 222,130, Games Developemnt Funding: 226.428k, Ratio per head of population: 1 euro. Population of Meath: 194,942, Games Development Funding: 267.421k, Ratio per head of population: 1.37 euro."
Thats a nonsense post and you know it too. The game development fund is massively variable year on year and is used to fund specific projects at the time. Maybe post all the rest of the funds available to Dublin if you want to provide an accurate reflection. How much is given by AIG? Its almost 1 million euro per year. 39K registered to a GAA club....More than the TOTAL population of Leitrim and Longford...and 2/3 the TOTAL population of Monaghan, Cavan, Roscommon, Sligo. Dublin have an advantage of population and money. Just accept it and move on.

Gator (National) - 28/05/2019 16:53:57

HS Readers' Football Team Of The Decade - Goalkeeper - 4 Like(s)
Cluxton. Its a debate for who is the second best. Cluxton has changed the game in the way no other keeper ever did. His record speaks for itself. When he retires, and with JG leaving there might actually be a chance for the rest of us.

Gator (National) - 10/12/2019 17:52:58

Dublin's Success Not Down To Money - GAA President - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Joxer:  "How many times have Kerry, Donegal, Mayo, Tyrone footballs played in Croke Park? How many times have Wexford, Waterford, Cork played in Nowlan Park. C'mon I''m sure you'll spot the difference!"
Good grief give it up. Its not even a discussion. Lets take last year...Dublin played 11 competitive games in Croke Park. Taking Tyrone as an example, as they went the distance in the championship, they played played there 3 times. (1 Super 8, a semi final and final) Of the other semi finalists...Galway and Monaghan also played in CP three times in the year (both teams having played there during the league, 1 super 8 and a semi final). Spot the difference indeed. Perhaps if the league games were actually played at 'home' all the time it might matter.

Gator (National) - 14/06/2019 13:32:42

Dublin's Success Not Down To Money - GAA President - 4 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "I would have very little respect for his quality of analysis or impartiality and would question a self serving agenda as a journalist, with Dublin just being an ironically a money making vehicle for him. But were he is useful as i think he bring up aspects of GAA finance that have never previously been discussed, however incompetently and i do think hes low brow. I've seen better analysis and arguments on here. One core issue i think it raises is transparency, the GAA are very poor at explaining why GDF in particular is allocated the way it is therefore you get threads like this. I think it also raises the question, of how transparent counties need to be as well, everyone knows how much say Dublin get in sponsorship, but no one could tell you what Kerry or Kerry Group get as an example. Equally looking at the broader model is fascinating there is a clear spectrum, of commercial funding made up of sponsorship, fundraising and other bitsof revenue contribuuting to counties, that counties can raise away from communal funding. I would acknowledge Dublin are at the top of that and cash in massively on their profile and market, those funds go into the senior teams and i doubt it doesnt help our success and being at the cutting edge of everything really etc. Some may say that is advantage But i suspect we are not in isolation could there be an argument that Mayo are "financially doped" from that particular aspect of funding and creates an advantage that has enabled them to compete at the top tier for the last decade while other counties have regressed. Has it been down to talent or their ability to fund raise. Dont get me wrong Mayo arent breaking any rules and i say fair play really. But they have outspent Dublin some years on their senior teams. I think if you are going to apply an argument to one you have to apply it fairly to all. Its interesting that Mayo and Dublin have ascended and other counties have regressed this decade and that has coincided with a progression in raising commercial revenue. 10/15 years ago neither Dublin or Mayo would have been confident of beating say Kerry or Tyrone, these days we both do it regularly and a loss would be a disappointment. See below figures on commerical revenue: Not that either are breaking the rules, both are cashing in on their profiles, but i suppose the bigger question is does it enable both counties to be better then other counties and any other county team. Is it nature or nurture or perhaps the best balance between both. Im working of the assumption that like Dublin, Mayo commercial revenue fund their senior team. I suppose im just making the point, that away from the GDF and looking at commercial revenue there is likely a spectrum of have and have nots on a sliding scale. How much that contributes to senior success on the feild is debatable. But i would suspect its likely more then the likes of the GDF you see trotted out, that should be going to schools etc."
I have to point out your mistake here (again!) Username. The Mayo commercial revenue is a little over 1/3 of what Dublin have. Mayo are getting their money by more 'parochial' means. That's a problem in itself. If you're gonna repost that article you really should be genuine in the point. The funding Mayo are using is largely unsustainable. Dublin can shake down blue chip companies for large sponsorship with ease. Its no coincidence that Cork have the second largest commercial revenue either for largely the same reasons.

Gator (National) - 14/06/2019 13:46:04

Connolly Returns - 4 Like(s)

Replying To jimbodub:  "Making snide remarks about Connolly is your level of interest in the game yeah? Sounds about right going on your previous regarding all things Dublin Winter well"
Ooooh. Someone got out of bed on the wrong side today. Snide remarks. Lol. You're a delicate wee flower if you think that was snide.

Gator (National) - 25/06/2019 11:56:32

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 4 Like(s)

Replying To KillingFields:  "Hahaha Dublin have virtually always been comfortably better than Louth. Joys of being most populous county against one of the smallest.."
Louths population is not one of the smallest. You're mixing up area with population. Outside of Dublin its the most densely populated county in the south. Louth has a very strong soccer tradition. Try telling a youngster at the minute to pick up an o'neills ball in Dundalk while they are watching the best Dundalk side ever and arguably one of the greatest league of ireland teams ever. Louth has plenty of people (almost the same population as Mayo, far more than Monaghan, Cavan, Roscommon, Laois, Offaly etc...). It needs more investment to grow GAA and to get kids playing.

Gator (National) - 27/05/2019 10:21:51

NFL Division 1 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To TomReilly:  "Good win for Galway, but not AI contenders by a long way yet , in my opinion, Tyrone very poor, threw the towel in. Galway are a division 1 team, but nothing more."
They are as much a contender as any team can be outside of the incumbent champions.

Gator (National) - 23/02/2020 19:44:28

NFL Division 1 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To waynoI:  "Monaghan arent in the chasing pack."
We are in the chasing could be debated how far we are off the chase perhaps. Division 1 for a number of years and going well so far this year after a disappointing 2019.

Gator (National) - 23/02/2020 19:46:52

Those Peter Harte Black Cards - 3 Like(s)
Very talented player but he has this in his game. He is far from the dirtiest player around but he has lapses where he commits stupid fouls. I havent seen all three but two are clear black cards IMO. The issue I would see is general and applies to all cases...why punish some and not others?

Gator (National) - 09/07/2019 16:18:05

Think Cavan Have A Great Chance - 3 Like(s)
Congratulations to Cavan. A well-deserved victory and overdue I suppose! It was the worst display I have seen from Monaghan in a long, long time. Worse than last year with Fermanagh and the year before with Down. I think I would have to go back to Longford game in 2016. Monaghan have this problem (always have). The last three years they have coughed up this type of performance to a less fancied opposition. We looked wrong from the start. McKenna should never have been on the pitch. I don't see it with him in the county set up. I don't think there is enough quality there. Duffy was much better when he came on and if I was picking I know where I would go. O'Hanlon was out of his depth. I can see why we have him there, very quick on the feet but he was caught in possession each time. He carried it right in to the cavan line. He needs to sort that out and fast. We missed McCarron, Hughes and Kearns badly. Malone had a poor day and Drew was not great either. Kieran Hughes and Walsh did well, better than in recent games I thought. Cavan played some excellent stuff in the first half (that's hard to admit!) but I thought Martin Reilly was fantastic. McKiernan and McVeety too. Some of the younger lads really stuck out too (I thought Rehill did very well). I will say Cavan need to be better if they are to progress and make super 8's. Monaghan were woeful in the first half but Cavan nearly let a poor side back in the game in the second half. They dug deep and stopped it but I know a lot of the supporters near me were getting nervous. Galligan is a poor keeper with respect to distribution of the ball. I don't know what sky said about it but RTE didn't hit the point last night. McStay was right, Cavan should have won more in the midfield but they didn't because his play sometimes was brutal. A note on Conor Lane. He is possibly the worst ref at intercounty at the moment. He did his best to spoil the game. We were better letting the wee dog ref it. He is far too fond of the whistle. He misses frees all the time and then gives away stupid frees. He has no idea when to give a black card versus a yellow…..And it was not a penalty. I could see that from the east terrace. It was right in front of him. It made no real difference IMO. I think he went against Cavan on plenty too. He is just not up to the job. All that said, I would love another crack at Cavan in the qualifiers (or if we are both lucky enough Super 8!)

Gator (National) - 20/05/2019 09:56:57

Timekeeping - 3 Like(s)

Replying To arock:  "If you have a cynical game with players slowing down the clock it is right they are punished. In Croke Park on 77 mins Monaghan Keeper strolled up to take free, when he kicked it 1.53 secs had passed is that OK? Rule now states a free/kick out must be taken within 15 secs it is right the clock is stopped. The issue with Meath game you would have to look at in added time was there subs, frees or delayed kickouts if there was then Meath have a case. In Dublin game in added time there was cards, injuries, ridiculous delays to kick outs and as I pointed out a deliberate attempt at time wasting by keeper. In fairness Banty had no complaints about Meath game but Meath manager did, maybe if he got his team to concentrate on game he wouldn't be blaming his liss on the Ref or Dublin."
Every team wastes time. The only thing that should be applied is a consistent rule. I have no other complaints. Players should never rely on a ref to get their win.

Gator (National) - 10/02/2020 11:52:11

GAA Should Campaign For A United Ireland. - 2 Like(s)

Replying To A Another:  "So you give out about Joe Brolly and Jarelth Burns for having an opinion on what is happening in the north. You tell us what people in the north should do ie embrace Northern Ireland. You then follow that up by saying that Brolly and Burns don't know how people in southern Ireland feel. Do you see anything contradictory there at all? Up here is a lot better than it was but it is far from perfect. We are being run by a tory government and the dup, The same tory government that have just announced that all security member murders in the troubles were done in a dignified way. The DUP are an awful awful party that have no time for anything Irish or non British. They try to enforce their views on everyone. With attitudes like the above all 32 counties would still be controlled and dominated by British rule. I assume you count your ancestors who live in the south prior to 1916 as British and would have been happy for them to accept that? As pointed out by others the gaa is much more than a sporting body. It's a cultural body to strengthen our national Irish identity. Attitudes like the above goes against everything it was set up for. We in the north our as Irish as you and have every right to call ourselves that."
You need to look at why and how the GAA was set up and it has nothing to do with British rule. The GAA need to encourage all communities to play our games and grow love of our sport and culture. That should be its only mechanism to campaign for a 'united ireland'. No political or religious involvement in the slightest.

Gator (National) - 27/03/2019 09:40:05

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 2 Like(s)

Replying To patmouse:  "in the last 80 years, Monaghan have won Ulster 4 times. when you take out Antrim/ Fermanagh who lets face it will never properly compete in Ulster there is 5 other teams, we are competing against. We have won one Ulster championship match this last 5 year going into 6 years. Yes that's right one win. The year we got to the ALSF we beat Wexford, Leitrim, Waterford,Laois,Kildare and a Galway team already qualified. We have never beaten a Mayo, Kerry, Dublin, Cork team in championship football. We have one of the smallest population in Ireland with no traditional of winning, We have never won an All Ireland and probably will never win one. Only one maybe two of our players would get on the team/panel of the big 4 or 5. Who ever wins against Monaghan or Cavan it doesn't real matter as when it comes to the business end we will be long forgotten about. It doesn't matter if we get Tony Mac, Pep, Jose or Jim McGuiness in charge as 2 or 3 years of being in charge we will be looking for their head and we will be on the look out for the Messiah who was done wonders with some Ulster club. The sad reality as a proud Monaghan supporter, we are the Tranmere of the GAA and until people except that we have mangers / players that are doing the very best that they can do, we will forever looking to the next Messiah to turn things around."
Almost none of that is right. In the last 41 years....5 ulsters. 1979, 1985, 1988, 2013 and 2015. In the last 4 years we have beat Down (2016), Fermanagh and Cavan (2017) and Tyrone (2018). We won Ulster in 2015. We have made Ulster final appearances in 2007, 2010 and 2014.I have been lucky enough to go to the finals in 2013 and 2015 to see us win. Our neighbours in Cavan are waiting 23 years, in Derry 22 Down 26 years to win the province. Tranmere of the GAA? I don't agree with soccer comparisons anyway but thats nonsense. We should be doing better with the current squad.

Gator (Monaghan) - 02/11/2020 17:20:05

Think Cavan Have A Great Chance - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Loughduff Lad:  "And some commentators have said it was a penalty - McStay, BBC lads and others I've heard. Said constantly that it is very soft and harsh on Monaghan, but you can surely see why it was given... He had his hand on his back and Lane indicated a push and that's what it was given for. Posters above have said he dived and he should be sanctioned. Ridiculous. He was trying to control the ball and was nudged by Wylie as you can clearly see. I'm not looking at this with bias, I can see both sides and say it's harsh, but can you say you're not looking at the incident with your goggles?"
I wouldnt give it myself if I was reffing a game, not with the view Conor Lane had anyway. The hand is on the back but I can't see a push motion, if there is one its marginal and it didnt cause the man to fall. He was on his way down and left the leg out. I wouldnt punish him for that either. I would say it should be no penalty or else call that stuff all the time which Lane did not do and no ref does. His poor performance has taken away from the game and from the Cavan win. The decision was early in the game but I felt we were already shook looking.

Gator (National) - 21/05/2019 12:53:17

Team Of The Decade ( Eir Sport ) Style - 2 Like(s)
There is no way the criteria should be having won an all ireland. As many posters point out, teams win all irelands rather than the individual. There are plenty of players that have all irelands to their names that would not have the quite the qualities of a player like Conor McManus or Lee Keegan. Monaghan are the fifth smallest county of the 32 and would have a very low player population. We have a very strong football culture that gives us a higher % of players per population perhaps but ultimately much lower than other top 8-10 sides. We have produced a fine generation of footballers but what has pushed us above many other similar counties in recent years is having (IMO) the one of the if not the greatest forward of his generation.

Gator (National) - 07/01/2020 13:19:07

Monaghan In The Qualifiers! - 2 Like(s)

Replying To .tribute:  "I don't mean to stick the boot in. It was a great few years fo Monaghan. Just found it strange Monaghan doing better than Cavan for a few years. Not normal"
I'm the most part of 40 years of age. In that time Monaghan have won 4 ulster titles and appeared in a further 3 finals. Cavan have won 1 ulster title in that time. 22 years ago now so covering the same period Cavan have been in 5 ulster finals, winning 1. 22 years ago. Its almost 1 title in 50 years at this stage... So whats the norm? Maybe you have recently woke up having been frozen in 1970? In which case I get the confusion.

Gator (Monaghan) - 24/06/2019 18:12:47

GAA Should Campaign For A United Ireland. - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Gleebo:  "The foundation of the GAA "had nothing to do with British rule"? I humbly disagree, sir. Re-reading Archbishop Croke's letter to Cusack it's hard to support this conclusion. To Mr Michael Cusack, Honorary Secretary of the Gaelic Athletic Association. The Palace, Thurles, 18 December 1884. My dear Sir-I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your communication inviting me to become a patron of the 'Gaelic Athletic Association', of which you are, it appears, the honourable secretary, I accede to your request with the utmost pleasure. One of the most painful, let me assure you, and, at the same time, one of the most frequently recurring reflections that, as an Irishman, I am compelled to make in connection with the present aspect of things in this country, is derived from the ugly and irritating fact that we are daily importing from England not only her manufactured goods, which we cannot help doing, since she has practically strangled our own manufacturing appliances, but, together with her fashions, her accent, her vicious literature, her music, her dances, and her manifold mannerisms, her games also and her pastimes, to the utter discredit of our own grand national sports, and to the sore humiliation, as I believe, of every genuine son and daughter of the old land. Ball-playing, hurling, football kicking, according to Irish rules, 'casting', leaping in various ways, wrestling, handy-grips, top-pegging, leap-frog, rounders, tip-in-the-hat, and all such favourite exercises and amusements amongst men and boys, may now be said to be not only dead and buried, but in several localities to be entirely forgotten and unknown. And what have we got in their stead? We have got such foreign and fantastic field sports as lawn-tennis, polo, croquet, cricket, and the like-very excellent, I believe, and health-giving exercises in their way, still not racy of the soil, but rather alien, on the contrary, to it, as are, indeed, for the most part the men and women who first imported and still continue to patronise them. And, unfortunately, it is not our national sports alone that are held in dishonour, and dying out, but even our most suggestive national celebrations are being gradually effaced and extinguished, one after another, as well. Who hears now of snap-apple night, or bonfire night? They are all things of the past, too vulgar to be spoken of, except in ridicule, by the degenerate dandies of the day. No doubt, there is something rather pleasing to the eye in the 'get up' of a modern young man who, arrayed in light attire, with parti-coloured cap on and racket in hand, is making his way, with or without a companion, to the tennis ground. But, for my part, I should vastly prefer to behold, or think of, the youthful athletes whom I used to see in my early days at fair and pattern, bereft of shoes and coat, and thus prepared to play at hand-ball, to fly over any number of horses, to throw the 'sledge' or 'winding-stone', and to test each other's mettle and activity by the trying ordeal of 'three leaps', or a 'hop, step, and a jump'. Indeed, if we continue travelling for the next score of years in the same direction that we have been going in for some time past, contemning the sports that were practised by our forefathers, effacing our national features as though we were ashamed of them, and putting on, with England's stuffs and broadcloths, her habits and such other effeminate follies as she may recommend, we had better at once, and publicly, adjure our nationality, clap hands for joy at sight of the Union Jack, and place 'England's bloody red' exultingly above 'the green'. Deprecating, as I do, any such dire and disgraceful consummation, and seeing in your society of athletes something altogether opposed to it, I shall be happy to do all that I can, and authorise you now formally to place my name on the roll of your patrons. In conclusion, I earnestly hope that our national journals will not disdain, in future, to give suitable notices of those Irish sports and pastimes which your society means to patronise and promote, and that the masters and pupils of our Irish colleges will not henceforth exclude from their athletic programmes such manly exercises as I have just referred to and commemorated.-I remain, my dear sir, your very faithful servant, T. W. Croke, Archbishop of Cashel."
After it was set up that letter was penned Gleebo. It was a mistake IMO. It set the organisation back. A founder member was an inspector in the RIC, eventually the Archbishop saw to it that his members were not welcome in the org he helped to start. Politics and religion has no place in our game. Never has, never will IMO.

Gator (National) - 27/03/2019 14:14:19

After GAA, Your Second Favourite Sport - 2 Like(s)

Replying To PoolSturgeon:  "[quote=wishfulthinkin:  "[quote=Cockney_Cat:  "Sometimes it can be difficult to know what is, and what isn't a sport. When is a sport not a sport? What exactly makes something a sport? Does it require physical exertion, a governing body, a high level of skill and technical ability? How does an activity go from being seen as a game or a pastime to being officially classified as a sport? The Council of Europe charter on sport uses the following definition: "Sport means all forms of physical activity, which through casual or organised participation, aim at expressing or improving physical fitness and mental well-being, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels"."
It's not a sport when you don't have to change your clothes to play it! Like golf, darts, pool and snooker!!"]Perhaps there is a distinction to be made between what is a sport and what is a game? In my book golf is definitely a sport because it involves sustained physical activity, but the other ones you mention I would categorise as games."]Sustained physical activity? Walking you mean. I believe Snooker players walk also. Both are sport.

Gator (National) - 01/04/2020 18:16:09