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Kerry V Dublin - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Dubh_linn:  "Great game but shame about the Kerry antics at the end."
Nial Scully deserves a ban. But anyway the young lads of Kerry well ahead of the young lads of Dublin.

FarneyLenny (National) - 09/02/2019 20:47:12

Connolly Returns - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Liamwalkinstown:  "Jim Gavin just confirmed on Newstalk! This is massive ! O'Carroll and Connolly back! HAIL HAIL THE DUBS ARE HERE"
Think a 5 year old got a hold of your phone....

FarneyLenny (National) - 03/05/2019 13:34:31

Monaghan In The Qualifiers! - 4 Like(s)
Happy with getting Armagh and the win is there for us. Armagh were out on their feet yesterday and are after playing 4 really tough games in a row. Young Burns spent night in A&E on a drip due to dehydration and exhaustion and that just shows effort Armagh have expended. When I got home from both games yesterday I watched the Cavan Armagh game back. Armagh do not know how to defend. The amount of space they leave for runners is unreal.on the flip side they have 3 really good forwards but these 3 were the only ones to score for them yesterday. We need to tighten up at back and if we do this Armagh will leave us enough space to put up a score. 7 of monaghans points yesterday came from distance which was good to see. Is there any more improvement in Armagh, I don't think so. Have Monaghan improvement in them, yes loads.

FarneyLenny (Monaghan) - 10/06/2019 10:57:47

Kerry V Dublin - 4 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "Maeve's development funding 2019 Kerry GDF 197.600 euro, population of Kerry 147.000, ratio = 1.34 euro per head. Dublin GDF 1.3 mill, population 1.34 mill, ratio = 97 cent per head. * Before Kerry provincial grant is given. Kerry really have been a poor investment by the GAA, in particular when you compare them to similar counties backgrounds namely Mayo and Donegal, who fare worse. Galway and Down again really should be up in arms!"
It beggars belief that you even put this forward as an argument!!!!

FarneyLenny (National) - 16/02/2019 17:56:29

NFL Division 1 - 3 Like(s)
Was a good league overall ( maybe not from Monaghan perspective) with some really good games. Really looking forward to championship. One gripe I do have and it's with Kerry/Mayo gaa.....Why can they not fly the Monaghan flag at games. It's a bit disrespectful. Imagine standing to attention and singinging national anthem to the Ivory Coast flag at matches.....well that's how it feels as a Monaghan man to be standing facing the Cavan flag......

FarneyLenny (National) - 25/03/2019 13:02:38

Kerry V Monaghan - 3 Like(s)
Happy enough heading up road this evening as big improvement from last 3 games. Team seems to be hitting fitness and young ohanlon can only get better with more game time. Doogan had a solid game but yet again was very disappointed with one player in particular but hoping he gets over himself. But all in all no complaints and hopefully do enough over next 2 games to stay up. Kerry still have a wee bit to go before they serious contenders but no doubt an All Ireland is on its way to Kerry over next few years.

FarneyLenny (National) - 03/03/2019 21:25:39

Kerry V Monaghan - 3 Like(s)
Ah come on Kerry gaa, can you not even fly the Monaghan flag for game rather than the Cavan one.

FarneyLenny (National) - 03/03/2019 15:07:49

Roscommon Vs Monaghan - 3 Like(s)

Replying To dave1988:  "Well deserved win..solid defensive performance and conor cox kicked some top class frees..a very nice two points and we are going to be hard beat."
Ah here don't get carried away, Monaghan handling errors and a dodgy penalty won it for Roscommon. They will still drop. A very mediocre performance from our lads and yee still just about managed it. But best of luck for rest of league

FarneyLenny (National) - 03/02/2019 18:26:57

Monaghan In The Qualifiers! - 2 Like(s)

Replying To farneygael:  "who all has walked away ?? Barry Kerr left because of his studies i understand but correct me if im wrong. he of all the lads would most certainly of got plenty of game time. i have heard rumors of bust ups but iv heard of them almost every year now so ill take them with a pinch of salt. on another note is the stand reserved on saturday evening ?"
Barry Kerr certainly wasn't treated badly by Monaghan!

FarneyLenny (Monaghan) - 18/06/2019 19:29:27

Championship 2019 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To FootblockREF:  "Firstly, I'm knocking complacency on the head. Cavan wanted it more than we did, that's what underdogs do, just like we were v Donegal in 2013. What favourites are supposed to do is use their experience and know how to counteract that. We did not do that. The bottom line is that Cavan won because they took their scores far better than we did. They scored 3 or 4 points in the first half from distances that we wouldn't even shoot from. 1-13 is a decent score but Derry scored it last weekend while losing by 6. Our 12 points didn't deserve to win any match, in fact we barely got over Cavan's half time total. Also our inability to create a goal scoring chance in the whole game, a worrying trend that has been a feature of us for a while now, came back to haunt us. 3 Ulster Finals, 3 All Ireland QF and 1 semi final and one goal in almost 500 minutes is more than a coincidence. Cavan had their homework done. Mansy was treble teamed the moment he received the ball which meant he either had to shoot under immense pressure or he had to pass off to a teammate who probably recycled anyway. In regards to the penalty, it simply wasn't but there was 65 minutes to go, we had plenty of time to get back in the game if we were good enough, we weren't. And in fairness, the ball into the forward before he dived deserved a goal. Later in the first half, Kieran Hughes (who was very good) was unmarked on the edge of the small square, waving his hands, the Monaghan player saw him, and turned around and….. you guessed it - recycled. It would have been a 25 yard diagonal and at worst, if it failed Cavan would have had possession in their own 13. Fortune favours the brave and punishes the timid. We were very timid. We have a set of tactics that are predicated on us not conceding a goal because we want to turn everything into an armwrestle. I think the management have to have a long look at themselves. Cavan had white line fever in the last 10 minutes so they just passed the ball around to each other, going absolutely nowhere. This was a championship game, how much more annoyed would I be this morning if we'd lost by 8 or by 4? None! We had to crowd their half of the pitch and try to suffocate them. Of course it would have been risky but that's the price you pay for being 4 points down with 10 to go. But we blithely sat back in our rigid positions and looked on as they ran the clock down. Exactly like we did after the Fermanagh goal last year. Then, when we did get possession, we were too eager to get it up the field asap and forced passes that weren't on. So as usual we've lost a big game in a whimper. When are we ever going to go down swinging? Lastly, in relation to Drew. I know I'm a clubmate of his and I'm probably more biased than most. But, surely it's time that we actually start playing this dedicated, hard, giant of a man in a position that would benefit both him and his county? I've been banging this drum for a while now. I don't think Drew was ever suited to the full back line but it is a measure of his application, skill and desire that he has 3 All Star nominations for playing in that position. And yes, he has lost a yard of pace. But Darren Hughes isn't a speedster, are we going to play him full back when he returns? No, because he's more use elsewhere. So is Drew. His ball winning and ability to beat a tackle would be a huge addition in the middle of the field, especially in Darren's absence. People have, quite rightly, asked who would take over from Drew at full back, well yesterday had an answer for that question in Conor Boyle's performance which was his best in the Farney jersey. In 2006, Kieran Donaghy changed football. His first game at full forward for Kerry was v Longford in a qualifier after Kerry had limped out of the Munster Championship to Cork. Kerry rolled the dice and were rewarded. We need to do the same because we are predictable and blunt and scaring no one.We need something to kickstart this championship, maybe Drew to midfield is that. But we have to do something because the same old, same old isn't going to work anymore. Despite all the success and spending 6 years as a Division One side, I think we still have this air of negativity about us and it's time to take off the tactical straitjacket and go for it. We're probably going to be away in the Qualifiers due to that Div 3 / 4 at home rule. Could do with avoiding Derry and the losers of the Armagh v Down game. There's plenty of flotsam and jetsam out there, let's hope we get one of them and meet these Cavan boys down the road."
Good post. We need to mix it up. Drew midfield beside Niall, Mansy half forward, jack half forward, kieran full forward either side of McCarthy and Ohanlon. When Darren returns I would play him center half back with Boyle full back.

FarneyLenny (Monaghan) - 19/05/2019 15:55:08

Kerry V Monaghan - 2 Like(s)

Replying To blueshirt1:  "Except you are far from polite, ignorance and buffoonery comes to mind, every county has your type. Kerry to win tomorrow."
Ah relax. I have great time for the Kerry folk and looking forward to a night down in Killarney.

FarneyLenny (National) - 02/03/2019 13:08:47

Division 1 - 2019 - 2 Like(s)
Wouldn't be too worried about results so far. I fancy us to beat Cavan and pick up 2 pts out of either Kerry or Mayo. What's so wrong with Monaghan holding back on the training. In previous years it was all about giving it everything in league and come mid summer lads were burnt out. Reality is MOR stuck around to give the championship a real good shot and be back in super 8's. It can be frustrating to watch but February is no time to be playing our best football. I trust the team and management to turn things around.

FarneyLenny (Monaghan) - 24/02/2019 18:51:14

Monaghan In The Qualifiers! - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Shelbourne1:  "In fairness much of that due to Fermanagh...although Mon not entirely blameless ! Best way to counter blanket is to push up on their kick outs........certainly would make for a more entertaining game ? Other option is to play blanket ourselves....sadly !"
At half time between Donegal and Fermanagh it was 5 points to 4 and it wasn't until 64th minute that Donegal started to pull away. The way Fermanagh set up is virtually impossible to play football against.So glad they are gone out of it and hope they get a change of management soon cos the way they have been coached to play is very sad indeed. We should have nearly all our team back the next day and I'm hoping for fairly decent opposition as Monaghan don't do the fancied tag well. Overall happy with the performance as it was a big improvement on Cavan game. Coming into it steady and still hopeful of super 8's. You can be guaranteed we are the worst possible draw for any team on other side.

FarneyLenny (Monaghan) - 09/06/2019 22:21:05

Kerry V Monaghan - 2 Like(s)

Replying To greatpoint:  "How long did Monaghan hang around the Ulster championship last year?"
Beaten by a sucker punch of a goal 3 minutes from time in semi final....your point being?

FarneyLenny (National) - 02/03/2019 17:40:56

Monaghan Vs Cavan - 2 Like(s)

Replying To MadgeKing:  "Is there another fixture in the calendar that brings out so much emnity among rival supporters? Many of whom are friends, neighbours and cousins? I doubt it! The old joke about two bald men fighting over a comb comes to mind. (Except of course that one of the bald men has a heap of old medals in his pocket and the other doesn't) It all makes Clones the only place to be Saturday for those involved in this most local of squabbles. The light is beginning to fade for this very good Monaghan team. Cavan are not great by any means but this time they will have enough to snuff out McManus and his 14 helpers. Cavan by 3+ points. Neutrals, you have been warned so don't let this one ruin your weekend accumulator. #TFIB"
All about the championship Madge, don't over excite yourself. What was that one about 2 men fighting over a comb...penny....invented wire etc. I'm sure the future is blue and all that with Cavan football. Can't wait to see all these u21 starlets that have came through the system for yourselves. Young O Hanlon should have some day with all the attention on Mansy. Oh I forgot we have another few all stars on show for you this weekend.....enjoy

FarneyLenny (National) - 14/03/2019 21:14:48

Monaghan In The Qualifiers! - 2 Like(s)
U20's playing in QF of Ulster against Cavan at 4pm next Sunday. Get out support the lads. These are the players new management will be building on.

FarneyLenny (Monaghan) - 23/06/2019 12:45:23

Cavan Vs Armagh - 2 Like(s)

Replying To thegadfly:  "How do we see the replay going? Hard to call but I'd be expecting cavan to get over the line. I thought the last game was a fascinating tactical battle as well as the physicality. I think on their day Armagh or Cavan could give the winners of the other semi final a good rattle."
If Armagh can tweak a few things especially the kick outs then it's Armagh's game . Cavan are a poor enough team and I don't think they will get it it 3rd time lucky.

FarneyLenny (National) - 05/06/2019 20:19:27

NFL Division 1 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To festinog:  "I've been crying for the last five minutes, but now that I know it was an accident I think I can learn to live with it. :) No doubt after today Tyrone will be hot favourites to win at home. What I will say for Galway is the relative consistency we've shown so far (one half against Kerry and an entire game against Dublin notwithstanding!). The game against Tyrone will certainly be a measure of Galway's mettle, and if they can overcome that, I wouldn't rule anything out. Whatever happens, it's lovely to see the league getting torn open like this when the pundits already had the blue ribbons tied to one handle of the Irish National Insurance Cup (catchy name or wha'!)."
It's great, only Cavan and Dublin have nothing to play for....

FarneyLenny (National) - 16/03/2019 21:59:16

Dublin's Success Not Down To Money - GAA President - 2 Like(s)
If there is any doubt about this read Declan Whooleys article on the GAA news website this am.....

FarneyLenny (National) - 16/06/2019 10:54:45

NFL Division 1 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To The_analyser:  "I'd like to know who and where are these "lot of Roscomon people" because we in the main are realistic and very cautious bunch. In the last 4 games we did not play better football or were as competitive as Monaghan but at the end of the day it was us not getting any point in the last 4 games that kept Monaghan up."
That's generally how a league works. Teams get points for winning games. Do you know how silly it's sounds to say that Roscommon not getting any points in last 4 games kept Monaghan up...... getting no points in those games (conceding lots) is what put you down!!!

FarneyLenny (National) - 25/03/2019 23:35:38