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Can Monaghan GAA Stand By Their Man? - 5 Like(s)
An open letter to Monaghan County Board. A Chairde, Ethics. Morals. The difference between right and wrong. The fact that it's not OK to do something wrong, just because everyone else is doing it. These are things that we teach our kids. Monaghan having 20+ people at training during a 'level 5' lockdown due to a pandemic. A training session which was organised and led by our senior intercounty manager. Presumably at his home club because he felt he could host it there without fear of being 'found out'. In my eyes this is morally wrong. The management presumably told the players to attend. I would like to think that some may have had the good sense to say 'no', but I also understand that when your manager tells you there's training taking place you feel obliged to attend. The responsibility for the fact there were so many people there, flouting the Covid guidelines, rests with the management. A management team assembled by the man appointed by you, the County board. A friend of mine lost her dad due to Covid. How does she feel looking at those photos? My youngest son, unable to play football with his team mates at our local club, due to Covid. How do I explain to him that it's OK for the 'grown ups' to do it, but not him? I have been a follower of Monaghan football for many years, spending time and money to support my county. Standing behind both the players and the managment team, and saying that 'I'm Monaghan, and I'm proud'. I was not proud looking at the images that appeared this week of what happened in Corduff. Not one more euro will I, or anyone in my family, be spending on going to a game, or buying a jersey, a jacket, a flag. Not while our team is under the current management. I teach my kids the difference between right and wrong, and I am not going to lend my support to a team being led by someone who seems to have a difficulty with the concept. My actions will not make one jot of difference to your finances, but I will rest easy with my decision. Do you, the members of the County board, rest easy at current events, and the decisions you have made which have led us here? Is mise Moodoo.

moodoo (Monaghan) - 09/04/2021 10:01:16

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 4 Like(s)
"And we got turned over time after time when we went into the web - we talked about not going into the web at half-time and keep the ball" Criticising the players in public, nice move. ...So the strategy was sound, the players just didn't do what they were told. The mind boggles.

moodoo (Monaghan) - 01/11/2020 11:40:34

Malachy's Successor - 4 Like(s)
Banty is a ducker, a diver, a wheeler-dealer. It was OK 10 or 15 years ago when we were coming from nowhere - green diesel, cash in hand, nod and a wink, sure aren't we great fellas, we're just here for the craic anyway. We have moved on. Giving the job to Banty sends out a 'we're not really serious about this' message. Don't kid yourself about Bantys intentions. Is he doing it for the love of his county? Is he heck. Money talks.

moodoo (Monaghan) - 27/08/2019 13:01:08

Malachy's Successor - 4 Like(s) tasteless as ferrying humans in and out of their accommodation like cattle...?

moodoo (Monaghan) - 10/10/2019 16:05:06

Malachy's Successor - 4 Like(s)
Trump. Johnson. Banty. God save us.

moodoo (Monaghan) - 31/08/2019 08:51:06

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 4 Like(s)
Banty for Tyrone. Please.

moodoo (Monaghan) - 12/11/2020 13:27:13

Championship 2017 - 4 Like(s)
Once we pushed up in the 2nd half we looked better, but hard to know really how good we were. Like a lot of Monaghan games in the past few years, we played very well for a spell, but also pretty poorly for a long spell too, in this case a lot of the first half. (It tells you something when Duffy comes on in the middle of the 2nd half and gets man of the match.) If we're not careful though, someone, (hopefully not Cavan!) could make enough use of our bad spell to put a game beyond us before we get ourselves in gear. It's only May of course, but you just feel that if we could get 70 minutes of our 'good' play, and cut out the bad bit, we could be a match for anyone. Not sure about Neil Mcadam looking slower than ever, I don't think he did much wrong on Saturday. Good to see Dessie back, and on the scoresheet too - from the moment he came on it looked like he had nothing in mind other than getting a point. Great asset to have him back. Conor McCarthys couple of dummies and point from the outside of the boot in the first half was a thing of beauty, looked like no shortage of confidence there. Shame he didn't get his goal, but hopefully that will come. Don't like singling out individual players mistakes, but Kieran Hughes really needs to keep his head. We saw the 2 sides to him on Saturday. He took a great score, a real peach, and then a few minutes later suffers brain fade and gets black-carded for a silly trip. OK, another day he might have got away with it, but by the letter, it was a black card. Ten minutes in, in a nothing position on the pitch, in a preliminary round game...daft. We managed without him, but against another team we mightn't have. Kieran definitely has superb ability, but he really needs to keep his head in gear. Overall, we have to be happy. 1-18 from play, 13 different scorers, and hopefully use the game to get a bit of momentum. We'll need to be better in the first half the next day, but no harm for them to have time to address that before the Cavan game.

moodoo (Monaghan) - 22/05/2017 12:00:55

NFL 2021 - 4 Like(s)
What will the Banty nay-sayers say about this? That the 12 week ban may be the best thing to happen to Monaghan football in 2021.

moodoo (Monaghan) - 13/06/2021 21:38:48

Championship 2017 - 3 Like(s)
Well misery loves company for sure...look back at the posts after the Cavan game...25 in the 48 hours after the game. Now we've lost, there's 76 in the 48 hours after the Down game! Easy to be critical after the fact... Some good posts here about our lack of aggression. T1000s in particular...we have 'good enough' footballers, that can catch a 'better' team on the day when we bring our high-intensity game to bear. Think Ulster final 2013 levels. Bodies on the line. How many times on Saturday did we really put a body on the line, really go for a 50-50, or even a 60-40 ball, with a 'this is mine, come hell or high water' approach? Not nearly often enough. As others have said, it is imperative that we rediscover that aggression and hunger. I admire Hardcores passion, but I just don't get the 'I hope we get knocked out' the Ulster title is gone, we should pack our ball up and go home because we're not going to win it? We live to fight another day. I'd love to see a 'backlash' against Wexford. Some would wish us to put our tails between our legs and disappear, let's not give them the satisfaction. Time for the team to stand up and be counted. I don't like singling out players, but its hard to not get frustrated by K Hughes. He plucks 3 fantastic balls out of the air in the first 10 minutes, and scores a super point at the end...but in between he might as well not have been on the pitch. He has the ability, he just drifts out of games far too easily. Oh, and can we please get over the fact that 'a former player ' (we all know who he is) is doing some broadcast work. People seemed to have an issue with him when he was writing an occasional newspaper column, and the begrudgery has resurfaced now. What exactly is the problem with an articulate, well-spoken player talking about the game he played at intercounty level for God knows how many matches? Because he's from Monaghan, so he should know better than to have ideas above his station? He was 0% of the reason we lost on Saturday. Catch yourselves on.

moodoo (Monaghan) - 26/06/2017 21:25:06

NFL 2020 - 3 Like(s)
Sub keeper? Sure Darren Hughes was there wasn't he...?

moodoo (Monaghan) - 02/12/2019 22:50:33

Thanks Dessie - 3 Like(s)
Thanks Dessie, some servant to the county cause. Serious commitment for all those years. Gave us some great moments, always read the game well, and for a defender he had a great eye for a score - his point on the run in the '13 Ulster Final was one for the album. Also the point against Tyrone in Omagh, he was nearly off the pitch when he scored it.

moodoo (National) - 27/11/2019 15:24:14

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 3 Like(s)
His piece today in the Times was a 'cut out and keep' classic, it caught Saturday's mood exactly.

moodoo (Monaghan) - 02/11/2020 18:58:45

Championship 2017 - 3 Like(s)
Fair enough Hardcore, you want MOR out, we've got it, but your attitude that the rest of us don't know what we're talking about, and that you're the only one who really knows what should happen is getting a bit rich by now. MOR wasn't the only manager to see his team get hammered by the Dubs. You think Harte should go too? Remember MOR was willing to walk away at the end of last year, it was the players who wanted him to stay. You reckon some players will leave because he is staying, but some would have left with him if we went anyway. Honestly, do you think the sight of your suggested management team of McHugh and Banty would have players beating down the gate at Cloghan to get to training? It looks like your other favourite Pete McGrath won't end up managing any intercounty team, despite all the counties who have had to find new managers. So either you know something that 4 or 5 county boards don't, or he's just not the man for the job any more. If MOR had become available, you can be guaranteed he would have been picked up by another county, no question. BTW, you said on the other thread that MOR was living on 2013, have you conveniently forgotten about the fact we won Ulster in 2015 as well. Or does he not get any credit for that now...?

moodoo (Monaghan) - 22/09/2017 09:00:53

Womens New Jersey. - 2 Like(s)
It's a hell of a much nicer jersey than the mess that is the mens one that's for sure.

moodoo (Monaghan) - 10/05/2021 10:01:14

Championship 2017 - 2 Like(s)
Choose Monaghan 2017...? Eddie where are you!?

moodoo (Monaghan) - 01/08/2017 18:03:04

Championship 2017 - 2 Like(s)
Pete McGrath? Seriously? We're playing 'old' football dating all the way back to 2013, and you want to bring in a guy because he won an all Ireland in 1994?! That's almost a quarter of a century ago. Apart from a one-hit wonder in 2015 with Fermanagh, what has he achieved with them? What makes him a better prospect than MOR? Change for changes sake is madness. If a better manager is available then fine, but they have to be better, not just available.

moodoo (Monaghan) - 07/08/2017 21:56:18

Thanks Dick - 2 Like(s)
Thanks Dick. For all the lung-bursting runs. For all the big hits. For all the balls plucked out of the sky. For all the long-range beauties from 40 yards. For all the blood, sweat and tears. Thank you.

moodoo (Monaghan) - 01/11/2016 09:00:24

Dublin Vs Monaghan - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Kurt_Angle:  "We lost the last two league games to them - one where the lads were just off the plane and clearly not up to speed, the other via a late, deflected goal in a dead rubber. I honestly can't remember the last time we've lost to Monaghan in league or championship. I wouldn't put any stock in this "Indian sign" stuff."
While you're correcting things...A late deflected goal? I remember Jack chipping Comerford alright, but I don't remember anything deflected about it?

moodoo (National) - 06/02/2020 13:56:05

NFL 2020 - 2 Like(s)
Thanks to both for all the years serious service, they were part of some great days for us. Obviously neither of them fancied listening to banty 2.0....

moodoo (Monaghan) - 27/11/2019 20:24:38

Malachy's Successor - 2 Like(s)
Excellent post Eddie. Anyone welcoming Bantys return has a short memory. You could also add to that list Using the well known tactic of filling the opposition dressing room with cones and clutter, against Tyrone in the ulster final. Not childish at all, and worked well. Oh, wait. Celebrating not getting relegated against Kerry like we had won the All Ireland. In MOR, we had a manager who was honest, hardworking, and was devoid of any sort of BS and hype. Whereas now....

moodoo (Monaghan) - 01/09/2019 13:14:14