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Joe Brolly Finished With RTE - 12 Like(s)

Replying To shaggykev:  "According to Cahair Ó Kane at Irish News, Brolly won't be appearing on RTÉ GAA coverage anymore Thoughts?"
Proper order. The resident Dublin cheerleader has been removed from RTE.

seanie08 (National) - 11/09/2019 09:47:53

Malachy's Successor - 5 Like(s)
In years to come we will look back at the malachy o rourke years as a golden era for monaghan football which we were lucky to have. Doubtful this county board would hire an o rourke now as in a proven successful inter county manager as this appointment just goes to show what a small time mentality they really have. Back to the moral victories and celebrating division 2 league titles like they were all Irelands. The pantomime act is back. Fair play to Banty he obviously knew the right buttons to press with the suits certainly always had that in his locker will give him at least that.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - 01/09/2019 07:16:56

Pairc Ui Chaoimh And Liam Miller - 5 Like(s)

Replying To ulsterrules:  "Agree totally . Didn't like the bully boy attitude from the media and ex pro's who made millions from the game telling us all how we should behave. Mutli millionaires like Bono I mean duff who made that money from a multibillion euro game ."
Spot on the GAA are an easy target for the media friendly brigade ignoring the huge failures of the FAI to run its game effectively. Turners Cross is still in the same state it was in 30 years ago why is that.This rubbish won't stop until every county ground is opened up to FAI matches and our national sports are diluted more and more. People forget the enormous contribution the GAA has made to the social fabric of Irish society and instead love to knock it at every opportunity.

seanie08 (National) - 29/07/2018 09:34:39

Donegal V Cavan. Ulster Final. 2019- - 4 Like(s)
Best of luck to Cavan in this one. I know we are traditionally rivals but I remember 2013 and a lot of Cavan people happy we ended our drought that day so hoping they get a similar outcome in clones this afternoon. Donegal are a good bunch also but another ulster wouldnt mean as much to them. Lads like Cian Mackey killian Clarke deserve a day in the sun and an Ulster medal.

seanie08 (National) - 23/06/2019 06:48:42

Malachy's Successor - 4 Like(s)
Not going to comment on Banty as all been said above about his suitability and record over last 10 years. He is yesterdays man and even then he was behind the kerb on the big with a great group of players. What needs to be mentioned is the county board and their lack of ambition towards a group of players who were 1 kick of a ball from an all ireland final 12 mths ago. You see a lot of instances in GAA and indeed in other sports where guys in suits administrators etc will claim to be doing a great job as they are hiding behind a successful group of players and mgmt. Only when a manager decides to go and the lads in suits have to manage the transition properly and get right appointment in place they are exposed for being unable to do that and shown up for the useless shower they actually were all along but managed to hide this in the good times. Usually in this scenario the easy cheapest option is taken which seems to be what is happening here. There is zero recognition being given to the strides made under malachy consistently div 1 team last 8 championship bar this summer and the county board are approaching this process like we are a Carlow or Leitrim. To me if what am reading on these pages is true then the selection process has turned into a complete joke and has been v badly handled. Hard to see a lot of our more established players being bothered with this nonsence next year not to mention supporters spending hard money following it.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - 28/08/2019 12:55:57

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 4 Like(s)
Also its a pity we didn't see more of stephen o hanlon today who looked a real threat in the first half and mccarthy who was v unlucky not to score the goal of the championship. In the post mcmanus World lads like that will have to be appreciated a bit more than they were today.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - 31/10/2020 20:44:12

What makes your County Great? - 4 Like(s)
Choose Monaghan. Choose losing Division 4 NFL matches in the rain. Choose to go AWOL for a week after winning Ulster. Choose heartbreak and raw emotion. Choose Sean McCaffrey's commentary. Choose death notices 5 times daily. Choose to remember Fergal O'Hanlon but forget Eoin O'Duffy. Choose a Donaghmoyne lady footballer. Choose to never watch the Kerry 2007 game again. Choose to get lost on the way to B league match in Currin. Choose Nudie there. Chose to lose the plot listening to JP Graham. Choose Harte Peat. Choose Blayney hurlers. Choose the Spinner on a Sunday night. Choose Mona yogurt and Champion Milk. Choose Deccy Mone to keep the score. Choose dinner in Leslie to impress the woman. Choose Gerry's for a real feed on the way home. Choose picking mushrooms and catching turkeys. Choose to write off the Polo Grounds as ancient history. Choose the N2. Choose to park in Iona road. Choose green diesel, washed diesel, choose Derv. Choose to shout for Cross but not Armagh. Choose to give Banty €15 at 2am to get into an empty Fiddler's. Choose Ballybay for weanlings and stripper cows on a Saturday. Choose wrapping bales on a hanging hill with a Ford 7000. Choose an empty Clones over a full Inniskeen any day. Choose a pitchfork on your shoulder, less for use than for devilment. Choose Gerry Murphy's wardrobe. Choose neither Olly Callan nor Mario. Choose to die watching Pip Duffy miss easy frees against Cavan. Choose a spin to the Glen for dancing. Choose a spin to the White Horse for fighting. Choose to go by the back road through Drum and count the flags on match day. Choose Jap's left foot. Choose Ray McCarron's sidestep. Choose to buy Ivomec off Gerry McCarville. Choose Tommy's last point in 2013, the sweetest one. Choose Mark Ward on the goal-line. Choose to make a habit of beating Meath. Choose the isolation of Knockatallon. Choose Packie Willie's for a session. Choose the Latton boys to grind out a win. Choose Vinny at full forward. Choose Vinny at full back. Choose to witness ritual slaughter in Croke Park. Choose to resolve it won't happen again. Choose to come out fighting against hopeless odds. Choose to believe it can happen. Choose to roar them on. Choose Monaghan.

seanie08 (National) - 21/07/2016 19:22:39

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 4 Like(s)

Replying To shaggylegend:  "After watching a small bit of the election coverage in the US over the past few days, a striking similarity came to my mind. Banty is Monaghan GAA's version of Donald Trump. In 2010 after the clubs voted him out he failed to leave in a dignified manner and called foul of democracy of the clubs, claiming the clubs were going against the wishes of the players. Its never his fault went things go wrong, stupid players going into the Cavan Web. In Meath the Majority of the clubs voted to remove him but he held on due the clubs failing to reach the two thirds majority, a bit like Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote in 2016 but losing due to the strange rules (college votes) 2019 The majority of Monaghan supporters thought no way could the county board appoint him as manager, as he was so unpopular and unproved in the biggest job in the county. A bit like the majority of world thinking no way can the US vote in a reality tv star as president of the United States. Then when he gets the job, you hope he listens to the men behind the scenes but unfortunately he doesn't which ends in dire consequences. And when the time comes to leave again, he will do everything in his power to hang on."
Was going to post something similar but its worse than trump as at least he is being voted out. Banty is going nowhere. I posted here last year that during the o rourke years of relative success people assumed county board were doing a great job ambitious etc but that the banty appointment which still makes no sense showed them up for how small time they were and how they just got lucky with o rourke. I dont know what is going on with the County board that they were impressed by banty and his bluster but it strikes me he has some sort of hold over them whether that is the sponsorship deal or whatever have no idea but for monaghan supporters its v worrying. The embarrassing spectacle we saw last weekend is only the start if banty stays on.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - 07/11/2020 07:11:12

Everyone To Galway - 4 Like(s)

Replying To moodoo:  "We'll just make a day trip of it, couldn't find anything reasonably priced west of athlone! In footballing terms, I fear that we just won't have enough left in the tank. For us, the super 8 fixtures came perfectly...a beatable Kildare team in a neutral venue; followed by a 110%, everything on the table, win or die trying, effort against a mediocre Kerry, Leaving us a game 'in hand' before a semi....Sunday's draw scuppered all that. Having seen what we saw on Sunday, you'd say Monaghan are capable of beating Galway, but as (seemingly) always with us, the question is whether we can put back to back performances together. Unfortunately I think it might prove to be one game too far. To have a chance, at a minimum one of our 'other' forwards is going to have to have the game of their lives, Mansy won't get the run of Salthill the way he did Clones."
Agree with a lot of this but think would only be a game too far if match was this weekend. The two week break in the circumstances is crucial. Now that dust is settling after the weekend I think the team will realise they still find themselves with a massive opportunity here beat Galway to play winner's of Tyrone Donegal for a place in an AI final. Even if we'd beaten Kerry this would still have been the case and we'd fancied that at The start of the summer. The media narrative since weekend has been all about Kerry back from dead now on course for semi final with Dublin with ourselves finished now for the year as we are not capable of beating Galway. So the team has a choice they can fold their tent feel sorry for themselves and prove the clowns in the media right while giving them their beloved Kerry Dublin semi final or they can dust themselves down head to Galway and win and get ready for an all ulster semi final which we are well capable of winning. Galway are a fine improving side with a hard physical edge but and maybe its the Monaghan fan in me I think we are a better one and shouldn't have any fear of them. These players owe us nothing but owe it to themselves to not let last Sunday define their year but instead go and make a little bit of history for themselves.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - 25/07/2018 11:02:56

Was Gooch as good as Canavan? - 4 Like(s)
Great player Gooch but where was his contribution when teams put it up To him like the Ulster sides he faced over the years

seanie08 (National) - 05/04/2017 23:54:44

Championship 2017 - 3 Like(s)
Zero media engagement by the team ahead of match for me that is a good sign.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - 06/07/2017 20:15:42

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 3 Like(s)
Am suprised a managerial great like Banty has committed again so soon and is not keeping his options open with jobs like the tyrone Post soon to become available. God help us we are struck with him. Poster above is right id have Terry Hyland above him least he knows his limitations and doesn't consider himself a tactical genius like our Banty.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - 12/11/2020 08:41:53

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 3 Like(s)
Banty will probably get Paul Grimley back assisting him. The v few who backed his appointment a year back claimed donnelly and laverty would do all the coaching and it was a strong with banty just accomdating it. Now its just himself and mccague the u20 mgmt team from 2019. You couldn't make it up or predict that would be the team that would succeed malachy. Absolute shambles but no better man to brazen it out.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - 11/12/2020 21:28:22

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 3 Like(s)

Replying To moodoo:  "His piece today in the Times was a 'cut out and keep' classic, it caught Saturday's mood exactly."
It was class right down to the conversation with his missus exactly the same one I had with mine. That horrible sinking feeling of defeat that defines your entire weekend even Monday morning the texts on the phone from mates from other counties asking where it went wrong following a game we should have won thats following monaghan well part of it anyhow had great days also. Look we are just supporters and I wouldnt criticise the players some of whom have given us some great moments of pride and joy . It is just horrible to see a team not doing themselves justice on the day due to the bizarre defensive mindset banty engrained in them in that second half.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - 02/11/2020 19:55:46

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 3 Like(s)

Replying To TheJackel:  "The Banty is a Salesman but that's no addition when you trying to win a football match at this level. When he first got the job, the county set was changing as was the county game. He arrived at the perfect time but not without some struggles. He sold himself off the back of a strong and experienced mgt set up. At the first wobble he sold them out and replaced them. He organised and put some structure to Monaghan that was new to all and the rewards where repped. But he had a great panel at a time when club football was very strong, county titles shared round between clubs. But in big games he could never get over the line, right matches often lost and restored to using same players all the time, even taking them off and on. Small victories celebrated from great heights. Defeat in Enniskillen to an average Fermanagh team when Monaghan where red hot favourites for ulster. He had them worked up to such a state that they froze on the day. He'd security at the gates of Cloghan such was the frenzy he had them in. The county board moved to get rid and we remember how that had to go in the end. The sales man returned after that he dined off his profile in the media for years. Linking himself to big jobs, even been quoted on RTE1 radio dismissing his interest in the Dublin job before Jim Gavin was appointed. Pure fantasy stuff. When he did get jobs, he couldn't keep them. They've no fond memories in Meath or Wexford. He has never been linked to club jobs as he not a coach. Giving him a job at club level would need a small mortgage as he will need 2/3 men with him. He got a very good u17 and won with them but it was hard football to watch. Similar to what was seen last Saturday. Slow possession first football, relying on 1 or 2 forwards and ball going backwards. But the one thing he good at, selling himself to a group of players who wanted for nothing. Look after them very well and they live by words and the performances follow. This isn't a bad thing but takes the flair and thinking on feet out of teams. Got the U20 job on back if this but was a massive disappointment. His ability to buy the players is less when they older. This team was horses into the ground from October and by the time games game round they where disinterested and had heard all before over months and months. Don't think they won a game on what was a good squad. One again the salesman cam to the fore and he got the senior job. Sold his set up to county board and was paying for it as well. Promised the county board and the panel the earth, moon and the stars and can deliver this. Everyone will be looked after. Talks a great game and organized to the last. But a salesman is always found out when he has to deliver the product and the Banty can't do that. Started in Croke Park V Dublin, big lead and he had to get the Corduff man on. His selectors didn't agree but he went ahead anyway and game was drew. Hasn't been same since, albeit in a very strange year. Rest of league was very hit and miss. Schooled by Kerry. Lucky V Meath. There is nothing original in his thinking as a manager. Resorts to throwing a defender up front (Colin Walshe) cause it worked for 10 minutes V Tyrone in an Ulster final when result was long gone. He took off forwards for midfielders, midfielders went off for forwards. By end of game it was impossible to know what actual team shape was. Totally unwilling to trust or chance younger players - Woods gets 10 minutes here and there or a half at best. Lavelle left sitting looking on. And then he comes out talking about the "web" after the game, trying to use phrases and terms like he trying to dress up a game plan. I'm sure in coming days he will go back into salesman mode. He'll sell out some of the players (like he done after the game), he'll blame covid, he'll suggest a few changes in the backroom team and then bring another few quid to the table to keep the nodding dogs happy across the table. And next year we will be no better. Will go all out in securing Div1 status and call it a victory. Fall in Ulster and half a run in back door at best. But ultimately, achieve nothing."
Great summation of the man and the situation. A year on still dont know for the life of me how he got appointed again when he was yesterday's man in senior intercounty management. A good organiser am sure in his business but what he knows about winning important football matches could go on the back of a stamp. Complete buffer that stuff about the Web is nonsence. A team seven pts up at half time and in control pushes on simple as.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - 02/11/2020 11:59:53

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 3 Like(s)
Desperate stuff by Donegal today not sitting back and defending their half time lead in their own half against the wind. Brought the ball into the armagh web far too much got what they deserved.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - 14/11/2020 15:59:10

Club Football - 3 Like(s)
Hard luck Scotstown. Atrocious conditions and Darren Hughes didn't deserve to be on the losing side. Moment of madness from Carey and they could have been doing with him in the closing stages as they lacked a finisher someone to grab game by scruff of the neck. McCarthy was well held and never really got into the game. Unfortunately becoming a habit now for a lot of the same players losing big tight games by the minimum at county and club level so hard one to take for the these lads hopefully will bounce back from it.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - 02/12/2018 17:39:03

Pairc Ui Chaoimh And Liam Miller - 3 Like(s)
Granted the GAA did not cover itself in glory with initial response here but the media most of which is v anti GAA and pro rugby and soccer has really painted the organisation as the arch villian here. No mention of why all the FAI is able to offer for this game is Turners Cross and still does have its own stadium in 2018 despite all the support and sponsorship it gets.

seanie08 (National) - 28/07/2018 12:48:11

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 3 Like(s)

Replying To mhunicean_abu:  "The worst 35 minutes I have ever seen from a Monaghan team bar none"
It was Down 2012 all over again only worse

seanie08 (Monaghan) - 31/10/2020 16:11:35

David Gough To Referee The Final - 3 Like(s)

Replying To supermon:  "Absolute embarrassment if that goes ahead. Shameful."
The call to arms on it made me laugh we are not mayo etc won't lie down to Dublin and their millions real fire and brimstone stuff. Gough whether you agree or disagree with him getting final has had a v strong media in his corner to get it. V popular figure obviously in the GAA world just not in the kingdom.

seanie08 (National) - 14/08/2019 21:50:47