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Monaghan - 5 Like(s)
Is it true that Alan Dillon was the one that raised this with the Justice Department?

Farney (National) - 08/04/2021 15:07:41

Championship 2017 - 4 Like(s)
Let.s just focus on Wexford!

Farney (Monaghan) - 04/07/2017 11:48:45

Malachy's Successor - 3 Like(s)

Replying To FootblockREF:  "Donegal won Ulster after getting relegated with a new manager in 2018. So it seems you can turn it on for the Championship. That's those pesky facts getting in the way! "Performance is everything" is a buzz phrase. Results are everything. We won 2 games out of 7 in last years league one against a team just back from the beach and one against a team who have proved time and again in last 5 years they they are not Div One standard. We survived due to the bigger inadequacies of others rather than any of our own virtues."
So what Did Monaghan do in 2018? Won 5 out of 7 matches in the league.. Should have beaten Mayo in one of the lost games only for a crazy refereeing decision, and were well beaten by Galway after getting a red card.. altogether a positive league performance and actually our best league performance in 32 years.. In the Championship.. we got caught out by a late goal by Fermanagh and gifted the Ulster title to Donegal.. which we would have beaten if we got to the final.. We then finished up with our best performance in the Championship in 34 years by narrowly losing to Tyrone in the semi-final.. 2018 - So good in the league and good in the championship.. 2019 - Last year as you say, we were poor in the League and we were also poor in the Championship. Thanks for proving my point for me. As a small county we need to be consistent and win against big boys, we need to prove that we are good enough and we do that by beating them and earning respect.. We are not Kerry who can experiment.. but in 2018 we proved that we can beat them in the league and dominate them in the super 8's You do not build for the future with your senior team, you do everything to win now or you may as well not compete at all...

Farney (Monaghan) - 20/09/2019 10:05:39

Championship 2017 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Bernardo:  "Well shelbourne at last malachy saw the light with jack. Any smart remark now shelbourne"
According to the stats.. It was a draw when Jack came on and we only took hold of the game when he came on at half time.. Apparently he swung the game for us!

Farney (Monaghan) - 29/07/2017 21:32:47

Tyrone V Dublin - 3 Like(s)
The referee swung it for Dublin tonight!

Farney (National) - 21/07/2018 21:40:43

CCCC Uphold Hughes' Eight-Week Ban!! - 3 Like(s)
Darren Hughes has been banned for eight weeks.. and if I was his Manager I would tell him that if the same situation arose then he should do the exact same as he did.. He stood on the sideline and watched 3 feet in front of him a Monaghan player and a Fermanagh player wrestle on the ground and he did nothing but watch. But when a Second Fermanagh player came flying in and went straight into the Monaghan players back, he stepped in and pulled the players apart.. he protected his team mate and did not shoulder charge a player as a Manager recently did.. did not stick his hand into another players mouth or stand on his neck, did not stop play by grabbing a ball, did not face up to another player, did not push a referee or knock a notebook from a ref's hand, did not dive to the ground after getting his hair tousled. He protected a player from a cowardly act. Darren Hughes did the right thing as he often does.

Farney (National) - 20/06/2019 14:19:50

Monaghan V Kerry - 3 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "Its a fair point and comes down to opinion. To be fair to Galway they have played 3 divisin 1 teams in the championship this year already and beat them and thats after topping DIv 1 this year. I find the media patting them on the head and looking at them as upstarts a bit lacking in analysis, they are huge contenders for the title. Kerry were beaten by one of the best teams on Ireland on Sunday so im not surprised. You will know more about Galway football then me, what i see against the real top sides is Galway averageing just below 15 points or just above. They are brilliant at imposing their game on others, my worry for Galway is they wont score enough to win the championship its the same thing that stopped Mayo and you are right about the really poor wides at the weekend they need to be going over to have a chance of an All Ireland that just my opinion and of course could be wrong. I would be curious on their average wides in games its something i noticed in games Vs Dublin. I fancy Galway to make the final and have done since our game in Salt Hill. The semis this year could be incredible, imagine Tyrone Vs Galway and Dublin Vs Kerry or vice versa."
The semis this year could be incredible, imagine Tyrone Vs Galway and Donegal Vs Monaghan or vice versa. Now that would be incredible...!!!

Farney (National) - 18/07/2018 14:11:12

Top Players From The League 2018 - 2 Like(s)
So I've only been to the Monaghan matches in the league so my top team would be as follows 1. Rory Beggan (Monaghan), Only one goal conceded, scored his frees and took on a new role as playmaker. 2. Colm Boyle(Mayo) No one really stood out in this position, adding in Boyle as he gave everything for Mayo, even if he was a bit headless at times. 3. Conor Boyle (Monaghan) Again only one goal conceded, has the speed and strength to have an outstanding season in this position. 4. Paul Murphy (Kerry) Drove his team on in all the games, he was everywhere.. Kerry could do with more like him. 5. Johnny Heaney (Galway) Great control of the ball, ran the length of the field with a Monaghan man on top of him and still found room to take a score. 6. Jonny Cooper (Dublin) Was his painful best, 7. Karl O'Connell (Monaghan) Unstoppable when he goes on a run and took some great long range scores 8. Mattie Donnelly (Tyrone) Beat Mayo on his own, slipped his marker with ease, got up the field and took his scores 9. Brian Fenton (Dublin), Mister reliable 10. Ciaran Kilkenny (Dublin), Added goal and point scoring to his game, 11 Sean O'Shea, Kerry may have found their new Declan O'Sullivan 12. Niall Scully (Dublin ) Popped up in dangerous positions all during the league 13. Patrick McBrearty (Donegal) Donegal completely relied on him for scores and rarely let them down 14. Damian Comer (Galway), an inspiration and hard man to stop. 15. Lee Brennan (Tyrone ) Could be the missing link for Tyrone to do well in the Super eights this year.

Farney (National) - 04/04/2018 15:06:55

Malachy's Successor - 2 Like(s)

Replying To FootblockREF:  "I think the tactics have to fundamentally change. 3 Ulster Finals, 3 Quarter Finals, one semi final and 3 Super 8 games is 10 games. We scored 2 goals. Under Malachy we were dogged and hard to beat and very, very occasionally, brilliant. But the days of winning games in an arm wrestle are over. We need new, more attacking tactics and that is going to take a while to bed in. I've seen nothing in the club championship that would move the needle for the county. There is potential there but we need McCarthy and McCarron to step up and Banty needs to give O'Hanlon a fair shake, which he didn't get this year I wouldn't be surprised if we went down. Next year's Div 1 is for real. No Cavan or Roscommon scraping the barrell. I wouldn't see it as a bad thing. Championship is everything."
Championship is not everything. You simply cannot just turn it on for the championship. Performance is everything.. Winners win, you should be winning all games.. Would Dublin\Kerry be happy to be playing in Division 2? Beating and playing against the top teams is what makes players\teams better..

Farney (Monaghan) - 19/09/2019 10:29:24

Season Ticket at €120 - is it worth it? - 2 Like(s)
I just got my renewal email for the season ticket and it has gone up in price to €120.. The difference between this year and last year is the new super 8's and promise of a discounted ticket for these matches.. Each new year of the Season ticket, there has been an extra burden put on the purchaser. In the first year it was amazing and was like a Willy Wonka golden ticket... €75 for the best seats in the house and no pressure on attending all the matches.. Dublin and Mayo have seen 100% of the tickets getting bought as you have a great chance of getting an all-ireland ticket out of it.. while the rest of us schmucks travel the breadth of the country and can't pass the ticket to a brother\neighbour in case the stazi get wind of it and the ticket is revoked. The seating generally got worse over the years but last year was the exception, in that the seating was improved over other years.. it can be maddening when the sunshine crew turn up and they are sitting in the middle of the stand while us diehards are out in the rain sitting by the corner flag.. listening to the radio to find out what is happening on the other side of the pitch..! Maybe this year, for the €120 we might be in the provincial councils soft seats!! but I doubt it.. Could they not have left the pricing as it was until we see how these super 8's fair out? Can they not be a bit flexible on the amount of attendances that need to be recorded.. ? It's not the joy that it once was to give the ticket as a present.. it's now like your mother making you go to school even though you are sick , just so your family have a good attendance record!! Just for one year... Can the GAA not do something positive for the people who buy these tickets and go to matches in the snow, wind and rain.. sometimes it is nice to know that you have a good deal or have the choice to sit at home with the rest of the sunshine supporters ?

Farney (National) - 25/10/2017 11:55:06

Monaghan In The Qualifiers! - 2 Like(s)

Replying To .tribute:  "I don't mean to stick the boot in. It was a great few years fo Monaghan. Just found it strange Monaghan doing better than Cavan for a few years. Not normal"
You must be in your 90's if you think that is true?

Farney (Monaghan) - 24/06/2019 09:50:42

Division 1 2017 - 2 Like(s)
How did David Moran not get a black card for the Donegal penalty? He knocked Mcbrearty to the ground when he was about to score a goal!

Farney (National) - 05/02/2017 16:32:27

Division 1 2017 - 2 Like(s)
How did David Moran not get a black card for the Donegal penalty? He knocked Mcbrearty to the ground when he was about to score a goal!

Farney (National) - 05/02/2017 16:33:06

Monaghan In The Qualifiers! - 2 Like(s)
Just to get back to the match at the weekend.. and away from Cavan Trolls... the main difference in the the 2 teams was the size and energy that Armagh brought to the game.. Monaghan were well and truly beaten at the weekend.. the Monaghan players need to go and enjoy the summer and question themselves if they still have the hunger to compete.. not so many years ago Monaghan played Armagh and Stefan Campbell was in the pocket of the Monaghan defenders, they ate him up and spat him out for fun... at the weekend, he was dancing around pulling off reverse blind passes with no pressure on was galling to see.. but that's what happens.. it's the ups and downs of sport and life.. Niall Kearns was outstanding during the match, he is something else!!!.. we still have good players and we have 4 home matches in Division one next year.. it would be good if the County Board would get a new Manager in soon, so they get to go around and watch the matches in the county before next year starts. There is still the Minors and the U20's to watch at county and plenty of good club matches to attend.. enjoy the rest of they year and all the best to Malachy and his back room team for all the good times that they gave the people of County Monaghan..

Farney (Monaghan) - 25/06/2019 16:05:09

This Needs To Stop!!! - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Donegalman:  "If he had success as a manager would he complain?"
I can't understand why RTE have him on the radio as a pundit.. he left a wake of destruction on all the counties he managed and always sees the negative.. I change station as soon as he comes on..

Farney (National) - 03/08/2018 16:18:07

"I'M Finished With That Now, And Life Is Already Much Better" - 2 Like(s)
All through the history of the GAA or any sport, it has been the team that put the most effort into the training and the match that have been the winners. Kerry footballers know what it takes to win the all ireland because they have seen previous generations out kicking the ball and practicing the skills for hours apon hours. The great Dublin teams of the 70s and now put more effort in than other teams whether it's through their management looking after every detail or the academy coaches training the young players.. or the players looking at what it takes to pull on the jersey and meeting or exceed the effort to do so.. all the best to Paddy, but Meath are closer to beating Dublin without him..

Farney (National) - 16/02/2018 12:09:53

National League 2017 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To sceptical:  "again, thats a less than intelligent attempt at winning a debate. Yes Mcmanus gets fouled a lot. However, if monaghan played with more than one forward then he wouldnt be double marked or given such special attention. He wins frees which he takes. When he is gone then who will win their own ball and win the frees for another taker to finish? I dont wish to prolong this debate as i am already convinced that yous are a waning power. However, we should have won. Kicking six shots into Beggans hands cost us not your ability. That was without Mackey, Argue or Buchanan, the latter two arguably our best two midfielders."
Spends more time on the Monaghan board than on the Cavan one..

Farney (Monaghan) - 21/02/2017 21:27:05

2016 Ulster SFC - 2 Like(s)
So I got my answer to my questions from last week and they were not good, Malachy didn't change it up from last week and went with the same plan and was caught out by Rory Gallagher, Kilkenny and Kerry very rarely lose replays because they address their weakness and expose weakness displayed by the other team, Monaghan did not do this and Donegal did. It's incredible that there was only 1 point in it at the end of the match because Donegal were by far the better side, because it was so close, I think they still have a mental thing about playing Monaghan that we can exploit on another day.. We didn't dominate the kickouts because they pushed up hard on us and stopped our men from running for the short kickouts, when we went long Murphy and Kavanagh broke a lot of ball in their direction, Both players had a great game. McGrath again pulled McManus around the field but this time Conor used it to get himself free a few times and we should have hit him more often when he did this. Darren had a really good game and broke a lot of their ball, but my worry about him playing this deep is a that it gives Donegal time to set up a wall in front of him to stop him getting his shot away after the breaks up the field. Fintan never really got a chance to shoot for a point and could have done better to support our forwards, who were isolated far to often, we can't have men going into a corner, then turn around and see that their support are standing on the far side of midfield, it's not good enough. Colin Walshe was still on McBrearty and even though he only scored one point from play, he had his hands on a lot of the Donegal scores.. I would have had Conor Boyle on him from the start, or put Drew on him as he is not going to run out the field and Drew operates better close to our goals. The Donegal running patterns destroyed us in the first half, they ran with 3 direction switches and then attacked of the side of the centre, we let them in for soft scores time and time again with the same patterns continually being repeated.. Why was this allowed to happen..? On Saturday we did pose a goal threat and they didn't, it was mostly through off the cuff thinking by McManus and Carey and then by Ryan Wylie running at their defence. Murphy still had the yips and couldn't kick frees from the ground but then he went to the hands and got some scores.. Maurice Deegan was caught out by Donegal time and time again, they really are the Green and Gold Tyrone. they consistently hit the ground when a hand was placed on their back or their chest, and they got frees in positions that punished us, even when they were coming out of their defence, if they thought it would get a Monaghan forward a yellow card they acted the part of the fallen soldier, there was a deliberate plan here to remove mcManus and Kieran Hughes with their feigning. Best of Luck to Donegal in the final, we got a hiding from them on the sideline, it was only the bravery of the Monaghan players that dug it out and stopped it from happening on the scoreboard..

Farney (Monaghan) - 04/07/2016 11:24:21

Monaghan Minors 2019 - 1 Like(s)
Monaghan and Derry await the winners of these matches ==> Down v Tyrone & Cavan V Donegal

Farney (Monaghan) - 13/05/2019 14:50:34

Thanks Paul - 1 Like(s)
We have lost one of our best footballers ever today, Paul was the one player we had that could take your breath away. His passing, fielding and his point scoring were at the highest levels.. Not too many players win a Sigerson Medal in their first year in college, which he did at Sligo IT and was second top scorer on the day.. His contributions during the bad and good days always singled him out as one of our top players. Thanks for all the memories .

Farney (Monaghan) - 18/11/2016 15:18:45