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Monaghan V Meath Div 1, Round 7 October 25Th, 2Pm, Clones - 12 Like(s)
A whole load of talent coming through who seem to be showing an appetite to take risks and have a go but if the blatant display of nepotism being shown by management doesn't stop it'll all be for nothing as it will be detrimental to the morale of the squad.

just.john (Meath) - 25/10/2020 18:16:00

Monaghan V Meath Div 1, Round 7 October 25Th, 2Pm, Clones - 6 Like(s)
Happy with the result, psychologically getting a result and points in the board instead of being relegated on zero should be a great boost, we have had two great prep games for championship and they have given me more optimism than I've had in a while, certain improvement on display bit more is needed, our composure in front of goal needs continual work and we threw away more good goal chances today, some ball given away cheaply, but our work rate and intensity was very good today and despite our position they showed that wanted a result, wanted to win, and that's most important, I think there is good confidence and belief in this squad at the minute and hopefully a run to a Leinster Final will put us in good shape for Division 2 next year where Cork, Down, Mayo, Kildare, Clare, Laois and Westmeath await, few tasty fixtures there too.

Richieq (Meath) - 25/10/2020 16:27:49

Monaghan V Meath Div 1, Round 7 October 25Th, 2Pm, Clones - 6 Like(s)
Not going to post any negatives at all ! This Meath team Is certainly going in the right direction.From Colgan to O'Reilly there was some really brave performances ! Having Lavin and McGill back was Huge.2 top players that we cant be without.Thought that Cathal Hickey was really good again.Nailing his place on the opposite wing to Keoghan who was his usual top notch self.Think the no 6 jersey is up for grabs going into the championship ! Mento and Jones are developing well as a partnership and Jones kicked some great scores ! Ronan Ryan dropped back well and gives is an option going forward ! McMahon is nailed on at 11 and is by far out option there ! OReilly and walsh kicked some fab scores in the last games and Huge positives ! Pity were lost cillian so early but Morris did great when he came on and looks a little gem ! So brave to kick that score at the end ! Subs all came on and made an impact ! We should have buried the goal chances and put them to the sword ! That will come in time ! Looking forward to the rest of the year ! Well done Meath

grahamc9897 (Meath) - 25/10/2020 17:30:27

Monaghan V Meath Div 1, Round 7 October 25Th, 2Pm, Clones - 5 Like(s)
Two decent performances since the return. When we start taking goal chances we will be contenders. With the retirements in the Dublin camp both playing and management it is amazing how quickly gaps close. But we need to keep the improvement graph on the up.

MillerX (Meath) - 25/10/2020 16:41:08

Monaghan V Meath Div 1, Round 7 October 25Th, 2Pm, Clones - 5 Like(s)
Okay - so not a win but a much better performance. Colgan had a fine game - so maybe he is the answer We butchered a couple of goal chances in the second half but kept at it right to the end - Morris's equaliser was a gem - he mixed the exceptional with the poor but looks like the real deal in the making Jones and menton look like a good midfield pairing - and jones scored a couple of beauts in the first half All told lots of positives to take into the championship- and hopefully we can build from here - we will need to because division 2 will be no cakewalk! If we could get away to a fast start it would be interesting to see how the lads faired our - we have been chasing every game in the league - so maybe something to focus on! Best of luck for championship andy and lads

ASaminthehand (Meath) - 25/10/2020 16:03:47

Monaghan V Meath Div 1, Round 7 October 25Th, 2Pm, Clones - 3 Like(s)
There are a lot of positives with some gritty performances from the forwards and the mid field pairing looks solid. However it's almost 2 years and we have to be critical ahead of champo; 1 I'm sorry but the goalkeeping position is still a problem - repeated mistakes in the past, which were game changing, cannot be forgotten. 2 we are still quite naive. I see this as a management / coaching problem. It needs to be addressed, we have to learn how to kill off teams as we have fallen too many times for to this inadequacy! This is as much a management philosophy that needs to be drilled into the players as a collective. We are growing the numbers of players with talent but they need to be coached to win. It seems like the players have improved but the formulae is the same!

Tweety (Meath) - 25/10/2020 18:40:29

Monaghan V Meath Div 1, Round 7 October 25Th, 2Pm, Clones - 3 Like(s)

Replying To bert09:  "Meath by +2. Was very impressed by performance against Dublin. Clearly a lot of work done on the mental aspects of the game as lads looked very confident and assured. O'Reilly is turning into a fine footballer-well capable of winning his own ball , works hard and was impressive on frees. Himself and Walsh make for two good target men inside. Having a solid freetaker is something we have been lacking big time. We hit 15 misses against Dublin including 3 goal chances. Up the conversion rate and we should win. A win against a division 1 team would represent a breakthrough."
Two good target men indeed but they seem to be the ones who have to come out beyond 45 before they get the ball , we dont tend to let an early ball inside

Analyst (Meath) - 25/10/2020 11:44:04

Leinster MFC 2020? - 2 Like(s)

Replying To endgame:  "Just watched on TG4 the excellent Meath minor team trounce Dublin.Meath very skillful and impressive.Meath had fallen behind the likes of Dublin at underage.Is a lot of underage work now being done in Meath to produce a team of that quality.Goes to show that the narrative about indefinite Dublin dominance into the future might not be right."
Cheers Endgame. Think the issue is converting these minor teams into good u20 teams. Dublin seem to produce u20 teams that can beat Meath despite Meath having had the better team results wise 2/3 years previous at minor.

Crinigan (Meath) - 25/10/2020 11:51:44

Monaghan V Meath Div 1, Round 7 October 25Th, 2Pm, Clones - 1 Like(s)
We were completely off the pace in the first quarter like way way off and we managed to get a draw so that's definitely positive. Other positives Jones is much better than our midfield options from last year. Morris was fantastic in what was his first real game for Meath where he got a good amount of game time. He linked up with Walsh well and it look like they had started to translate their great under 17 connection. He did make two bad handpasses for the goals but not since Newman in that first half against Donegal have we had an inside forward look as dangerous. Hickey was pretty good too and does not look out of place for an under 19. On the downside, Scully did not look up to it at all I thought, finished his score well but was exposed with his defending, got a yellow and had to be taken off because he was going to get another one. Wasn't great last week either so hasn't made a name for himself. Meath have made massive strides over this league campaign. We weren't good in Omagh and were terrible against Donegal. Since then we've been really consistent and we are getting there. Promotion from division 2 next year is a must. With Walsh, Morris, Costello, Conlon, Campion there already and Lynch, Mitchell and maybe Frayne from this years minors coming in future years we certainly have the firepower coming through. Just need to keep this team and extended panel together

LeitrimRoyal99 (Meath) - 25/10/2020 20:22:15

Monaghan V Meath Div 1, Round 7 October 25Th, 2Pm, Clones - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Royal.Legend:  "Ye its live kick off 2 o clock"
We throw in in Gaa

Analyst (Meath) - 25/10/2020 11:45:05

Monaghan V Meath Div 1, Round 7 October 25Th, 2Pm, Clones - 1 Like(s)

Replying To ASaminthehand:  "Colgans performance was the beat from a meAth keeper for some time - show me a keeper who hasn't made mistakes! I think part of the problem is that we need to commit to a keeper and let his confidence grow with his performances Who else would you consider for keeper at this point!"
I thought Colgan was just ok. He made a save or two but alot of his kick outs were far from perfect and Meath got lucky with some ending up in our possession even though they didn't meet their intended target. Brennan probably a better option but think we can do much better than either. Thought Jones was excellent again and looks to be our most important player at the moment. Keoghan had a poor 1st half for a change but came into it in 2nd half. McGill was way off it but expect him to improve. Toner lucky to stay on field and struggled badly at times. Lavin eventually came into it. Possible not at his sharpest just like McMahon who was also quiet. Most of the subs made good impacts especially Morris. Scully was under pressure defensively but was more involved than most Meath players at that stage and Andy not taking chances with yellow card. Management really need to hone in on game plan and best team to start winning games.

winatallcost (Meath) - 25/10/2020 22:18:55

Monaghan V Meath Div 1, Round 7 October 25Th, 2Pm, Clones - 1 Like(s)
Another dreadful start, Monaghan ran through us with ease in first 10/15 minutes and should have had a couple of goals, a combination of great tracking back from McMahon good save from keeper kept us in the game. Settled well after water break and though we gave a very good account of ourselves until final whistle. Jones and Morris had outstanding games, Jones. a physical hard running player we so badly needed and Morris has all the skills to make a top class forward, just needed a bit more composure with his misplaced passes for the goal chances. Backs found it difficult to deal with Mac Manus but few if any teams can contain him when on form. Only a draw today, but that point is a vital boost heading into championship.

seadog54 (Meath) - 25/10/2020 22:40:10

Monaghan V Meath Div 1, Round 7 October 25Th, 2Pm, Clones - 1 Like(s)
Happy with the draw in the end. But man we should be taking our goal chances. All in all Ronan Jones and Jordan Morris are stand out players. Kick outs better this week too. Which is no slight on Marcus. Let's keep the momentum going into championship. When is our game v Wexford/Wicklow ?? Hon the royal

royaldunne (Meath) - 25/10/2020 15:50:34