It's going to be harder for Dubs next year, says Tompkins

September 21, 2019

Cork's Larry Tompkins against Dublin.
©INPHO/James Meehan.

Cork legend Larry Tompkins sees some light at the end of the tunnel for all of the pretenders to Dublin’s throne.

The 1990 All-Ireland winning Rebel County captain, who was inducted into the GAA’s Hall of Fame during the week, noticed a chink in Dublin’s armour during the recent All-Ireland final draw and replay games against Kerry.

“I just thought that in the last few weeks there was a little bit of the iceberg ready to break,” he outlined in an interview with the Irish Daily Star.

“I thought there was a little bit of fatigue, particularly the first day in the All-Ireland final. I thought they were a little leg-weary.

“Was that the pressure of the five-in-a-row, had they been here and done that so many times it was affecting them?

“These things come, not so much that you are too old, I think it’s just a case that you’ve been down this road so many times that it’s just the same old ding-dong.

“Naturally, they are so experienced that they got that final push over the line the second day, but I just do think it’s going to be harder for them next year.”

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