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Galway V Donegal - 8 Like(s)

Replying To fairplay4ever:  "Its an awful hike -nearly 3 hrs from Tuam if traffic light .Will make the call Saturday pm when we see what the weather is like but its looking unlikely.Still tired after Tralee"
Now you know how Donegal people feel about having to trek up and down to Galway for Hospital appointments,many from much further than Letterkenny.

gunman (Galway) - 07/02/2020 12:29:26

Ulster Final Donegal V Cavan - 6 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Not having a pop. But that's a very odd thing to say, southern media ? I presume u not talking about Munster. Do you really view yourself as part of northern ire ?? Again not having a pop. I just never seen someone from Donegal Monaghan or Cavan refer to the media as southern. Dublin or d4 yeah."
You might think we are different from our fellow Ulster men in the six counties but we are not.

gunman (National) - 16/11/2020 15:45:47

Does The GAA Have Too Many MEANINGLESS Matches? - 6 Like(s)
I don't get the point about the league not being meaningful. With the 8 team divisions there is a fine line between being promoted and relegated.Nearly every match is important.

gunman (National) - 26/05/2020 15:25:42

Should The Rebel Flag Be Banned At Cork Matches? - 6 Like(s)
I was thinking of getting a Norwich jersey for Donegal games but I am having second thoughts because Delia Smith is associated with them and some of her recipes are not great.

gunman (National) - 13/06/2020 14:18:24

GAA Should Campaign For A United Ireland. - 5 Like(s)
How could they not support a united Ireland.

gunman (National) - 07/03/2019 17:02:41

All Ireland Final - Who You Shouting For? - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Hoofhearted:  "Kerry. For the good of football and because Kerry have always played proper football, even when the Ulster teams introduced this blanket defence, pulling and dragging and generally negative football, Kerry still kick passed the ball, played attacking football and are always a pleasure to watch. Dublin's main strength is their athleticism and obvious advantages in S&C, they are not as naturally gifted as the likes of Kerry or Mayo. The Kingdom are a team developed on the playing field, not in the gym. And I still remember how dirty and cynical the Dubs were in the 70's and 80's so it has to be Kerry for me. Come on the Kingdom !"
The way Kerry played in the 2014 Final was far from proper football,their tackling was bordering on assault.They are very good at propaganda about how clean they play their football and I think that's what puts a lot of people against them.Obviously Kerry have produced many great teams and great footballers over the years but please don't spout this stuff about proper football.The reality is that they will employ whatever tactics they think necessary for results.

gunman (National) - 29/08/2019 12:34:18

Championship 2020 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To thelowball:  "The idea that county teams would have all in heavin A and B matches the week of a final,makes no sense.Don't know if Bonner,McGuinness or the top managers of the present go down this road. Surely the heavy lifting would have been done by the final week.If a manager doesn't know his players, it's a problem. The final week should be fine tuning, shooting drills, game plan and game management, all of which Donegal fell down on against Cavan."
My own opinion is that the training was geared for the Dublin match and the Cavan game was not going to interupt that.The fine tuning and drills would have happened before the Dublin game.I am only surmising that they took that understandable gamble which would have left them in top shape for the S/F.Nothing less than that would have been any good for Dublin.If that was their approach I wouldn't blame them.

gunman (Donegal) - 15/12/2020 17:44:33

Martin McGuinness RIP - 4 Like(s)
Really sad to wake up to the news this morning.Martin is going to be very hard to replace.A proud Derry man and proud of his Innnishowen roots.R.I.P.

gunman (National) - 21/03/2017 16:24:50

Kerry V Galway - 4 Like(s)
I must say it amuses me that people in the GAA who spend a lot of their time running down soccer then get tremendously exited when a player executes a basic soccer skill in a GAA match.The media commentators get very exited too I might add.Nice goal and the intelligent thing to do instead of going down to pick it up and getting crowded out.But imagine a player trying that and it not coming off,they would get some slagging.They would be saying afraid to go down on the ball.

gunman (National) - 17/05/2021 16:17:57

All Ireland Championship 2020 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To katser:  "Its probably not a full strength team Donegal will send down anyway and most likely are going to lose, would the team not think of the expenses Accommodation will cost the poor Donegal County Board in these Financially difficult times! Nothing wrong with getting up early in the morning, have a big fry and enjoy the lovely sinerary as they drive to Kerry..."
We don't need to travel 5 hours to enjoy lovely scenery.

gunman (National) - 22/10/2020 11:51:11

Who Goes Down - Donegal Or Mayo? - 3 Like(s)
Did you see the video of McLoughlins point ,13 clear steps ,unbelievable.

gunman (National) - 26/03/2018 20:23:49

Jim Mcguinness To Galway - 3 Like(s)

Replying To gilly1910:  "Personally I don't think this is a good move, as McGuinness would be a very negative coach whereas Joyce would be the exact opposite. So for this to work, McGuinness can't have anything to do with tactics, and instead use him for the mental side of things which he would be brilliant at. Anything more will only end up in Galway reverting back to their awful tactics under Kevin Walsh."
All this talk about Joyce and all out attacking football is a bit of a myth.I watched them in Letterkenny against Donegal and they were just about as defensive a team as I've seen lately.They were using the fast counter attack a fair bit.Maybe this is not the first time Padraic has been consulting his old mate.

gunman (National) - 12/10/2020 20:51:39

Mayo V Galway - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Breezy:  "Cant wait to host You in the wonderful city of Limerick Kathy. Irelands 3rd biggest and in my view most beautiful city. Just to warn You though I know You love bitter but You wont find it in any of the lovely Limerick pubs"
5th biggest.

gunman (National) - 01/07/2019 21:03:36

GAA At Anfield - 3 Like(s)

Replying To yew_tree:  "Jesus we better all support Everton so....I understand the historical origins of both clubs but thankfully most people don't give a crap what religion you are....clubs are international nodays with worldwide support."
If that was the case loads of people here would be supporting Rangers.Maybe some do now with their beloved Stevie G at the helm.You can't just blot out history.

gunman (National) - 09/12/2019 15:00:59

Londonderry - will they ever learn? - 3 Like(s)
The fact of the matter is that anybody saying Londonderry is making a political point.I can't imagine a unionist farmer living outside the city saying I'm going in to Londonderry for paper.As I say it is only used to make a point.

gunman (National) - 30/01/2018 17:37:47

Can the GAA survive the Rugby onslaught - 3 Like(s)

Replying To tonydoranfan:  "is the great Mick O'Connell not from the Kingdom of kerry, hardly a weak football county, he does not even look at kerry playing now. lads sorry but football is a bore to watch!!!!"
Don't bother watching it then.There will be plenty of other people who can't wait for the season to start

gunman (National) - 13/01/2017 19:33:11

NFL 2018 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Ulsterchamps_32:  "Ciaran McGinley is a great player for kilcar and was a huge loss for them when he got injured against slaughtneill. I definitely see him as a midfielder though there are some reservations. He didn't do great against Monaghan, not sure if it was confidence or something else but in the match he just didn't do a pretty basic overlap run and gave Karl o'Connell a lot of space. Nathan mullins was excellent in the Dublin county final after an unmerciful hit from james mccartht and we've not seen this form from him. Looked a bit low on confidence when he came on against Monaghan. He did do one turnover near the end that I really like - he was willing to keep working even though game was pretty much up. He'd also may suit a tighter pitch like mccumhaill park as opposed to a bigger pitch like clones or croke park. He's not the quickest and speed isn't as important in a smaller pitch."
Just to point out Mac Cumhaill park is not a small pitch which is probably why we generally play well there.

gunman (Donegal) - 28/03/2018 00:00:05

Championship 2020 - 3 Like(s)
I would rank this as our most important Ulster Final since 2011 when we needed to break that unbelievably long spell without a title.This one obviously is a must with no back door and three in a row would be a major step in establishing ourselves as a major force on the intercounty scene.Some posters are very cocky and while most of us think we will win ,a bit of humility might get us a bit of more respect especially against a county with a roll of honour which none of us will ever see matched.

gunman (Donegal) - 19/11/2020 12:24:12

NFL Division 2 2019 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Green_Gold:  "I like this side but Jamie Brennan has to start. He has been our most consistent forward last season and the start of this season. Is there a reason you wouldn't pick him? I would also start Hugh McFadden, although not the perfect midfielder he gets through a mountain of work and helps defensively. You left out a certain Mr. Murphy as well ha ha, that is a hanging offence. You have gone for youth and pace and I do agree that this is the way to go. I think everyone would pick a different starting 15, which shows we have strength in depth."
To leave Jamie Brennan out is just unbelievable.

gunman (Donegal) - 06/02/2019 12:27:35

Donegal V Meath - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Commodore:  "A battling win from Donegal, one that will definitely help the new players in the panel and build confidence of the seasons players.

But this doesn't remove the question marks over Rory Gallagher's tenure, in particular his starting line-ups/bench decisions. Let's not forget that Rory Gallagher's only success to date has been in improving National League performances and guiding Donegal to the All Ireland Quarter finals through the back door. In a game where real success in measured in Championship success, Gallagher has failed to achieve.

He can talk about transition and rebuilding all he wants, but with the likes of Michael Murphy, Patrick McBrearty, Ryan McHugh, Martin McElhinney, Frank McGlynn, Paddy McGrath, Neil McGee and Karl Lacey all still in the team, and the likes of Odhran MacNiallais, Leo McLoone, Anthony Thompson, Declan Walsh and Brick Molloy not injured and not currently on the panel, we need to ask if such a severe transition is really necessary at all? The impact of losing so many players in their 30's will of course be severe when so many of the men in their mid to late 20's who were groomed to replace them now are not involved for different reasons."
10 players opted out of the Roscommon squad since last year but they concentrated on the players they had at their disposal and they did ok to-day.Onthis forum there is a lot of talk about players that are not there forget about them now.

gunman (Donegal) - 09/07/2017 17:57:03