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Tyrone in 00s v Dublin in the 10s - 9 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "Of course Fenton being half a Kerry man helps him immensely in his football."
Is there anything on any front you folk don't claim?! I remember a similar comment from you months ago saying someone's football "was of Kerry" so it was no surprise he was good, or something to that effect. I don't hear Galway folk on here with similar comments re Ciaran Kilkenny or Kevin Mc Menamin. When Kerry bailed themselves out of tight corners over the years it was half a Tyrone man that usually done it for them in Donaghy!

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 29/04/2018 22:53:52

Donegal Vs Tyrone - 8 Like(s)

Replying To Crinigan:  "There are hard men in Meath it's true. I recall 1996 when a gang of teenagers physically dominated the best of your county. Rather than take your beating like men you continue to moan about it 24 years later. Personal insults, spitting, diving, horrible cynical football, sectarian attitude of your supporters who make every ground they visit toxic, no class from players on and off the pitch.... very few people disappointed Tyrone are out of the championship. Like the Republic itself, it's all the richer for your absence."
They are shocking comments towards any County. The game you refer to was deliberate targeting and taking out of key Tyrone players who had run amok against Meath weeks previously in a challenge game. McDermotts tackle on Canavan one of the worst ever on one of the greatest players ever. There weren't too many teenagers in that team either, a few at most. Of course Tyrone know how to play football and consistently have the players who can play. When the toughest All Ireland ever won with possibly the greatest forward line seen in Croke Park (even noted by Mr O'Rourke in one of his recent columns) is Tyrone 2005 then they can hold their heads high. As for Kerry, the Brazil of Gaelic Football, Tadhg Kennellys take out of Nicholas Murphy and O'Mahonys theatrics to Donacha O'Connor's challenge are standouts respectively. Dublin have a few prime examples also - and simply listing them both as they're the most successful counties. And I can assure you no Altar Boy ever played for Donegal either. But there was clear labelling of Tyrone from traditional quarters of the GAA since they emerged as a consistent and permanent force in football in the 2000s - we can't beat you, don't like your audacity to win three All Ireland's in a decade so we will come at you this way. And it started after the day of the swarm in the 2003 semi final. The Republic will be no better or worse with Tyrone in it.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 03/11/2020 20:53:34

Tyrone Vs Donegal - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Saynothing:  "Not agreeing or disagreeing but all teams do it. Murphy penalty incident yesterday, Donegal player tackled on forearm but holds his head on the ground. All players make the most of tackles but what got on my wick was Mc Keenan waving looking a card for Murphy tackle. Can't stand that, if he wants to ref go and ref, Murphy was unlucky, he tried to pull out of tackle but it was too late."
Yes, and Murphy took his punishment. Did not gesture, articulate, make life hard for the ref, throw the hands in the air, confront him etc. despite some goading etc. But he has always had an element of class and decency.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 19/07/2021 19:17:42

Donegal V Dublin - 5 Like(s)

Replying To hill16no1man:  "Very poor game of football today. two woeful performances from each side. referee had the two biggest moments in the game in awarding the first goal incorrectly when it was a clear square ball and then the free at the end was for what exactly? If anything the Donegal forward was the only player with hand on an opposition player. in all honesty we should have been out of sight long before the goals. the over doing of passing the ball instead of having a go at the posts is something that is becoming too obvious to opposition teams. Poor team selection from Gavin today aswell it was a forward line lacking any firepower he selected. Donegal were there typical selves dour boring and refusing to kick the ball in the first half yet they were rewarded for it like a mask murderer winning the euromillions by getting two freak goals. felt the pitch was borderline unplayable aswell for the most part."
Plenty of dropped shots into Cluxton and a few bad wides more than offset the two goals. Donegal got through youse on several occasions.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 26/02/2017 17:44:00

Dubs V Mayo - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Setanta11:  "This is the most biased display I've seen from a ref in years."
Shocking. Small stone wall Red. Byrne and O'Callaghan black cards as well. Awful

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 14/08/2021 19:45:43

Galway VS Mayo - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Ailteoir:  "I don't think you can blame the ref there. Mayo in the last 10 minutes were more interested in starting rows than playing football. As for Aidan O'Shea how he managed to stay on the pitch, God only knows."
Complete nonsense. Galway players, like many other teams mind you, thought Aidan O'Shea was a punch bag. Some day an opposition player will do the usual and O'Shea will loose the plot and mince them. The guy is seriously restrained for all the crap he takes on and off the pitch.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 11/02/2018 23:32:16

NFL Division 1 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To sligo joe:  "Same Michael Murphy that gave Fenton a closed fist shot to the jaw, all-ireland q/f 2016, when Dublin were out the gate, mis-timed shoulder???"
The assault on him at the end was shocking as it was a preordained and rehearsed end of game Dublin tactic (like 2017 final systematic take down of Mayo players). Small came in from behind and worse again Brian Howard came in from behind and whilst he was on the ground. And then Small junior came in later for a go. So cynical and blemish on our game.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 24/02/2020 21:19:22

NFL Division 1 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Joxer:  "You drunk bud?"
Fully sober I'd say and exactly right. Just as bad was Howard running in on Murphy when he was on the ground. Brave man.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 22/02/2020 21:59:37

NFL Division 1 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Joxer:  "I would have been happy enough to see him walk after 3 mins to be honest as I thought he was outstanding after that. He makes up for his lack of mobility in fielding, pinpoint distribution and accuracy between the posts. A class act."
There is no comparison between the opprobrium Tyrone have been subjected to over the years versus Dublin. Zero.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 24/02/2020 21:40:11

All Ireland U21 Football Championship - 4 Like(s)
Just back from Breffni. And am naturally disappointed in particular as it reinforced something that has been evident for some time now, that being our style of play, not just in this and other games involving Donegal teams at various grades, but what is now a blueprint for how we play the game. In short it has to change. Congratulations to Dublin on an excellent win and to the team especially as they were probably not fancied as much as other Dublin teams over the recent years. They won convincingly, without their main man and were unlucky not to be playing against 14 men after a particularly high challenge by a Donegal player which got a yellow rather than red. Dublin had a plan and they had purpose about what they were doing in stark contrast to Donegal. Their #11 & #12 wreaked havoc all day and whilst they're unlikely to be another Connolly or Brogan, they are excellent players who should be great additions to Dublin Senior panel, team in due course. So very well done to Dublin and Dessie Farrell. To our own players we are very lucky to have you as you are a superb generation of players who will deliver success for us in the years ahead, particularly if it comes with a change to how we set up and play. I heard on the way out of the game that this was game number five in 17 days and if that was the case it's most unfortunate and unfair. But chin up, even the favourites Kerry lost today. Congrats again to Dublin and all the best in the final.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 15/04/2017 19:19:34

The Dubs, The Monies & The Prejudices - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Greengrass:  "Wonderfully articulate but entirely self serving . Nowhere do you mention Dublin receiving €21.6 million and counting whilst Cork who were next on the list in terms of games development money received between 2008-2019 were given €1,680,000 by The GAA. Dublin hurlers have improved immensely and are now a very competitive force . Just ask Galway . They have won a league and Leinster title . This from a county that were absolutely nowhere a decade and a half ago . The football equivalent would be Louth winning a league and Leinster title . Can you seriously see that happening ? The references to Kilkenny and Kerry are ridiculous . People didn't panic during those eras because they knew those teams had a life cycle . They don't compare because they hadn't colossal financial advantages bestowed upon them by The GAA . You talk about socially deprived areas in Dublin and the influence of soccer . The exact same can be seen in Dundalk but hey where's the money ? Town teams with large schools in their areas can't field underage teams. Do The GAA give a damn ? You have drawn up lists of successful teams achievements in Gaelic Games. Most of them are hurling teams which is still very much the second sport in Dublin GAA despite the recent success of their schools, minor U21 and senior teams . At minor level since 2010 Dublin hurlers have won 4 Leinster titles and been runners up 4 times . During that time they have played in more Leinster finals than any other county including Kilkenny . At U21 level since 2010 Dublin hurlers have won 3 Leinster titles and been runners up once . That's a serious record for a county that according to you is not successful and that was nowhere a decade and a half ago . But hey money doesn't matter. Dublin ladies have played in the last 5 All Ireland finals winning the last two . They won it for the first time in 2010 eight years after the SRC report recommended significant GAA investment in Dublin . But hey money doesn't matter. You spoke about Dublin minor footballers lack of success . Since 2009 they have won 1 All Ireland and five Leinsters . But hey money doesn't matter. I wonder why you didn't speak about Dublin's U 20/21 footballers . Since 2010 they have won 4 All Irelands and 6 Leinsters . You didn't speak about Dublin's senior footballers either . Since 2010 they have won 6 All Irelands and 9 Leinsters . Do you notice the improvements as the young players are going up the grades ? But sure hey according to you money doesn't matter You never mentioned Dublin receiving €21.6 million in games development grants between 2008-2019 from The GAA whilst Cork who are next on the list got €1.68 million . But sure hey that shouldn't matter because according to you money doesn't matter. YEAH RIGHT !!!"
Excellent post Greengrass. Those in favour of Dublin's funding levels and, or who say it has in no way contributed to their success love to point out the modest success at minor level. Of course we know the true grade that delivers Senior success is U20/21 and Dublin have been hugely successful here. Multiple wins for Kerry and Tyrone in the late 90s and early 2000's underpinned their multiple senior All Ireland's in the 2000's. To support the point Tyrone have won a number of minor's since 2008 but only one team has converted to U20/21 success, many of who are now underpinning their senior team. Laois in the 1990s are another example of why minors do not guarantee senior success. But Dublin have been the most successful U20/21 football team of the last decade - coincidently. The likes of Tommy Lyons etc like to point to minors and forget about U20/21. Suits him perfectly. Then trotting out that he nearly lost the one footed Paul Mannion to soccer as he was a school's boy international. Jason McGee of Donegal was also a schools boy international but we managed to hold on to him. Unlike Seamus Coleman. But would appear that's the best example Tommy Lyons can muster, one which no doubt applies to other counties and not just poor Tommy and Dublin. Maybe the money and commercial opportunity has stopped Dublin loosing players to Aussie Rules - they seem to loose few relative to other counties. It is self evident that Dublin's success in football and now emerging success in hurling is materially linked to the significant funding they have received. If not then (1) Give back the excess over average money received, (2) the GAA need to acknowledge it was money poorly invested, or (3) Acknowledge it and split the county.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 05/07/2019 08:40:39

The Dubs, The Monies & The Prejudices - 4 Like(s)

Replying To DUBJOHN:  "Great post!"
Actually not a great post at all. But one which several Dublin supporters wish to put forward to defend the funding levels received. I've seen very many of Dublin GAA club facilities over the years and any number of them are better than what any of the County champions in Donegal would have i.e. compare the facilities of established clubs in Dublin with those in Donegal. But Dublin folk prefer to trot out and point to the facilities of newly established clubs - and say they have very little. How could they have when they've only emerged in recent times (rather than being 30, 50 or perhaps more years old like established clubs in all counties including Dublin). But no, point to the new clubs many of which will have emerged due to (at least partially due to) the money pumped into increase participation rates in Dublin - and then all to feed into one county team. And of course in a few years time once the new clubs are established switch the money to facilities and capital expenditure - because we must provide these for our members. And at the end of it all you have huge additional numbers of participants, newly established clubs and with modern facilities. Your argument and post fool no one. The only fool recently was John Horan - "I must get someone to look into this". Oh, yes, an afterthought. If he was in charge of a business and had to retrospectively determine or conduct the analysis of a major theme or issue in his business he would be shown the road. The GAA should pump money into Antrim (they would be afraid of a Northern team being so strong) or Offaly - surely Offaly's decline is greater than what Dublin experienced, but no double standards. Furthermore they should establish facilities and structures for other counties with populations based in Dublin. And non-Dublin GAA members residing in our capital should withdraw their (1) Time, (2) Children and (3) Financial Contribution from Dublin clubs which ultimately albeit indirectly benefits the Dublin county teams at the expense of others.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 04/07/2019 08:29:59

Disingenuous, Disgusting, Odious, Nasty!! - 4 Like(s)

Replying To ballydalane:  "When Gavin said that the game against Roscommon was a tough test (or words to that effect) he was being disingenuous. But then, I think every GAA manager in the history of the game is disingenuous, because they all say the same bloody thing! "Tough game.... Scoreline not a fair reflection on the game..... We got the breaks at the right time..... Bla bla bla". I've yet to hear one manager say, "actually, that was just as easy as I thought it'd be". The other comments about him, if true (I haven't read the tweet), were scurrilous."
Interesting that a KK man says this.... because I recall the greatest manager of all Brian Cody saying after a game in which they absolutely hammered Offaly that it was not a good day for Offaly Hurling and not where they should be and the type of result was no good for KK either. And he said it in away that was genuine as a hurling man who loves tough, uncompromising games and the sport he loves. Jim Gavin just does not come across as genuine in his interviews and his lecture a few years ago about the "ideals of the republic" was breathtakingly arrogant - I think even he copped that afterwards and never mentioned it again in the context of the Diarmuid Connolly (unjust) ban. A Taoiseach or President belongs in a discussion about the ideals of the Republic. I believe his positioning and narrative is well calculated and choreographed to psychologically battle other counties - mild mannered references to his squad, internal matches, the Dublin GAA Medical Team etc... All to quietly create an aura around Dublin beyond their amazing ability on the pitch. And for those reasons I would be wary of him and not particularly fond of him. That said his contribution to Dublin has been immense both at senior and underage and I'm sure he is a good, solid citizen in general.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 22/07/2019 23:56:46

Dubs V Mayo - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Saynothing:  "A BIG well done to Mayo, beat 16 man Dublin with pure guts and never say die. When you rattle Dublin they don't like it."
Big time they don't like being rattled. The home venue, majority of crowd and familiarity and routine has always been to their advantage. In the last decade Mayo played in a rigged, by the GAA, championship... when it was down to millimetres in some games (not all in fairness to Dublin) at this level those things worked against Mayo.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 14/08/2021 21:00:20

Lee Keegan throwing GPS at Rock? - 3 Like(s)

Replying To candlewax:  "Yes I did, hence the thread"
Big difference in the two. Assault, attempted injury vs bad sportmanship. Clueless

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 17/09/2017 23:27:09

Dublin VS Donegal - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Donegalman:  "On its own merits, the tackle last night was reckless. We don't know for sure if he was malicious or not in his intent,, but his judgement was not good. I don't think that we should concern ourselves much more about that incident, luckily Ryan McHugh was ok and he got on with things. The ref possibly made a call based on what he saw, which was very little in real time. What can you do about these incidents once the ref makes a judgement? A player is not going to ask a referee to be sent off if the ref misses the action in real time. On a side issue, the game was played with a good spirit of freedom last night. I hope we see more of it. I do think that McQuillan gifted Rock and the dubs a free towards the end in front of the posts, which is a worrying trend in his calls."
John Small is a fine player. He actually made his debut against Donegal in Croker during a bitterly cold league match a few years back. I remember thinking that Dublin had nothing to worry about replacing Ger Brennan. I rate Small very highly and glad he's playing for his County despite not being as high profile as many of the other Dublin half backs - profiles well deserved I might add. Small however is a player who over steps the mark from time to time and being honest I'd say he knew exactly what he was doing last night. He seems a quiet, modest guy but he takes his hard edge a step too far a few times every year.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 11/02/2018 23:22:21

Dublin Vs Kerry Replay - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Galwayjoe86:  "Fair play to Dublin great team . I love the way Cluxton pays respect to the opponent's without the patronising 3 cheers nonsense"
Here, here. Fully echo that. So magnanimous. Our President could take a leaf from his book. Cluxton conducted himself like a president.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 14/09/2019 21:57:12

All Stars 2019 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Galwayjoe86:  "Howard getting an all star for center half back is what's wrong the all stars giving players an all star for positions they don't play just to accommodate them ,Howard deserved an all star for a position in the half forward line instead of Murphy and not taking an all star away from Boyle or keoghan"
Nonsense. Murphy did more by far this year than Brian Howard. And in three less games. There are few as complete players playing today.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 01/11/2019 23:16:09

Championship 2018 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To GeniusGerry:  "Yes thanks to Eamon but the writing has been on the wall since the Galway game and his role was untenable after this evening. His tenure was mainly a success IMO, 2014 was a sensational year and he kept us competitive thereafter, albeit with a fraction of the playing resources that some of his predecessors enjoyed. Some of his decisions on the sideline were a bit odd, but even at that he took some desperately unfair criticism over the years. Best wishes to him and his family."
Agree totally with that. Fitzmaurice was brave in taking the job when it was clear that Kerry were going to be loosing serial All Ireland winning players in the years ahead, which is how it panned out. Fitzmaurice stepped up and took it on as a young man not long finished playing when many bigger, older and more experienced names sat back, knowing the same talent was not there in the immediate term, but no doubt happy for someone to take the transition years on and then step back into the frame. Suspect there will be more applicants this time than in 2012. He also conducted himself very admirably as well over the years. He served his County very well.

DonegalAtlantic (Kerry) - 04/08/2018 23:08:23

Kerry V Dublin - 2 Like(s)

Replying To avonali:  "No. Wrong. All the advantages are not with Dublin. There was a time when Kerry loved coming to Ctoke Park. It was your stomping ground."
You're delusional. All and Every advantage is with Dublin. Home crowd, dedicated sections now it would appear, total and utter familiarity with the pitch and Croke Park itself, no need to travel, stay in non familiar locations etc. Won't get into the funding discussion as it's as some people can't understand certain things. And when Kerry played in Croke Park they had to earn their way to play there as opposed to it being the home ground.

DonegalAtlantic (National) - 11/08/2019 23:48:37