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Dublin Getting 2 Home Games In The Super 8s. Fair Or Unfair? - 8 Like(s)
Over the years the Gaa has changed from being a community based organisation to a money making organisation. Fair play is gone look what kildare had to go through just to get what the draw siad they should get. The sky super 8s no different .

All Ireland champions and croke park residents getting 2 home games would have the tin hat brigade screaming conspiracy .

And the only answer the people are given is the need for money it gets spread around all the counties. I love the gaa and at grass routes it remarkable but go to county level and its sickening the imbalance and pandering done to keep the big teams happy.

Dublin should have to play in a neutral venue the same as all the other teams in the sky super 8s.

More to life that money. There's a reason why people call it the grab all association.

ulsterrules (National) - 30/06/2018 18:15:00

Tyrone Red Card Appeal - 7 Like(s)

Replying To Saynothing:  "Players head nearly hit ref because he pulled his head back not because of force. Shouldn't have happened but if it's not overturned players might as well take up tennis."
Tyrone fan saying it should be cancelled whatba surprise, even though he hit him in the face twice. You should be thankful he did not hit the deck but I suppose he didn't ruffle his hair which can be nearly fatal in Tyrone.

ulsterrules (National) - 14/07/2021 06:59:20

Brolly On Eir Sport - 6 Like(s)
Brolly goes with the flow, if you look at his track record he talks out of both sides of his mouth, always rewrites himself on the right side of an argument regardless he was on the wrong side . this hopefully will open peoples eye to that he is not the principled person he claims to be .

ulsterrules (National) - 12/01/2020 09:25:32

The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches - 6 Like(s)
Can you guys drop the politics this is a gaa forum not maybe Meath Tyrone etc should focus on improving to catch dublin.

ulsterrules (National) - 28/02/2021 12:02:21

The Fairness Of Playing Laois V Dublin In Croke Park - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Malonemagic:  "Not that it would make any difference to the outcome, but can anyone explain the fairness of playing Laois v Dublin in Croke Park today ?"
Talk to your county board they where at the front of the line 15 years ago when they voted to move as many dublin games as possible to coke park. It was about promoting gaa in dublin with the added benefit of making dublin gaa as strong as they are. Money apparently does not get you success . So laois should be embarrassed about thier downwards spiral .

ulsterrules (National) - 15/11/2020 18:02:33

Dublin Getting 2 Home Games In The Super 8s. Fair Or Unfair? - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Fionn:  "The format was known about ages ago. Provincial winners were always going to meet in Croke Park for the 1st games. Donegal won the Ulster championship weeks ago yet only now the management have an issue with this fixture.???? Have they been asleep for the past 2 weeks or what.? Why was it not brought up before now..??? This is a distraction and will back-fire on Donegal. Very strange decision to go down this route at this stage by them. If Counties feel so strong about Dublin playing in Croke Park why isnt it brought up at Congress or BEFORE the Super 8's format was Agreed.... Money, that is why - county boards benefit from gate receipts... So much hypocrisy going on here... All a nonsense to bring it up now, but I expect nothing less from certain people."
I don't expect Donegal to win whether it is home or away , what Donegal and are doing is trying to make sure it that the competition is a level playing field for all and not weighted to any one county as is the case now. With all the Dublin fans telling us they like to travel , it smacks of hypocricy here. If kerry were in the Dubs group and they had 2 games in kerry and the dubs had 1 in dublin we would all hear about it. please help us keep the competition fair to all.....

ulsterrules (National) - 04/07/2018 14:02:09

Meath V Dublin Leinster Final. - 5 Like(s)
20 min gone game over training match for the dubs. I suppose with everything in lockdown what else would these meath lads be upto except rolling over and having their bellies tickled by the dubs.

ulsterrules (National) - 21/11/2020 19:24:18

Donegal "Won't Have A Team" On Sunday - 4 Like(s)
I hope Bonnar sticks to his guns and does not field a team , the scheduling for GAA players is a disgrace and until clubs and counties say stop HQ will just continue to abuse them .

ulsterrules (National) - 09/01/2020 16:52:20

John Kiely Comments - 4 Like(s)
Maybe people should be asking why counties need so many players in the squad in the first place . Over 30 for a game that only starts 15. This squad nonsense has got out of hand in the last 20 years and they should be reduced. Both in football and hurling. Keilys comment in normal times are 100% right but we are not in normal times. They are lucky to be allowed to play. They should enjoy that fact, instead of giving medical advice to the nation. We have not covered ourselves in glory with recent club championships across the country remember.

ulsterrules (National) - 16/11/2020 06:38:14

GAA Funding And Fairness - 4 Like(s)

Replying To KillingFields:  "Why would sponsors agree to that?"
We Don't all have a sugar daddy bank rolling gaa in our county. Limerick are blessed to have jp.

ulsterrules (National) - 14/12/2020 15:00:58

NFL 2020 - 3 Like(s)
Why are we shooting ourselves in the foot by playing in letterkenny. Venues matter and our record is poor in letterkenny. Keep games in ballybofey or ballyshannon.

ulsterrules (Donegal) - 09/02/2020 15:48:37

Dubs V Mayo - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Joxer:  "Are you actually saying that Small went in to connect with McLoughlin's head? If you are then you clearly have never played the game. It was a shoulder tackle. It's part of the game. Small meant no malice. A ref, linesman and commentators all agreed on that. It comes with the territory."
The pro dublin ref linesman and commentators all agree. A lessor tackle happened to a dublin player in first half game stopped. Happened to a mayo player ah play on. The ref the lineman the rte commentators all let themselves down yesterday. Dublin got away with 2 red cards and a number of black cards that the ref choked and gave yellows.

ulsterrules (National) - 15/08/2021 17:01:03

All Stars 2019 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To tiobraid:  "Donegal won one more game than Meath in Super 8's so I'd get down off your high horse before you embarrass yourself"
Are u talking about the division 2 champions who beat meath 3 times this year who retained the ulster championship who only lost 1 game in the championship this season . Who's all star Michael Murphy had a bad game against mayo where he scored 1-5 . Maybe tipp could roll over and let kerry tickle their bellies . Sorry that's what the usually do ;-)

ulsterrules (National) - 02/11/2019 10:31:29

Monaghan For AI?? - 3 Like(s)
Fairytail stuff with monaghan. Hope they do it . A great boost for football if they could. All the best

ulsterrules (National) - 05/08/2018 22:00:58

Galway V Limerick - 3 Like(s)

Replying To wexico15:  "On the Gillane incident it was silly and needless from him but pathetic from the goalkeeper"
Pathetic. I hope you are never walking away from someone and they then hit you in the back with a hurley. Don't forget Gullane is 6ft+ and probably 14 stone of muscle. So while u think it is a tip we cannot alway be as tough as you

ulsterrules (National) - 29/11/2020 18:51:36

Colm's Challenge - 3 Like(s)
What is it only dublin cannot see the imbalance in the Gaa when it comes down to the treatment of dublin. They always harp on about dublin being an asset . Look at the shit attendances in the Leinster championship in the last 10 years . 1m+ of a population In dublin and the cannot break 55k at a Leinster championship match. Gaa is a national sport not a Dublin sport. Let's remember that. For me we should reduce the squads. Reduce the subs reduce the playing time by 10 minutes. This will not effect the quality of the game but make it fairer on the majority of the counties.

ulsterrules (National) - 19/11/2018 20:24:48

Tyrone Boycott Of RTE - 3 Like(s)

Replying To ctowers:  "Have any of yous actually listened to the sketch. Its about harte meeting the dalai lama . The only reason any notion of his daughter comes up is because of the poor choice of music used. Its unfunny and the music insensitive but certainly not set out to mock him family."
The whole scetch was a jibe at mickey harte and how is it proper for rte to pick on him anyway a private citizen who gives his time to train an amateur team in an amateur organisation outside of dublin anyway. To do these these sketches against celebrities who make money out of fame is fair game to target mickey harte was disgusting. Rte and the dublin media should take a long walk of a short pier.

ulsterrules (National) - 20/08/2018 23:29:20

Meath V Dublin Leinster Final. - 3 Like(s)

Replying To jimbodub:  "No credit given to Dublin's desire to hit hard and turn over ball and play lovely football No acknowledgement or analysis whatsoever from you.. just type cast stuff How about the way Meath setup, their kick outs are a disaster, missing sitter frees Meath humiliated Kildare and Wicklow There was no talk of the sky falling down"
God easy to play lovely football when the opposition are nowhere near senior level. Their ability cannot be questioned you don't get all Ireland after all Ireland with luck. Only hardwork first and talent second gets that. But leinster is a shambles of a competition and I don't even think I can use the word competition

ulsterrules (National) - 21/11/2020 20:36:52

Tyrone Red Card Appeal - 3 Like(s)

Replying To sligo joe:  "The relevant rule states " striking or attempting to strike", could be interpreted as implying a hitting rather than pushing action, arguably grounds for appeal."
If I hit you in the face with my fist open or closed I am still hitting you in the face. Hitting someone in the face is striking someone in the face. If the gaa don't uphold this red card we should be embarrassed.

ulsterrules (National) - 13/07/2021 13:24:36

Diarmuid Connolly - 3 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "A bitter sweet day for those raised on songs and stories. If ever a man earned & deserved a warm send and appreciation in the next phase of his life its Dermo Connolly. Simply put he was the most talented and highest quality player, on the most successful and in my opinion greatest team ever to play to the game. When you have witnessed and enjoyed a player of his caliber for such as long time its impossible not to feel the grief of knowing you wont see him in a Dublin jersey again, can honestly say i was gutted and left lumpy throated when i heard the news last night. So many brilliant memories though. From the very start he was own man and maverick falling out with his own club man Giller after 2009 and coming back in 2011, to announce to the world that a star was born. One of the best and most com0plete performers i have ever seen was the quarter final thumping of Tyrone in 2011 in a monsoon, Dermo caught air planes and pointed from everywhere and difficult angles, ill always remember Micky Hart saying we had a plan for the Brogans but we never saw Connolly coming. The 2013 semi final against Kerry, perhaps one of the greatest games of football ever player he was genius some of the points he took of that day were genius and with great players on the pitch they all looked at him with awe. From that point on he went onto be a massive part of the pursuit of the sports most elusive unicorn of an achievement - the five in a row, those battles with Keegan, those moments of drama, the sublime skills, that pass that disected the Kerry blanket in the second game last year into Klkenny, how we all wish he had scored that goal in the final, would have been such a fitting tribute to the man and his contribution. He was always a Vincents man at heart, no matter what was ever going on for him he would always tog out for Vincents, 3 All Ireland Club titles over the space of his career, the appex being the 2014 All Ireland Final were he put in the single greatest club preference of all time in my opinion, it was a pleasure to watch. You suspect that Dublins loss is going to Vinnies gain in the years ahead. Dermo was maverick and Dublin Gaa will always be a home for mavericks, he is and will be adored by Dubs now and into the future. He gave so much pleasure and joy to the game. Yet i cant help but feel the game at times wasnt kind to him. We will hear loads in the future about quality players being targeted, while he often did himself no favors the authorities let him down with no protection, which often led to the flash points that made leave the game for a time and probably influenced his decision last night. Simply he put i think he gave more to the game then the game gave to him. Regardless though he has peerless career of well rounded achievement: Club: 5 Dublin Senior Titles 4 Leinster Titles 3 All Ireland Club titles Intercounty: 5 NFL Titles 11 Leinster Titles 6 All Ireland Titles. Hurling Leinster U21 title A remarkable career at the highest level that many will never equal. As for the Dubs we will look in the our own its our way, but it will be a while before we see Dermos like again. Thankyou to Marino Magician a life time of memories, will be remembered and revered wherever blue is worn. Diarmuid Connolly, Laochra Gael."
I did not realise the role of honour love him hate him not a gaa man that would not beg to have him in there team. Enjoy all the free time

ulsterrules (National) - 02/10/2020 22:31:15