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Donegal V Armagh - 13 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "And Donegal are relevant:). Ok good lad."
You go from decent posts down a rabbit hole of wind-up posts fairly quick RD. Do you miss the red thumbs that much :-)

JoeSoap (National) - 04/11/2020 16:07:50

"Why Should Anybody Have The God-Given Right To See All Games On Television?" - 11 Like(s)
Guess I'll be one to go against the consensus here. The debate that's been sparked now isn't really about watching all games, it's about the availability of our national sport to as many people here as possible. The Sky deal was peddled as a great way for the diaspora to get access to games. Now people on our own island can't see them. The broadcasting rights weren't perfect before either. But it's my opinion that as much of the games should be free-to-air as possible. Take a look at other sports and you'll see that if you put a paywall up, interest drops, it's just the way it is. And to make some comment about people just wanting everything for free, are you telling me the Sky deal is the only thing keeping the GAA afloat? Nonsense. Harking back to 40 years ago sitting by a wireless is just an absolute nonsense point as well because the fact is, we're not back in those days, we're in 2019 and if the will is there, everyone COULD have access to these games. It's not about any "god-given" right or anything else, it's about community and access to our sports. The only game with anything on the line at the weekend and half the country couldn't see it. The same reason I don't have an issue with Dublin getting a lot of money for games development is the same reason I have an issue with the big championship matches not being free-to-air. The GAA first and foremost is about community and developing and promoting our games. Everything should be geared towards that in my opinion. It's not about wanting something for nothing, we all put plenty of money in the GAA coffers following our clubs and counties. So give me a break making this out to be some freeloading motive. One final point, I find Mickey's comment here: "I've never seen so many people so interested in people in homes & other places around the country that can't see the games on TV. It seems strange that these people suddenly have such a grá for these kinds of people." extremely distasteful. But I'll say no more there.

JoeSoap (National) - 06/08/2019 15:15:01

Donegal V Longford - 9 Like(s)
I have to say that Saturday was a grim experience from a Donegal point of view. I'll start with the very short list of bright sparks - Martin McElhinney turned the game on his own coming off the bench, and had some great fielding in the second half as well. Eoghan Ban Gallagher probably played his best game since the league, and Neil McGee looked fitter even though he was inexplicably up in the full forward line on numerous occasions. Patrick McBrearty shows his class again, imagine if he got more ball. I'd also like to say hats off to Longford and their support. From what I understand it's a young team in Longford and that showed at times with inexperience. They also missed a few very handy frees that let us off. I think as well, if I was a Longford fan, I wouldn't be happy with the ref. That's not related to the cards - to be honest I think they were all fair. But more that the ref gave us a few handy ones, and there was one or two times I felt we could've seen a black card ourselves. So it must have been frustrating for Longford in a lot of ways - we were definitely there for the taking. Onto ourselves - it's baffling to me how awful we've been in Championship. We beat Antrim easily after a dodgy first half, and who knew that the first half was the better indicator of where we were at for the summer. I've seen some say maybe we put too much into the league (but I think it was very important not to get relegated) but to be honest we don't look like we're doing the same things as we were in the league. I saw a lot more variation during the league, and the first 50 minutes against Mayo for example was some of the best football I've seen us play in years. I saw support runners and little dinked balls into the corners, pulling defenses wider and great score taking as well as great decision making. That's all disappeared. We get to the oppositions 40, turn back, hand pass, turn back, hand pass, hand pass again, eventually it makes it's way to maybe Murphy or Thompson who try and make a burst, a shot under pressure, a terrible wide, or just turned over as they try another handpass out of the tackle. It was woeful. Nobody supporting. Runs inside being ignored. Shooting from all angles. How many wides did we end up with? At least 20? All the good aspects of our league has disappeared as well as our best performers from the league going off the boil. I can't really get my head around it, I felt Rory was doing good things during the league and now it seems it's all out the window. I'm normally one to take a breath and review things, sometimes it's just not your day and all that. But Saturday was truly one of the most demoralising and apathetic performances I've seen from Donegal in years. Very worrying.

JoeSoap (National) - 03/07/2017 11:51:32

Donegal Have The Friendliest Supporters In The Country - 7 Like(s)

Replying To cacsmckilly:  "Donegal people certainly are not reason nobody tuned in on sky to watch their county team just about beat Meath. You can't blame them for the fact most people preferred to watch the cricket. Jim McGuiness is to blame and Bonner for their boring style."
2/10, poor effort and quite lazy. Would be surprised if you get many bites

JoeSoap (National) - 16/07/2019 22:14:11

2021 Hurling Championship - 6 Like(s)
I can't remember ever watching such a one-sided game, in any sport, and enjoying every second of it. Limerick are an absolute joy to watch. Comhghairdeas mór daoibh

JoeSoap (National) - 23/08/2021 10:05:06

Mayo V Dublin - 5 Like(s)
Some amount of doomsday merchants on here, my god. Personally as a massive fan of GAA, I can't help but admire this Dublin team. They play great football, they have great decision makers and leaders all over the park, they are decent people off the field and are humble and love the sport. What more could you want from your champions? They represent the very best of the GAA, the whole ethos we're supposed to laud, the Dubs have it in spades. They are a special, special group. If they do the five-in-a-row we couldn't ask for a better bunch to go into the history books.

JoeSoap (National) - 11/08/2019 11:37:36

Is Dublin's Success False, Tarnished And Bought? - 5 Like(s)
Dublin will always have natural advantages, the way GAA is set up in that you play for where you're from, the sponsorship, the natural hype that surrounds a successful Dublin setup - it's all part of it. It's only an issue for some people now that Jim Gavin has developed a culture within the senior set up with a special, special group of lads. He is bringing in one or two youngsters every year to keep it ticking over but I don't think you'll see players of the calibre of Kilkenny being replaced easily (I acknowledge he has probably another 10 years in him if he wants though!). You can point out injustices within the GAA, bad structures, poor supports for weaker counties, all those things can be true. But I don't think the deck is stacked in Dublin's favour any more than it has been since the inception of the GAA. Should the GAA do more to help weaker counties? 100%. Should the structures be looked at to give weaker counties a chance of success, a chance of competitive games deep into the summer? Yes, of course. That doesn't take away from this Dublin team. McGuinness showed in Donegal that you if you have the right attitude, the panel are in the right headspace, and yes of course you need some great natural talent as well, you can do it. I think this Dublin team are probably the best I've ever seen, but god I'd have loved to see them up against Kerry or Tyrone from the 00's, or even ourselves in 2012. There are great teams in the past that would match up to them, there are no doubt great teams coming down the road that will challenge and beat them. Dublin sorted out their structures and their coaching and they should be lauded for that. It's not a million years ago that you would love to get the Dubs in a quarter-final in Croke Park, the feeling that you could bully them or get the crowd to turn against them. The problem as I see it is there is a dearth of imagination and belief in a lot of counties that would be traditionally strong. That's a pity but nothing to do with Dublin or the odds being stacked in their favour. We have a young team in Donegal that is very exciting. I believe we have talent in our panel that matches up to anyone in the country. We just need a bit of extra physicality and a bit of nous on the sidelines and I think on our day we can beat anyone, even Dublin. There's no reason that Tyrone, Monaghan, Galway, Mayo, Kerry, even Kildare can't do the same. This is a special group in Dublin at the minute and I believe they'll do the five-in-a-row, but who knows? It's 15 on 15 at the end of the day. Bit of a ramble but in short I think MacKenna has a lot of great points about inequalities within the GAA but his obsession with the Dubs is just boring at this stage. Personally as a massive fan of GAA, I can't help but admire this Dublin team. They play great football, they have great decision makers and leaders all over the park, they are decent people off the field and are humble and love the sport. What more could you want from your champions? They represent the very best of the GAA, the whole ethos we're supposed to laud, the Dubs have it in spades.

JoeSoap (National) - 05/09/2018 12:31:54

Thank You TG4 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Htaem:  "Be better if they included an English language option, but other than that, fairplay for the coverage."
Nonsense. Why would they go through all the extra expense for that when it's not within their remit? Plus they have fantastic commentators in Irish. Love listening to them.

JoeSoap (National) - 29/07/2019 11:17:18

Disingenuous, Disgusting, Odious, Nasty!! - 5 Like(s)
He also said Shane Lowry "accepts fascism" because he didn't immediately condemn Rory McIlroy for playing a round of golf with Trump. He's done some great work in the past but he comes out with some awful tripe.

JoeSoap (National) - 22/07/2019 14:47:43

Dublin's Success Not Down To Money - GAA President - 5 Like(s)

Replying To BliainanÁir:  "It's all well and good saying this money is getting kids playing Gaelic games in the capital. That would be fair enough if the capital had 4 teams."
The GAA is about your club first and foremost. County is great and all that but until Dublin clubs are winning all levels of club All-Irelands year in year out, I'm not worried and our games dying which is the doomsday nonsense so many of you love to spout. I find a lot of these comments pretty sad in all honesty. I take great joy out of GAA and I don't need Donegal to be winning in order to have that joy.

JoeSoap (National) - 25/07/2019 22:09:17

Financial Doping in the GAA - 5 Like(s)
First of all, some of the posts in here are pretty disappointing. I can understand Dublin fans being defensive regarding this, but let me just say that what the DCB and GAA people in Dublin have achieved over the last 10-15 years is phenomenal and they should be applauded. This is probably the greatest Dublin team ever at this stage and while of course funding helps, it's nothing without the dedicated people within Dublin GAA to implement strategies and plans and give up their own time to do so. Saying all of that, the current level of funding, the disparity with the other 31 counties, it can't continue. The GAA need to consider it's own ethos and commitment to promoting and growing the games on the entire island. That is clearly not the case at the minute. Again, Dublin came up with a plan, they applied for the grants and the funding - fair play to them. It is not Dublin's responsibility to give Wexford or Fermanagh or Cork a kick up the arse regarding their funding. However, it IS the GAA's responsibility to ensure the games are getting promoted and developed in ALL counties across the island. Is there any proactive initiatives from within the GAA to correct the imbalance in Leinster for example? Why can't the GAA take the model the DCB came up with and apply it island-wide? Obviously it won't work for all counties considering the different demographics and population spread, but it's a start. Why not provide extra funding to counties only on the condition they come up with a clear 5 year plan with achievable goals? And future funding to be dependent on the success of said plan? Why aren't the GAA giving funding for each county to have a games development co-ordinator for example? Could there not be some sort of link to performance over the past 5 years and funding going forward? How can Fermanagh ever be realistically expected to win an Ulster when they are starting from a disadvantaged position, and are never given extra funding or help over the likes of ourselves and Tyrone? What counties manage to fund raise on their own through sponsorship and donations should be that counties money to spend (but should of course be closely audited and monitored by the GAA), but what goes into Croke Park should be used to improve our games, promote our games and ensure kids are enjoying and want to continue playing our games. That is quite simply not happening at the minute. Counties are struggling big time. That's not Dublin's problem, but it is the GAA's. Small sidenote: A Dublin poster mentioned Dublin being a soccer city, and losing players to soccer. Donegal is one of the biggest soccer counties you can find - things have changed immeasurably in the last 5 years for us but I can tell you of at least 4 lads I know personally who were hugely talented GAA players and could easily have made county had they carried on, but made the switch to soccer and are now playing Sunday league stuff. That's just myself, I'm sure other Donegal folk could tell you of 2 or 3 from every parish with a similar story. I'm not saying funding is the reason for that - but pointing at other sports as a reason for more funding to stay competitive is a complete red herring as the implication is no other county has to compete with other sports.

JoeSoap (National) - 10/10/2016 13:04:28

Donegal V Armagh - 5 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "No. He had the best Kildare team since O'Dwyer and probably better . Look if Donegal are worried about facing mcgeeney then they can forget about getting anywhere near a all ire. As has been said many times the highest rated team Kildare bet during his time was a Meath team in disarray. Now I think the playing up of a opponent is all well but please only Kerry can get away with cute hoorism."
Look in 2013 we were going for three in a row in Ulster and supremely confident, we beat Tyrone first day out and were reigning All-Ireland champions, a bit of arrogance or complacency or whatever you want to call it. That year a coming Monaghan side beat us off the park in Clones, 6 points was the margin but could have been more, they were miles better than us and I think there was definitely a bit of taking your eye off the ball, nobody had touched us in Ulster for 2 years and that Monaghan side really came of age that day. We've been burned before as supporters is all I'm saying, it's not really cute hoorism because we'd all say that we have the better footballers overall at the moment and should be beating Armagh if we've any aspirations for Sam. But as I say, we've been burned before. Armagh are a coming side, just like Monaghan in 2013. They'll hold no fear of us either, the supremacy Armagh held over Donegal in the 00's casts a long shadow. I think their defence is too porous to stop our attack but they have the forwards to really hurt us, we've been a bit open ourselves and more clinical sides will take the goal chances offered up.

JoeSoap (National) - 03/11/2020 17:48:49

Dublin's Success Not Down To Money - GAA President - 5 Like(s)
Well said @Whammo. A lot of the funding the likes of MacKenna go nuts about is based on one key thing - getting kids playing our games. It's what the GAA is all about. I do think the GAA should do more to help weaker counties, maybe something like puting structures in place similar to the brilliant job the DCB have done in the past 20 years. But that's nothing to do with funding for Dublin, just in the spirit of competition it's something I'd like to see.

JoeSoap (National) - 25/07/2019 16:48:17

Kerry V Dublin - 4 Like(s)
I really thought yous would have to be near perfect in front of goal in order to push Dublin all the way, the fact you weren't will be a big plus on the training ground over the next two weeks surely. Everyone is talking about the red card and Dublin being off colour, well jesus I thought Kerry should've been 5 up before the red card! Would JOD maybe get onto the 26 the next day? Although your bench was fantastic in fairness. And another 2 weeks training in the legs for Jack Barry. I'd be very optimistic if I was from Kerry. You showed yesterday what I've thought all year, this is a great Dublin team but they're not invincible! Fair play to your defence, Morley was fantastic.

JoeSoap (Kerry) - 02/09/2019 12:15:39

Cavan V Donegal - 4 Like(s)
Comhghairdeas mór to all in Cavan. There was only one winner there today, the belief drained out of us and the tackling from your boys was just demonic. And the ref against yous as well. Maith sibh, I hope Cavan football can build on this, a wonderful traditional county.

JoeSoap (Cavan) - 22/11/2020 17:44:13

Mayo V Tyrone All-Ireland Football Final - 4 Like(s)
McQuillan is an awful selection for this match and I am sorry to say I have absolutely zero doubt that we will be talking about his decisions at the end of it all unfortunately. He was absolutely atrocious in the Donegal Tyrone match earlier this year, you know it's bad when both sets of supporters aren't complaining about the end result, but are complaining about the ref!

JoeSoap (National) - 04/09/2021 13:54:10

Mayo V Tyrone All-Ireland Football Final - 4 Like(s)
Comhghairdeas mór to our neighbours, the game couldn't have gone better for Tyrone in terms of control. I've seen a lot of comments about Mayo decision making and playing poorly which is no doubt true but I think sometimes many people don't realise: Tyrone force you into that a lot of the time. I am especially for Donegal man Ronan McNamee ;-) In all seriousness, a few of those Tyrone lads have been on the road a long enough time and it's great for them, thinking of Donnelly and Harte in particular. The two boys in the middle of the field were phenomenal in the final there and the entire team performance in the final would give you confidence in Tyrone that there are more All-Ireland's in this squad, no doubt. Enough has been written and said on Mayo and it's history repeating itself in many ways but being honest, outside of the Dubs I don't think any team in the country could really get away with losing their captain, talisman and best forward for an entire season. Young O'Donoghue obviously did well on the frees but Cillian O'Connor is one of the best in the country I just think when things weren't going right there in the final, they really missed his leadership especially. As someone mentioned here, we're already plotting Tyrone's downfall in Donegal, Armagh, Monaghan and Derry but no doubt they'll be only delighted with that as well. Looking forward to next year already, maith sibh Tír Eoghain.

JoeSoap (National) - 23/09/2021 17:21:24

David Gough To Referee The Final - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Joxer:  "We'll agree to disagree Gerry. I haven't heard any analyst claiming that Small dived. He was spinning at the time and O'Sullivan dragged his arm to take him down. Everyone has said that Cooper's penalty was harsh. That grappling happens everywhere on the pitch without a whistle and to award a penalty for it in a AI final? Very questionable. These are huge calls."
It's a huge call but at the end of the day it's a foul. Similar to Murphy v Mayo, people call it soft but if a defender is wrapped up around the forward and not looking at the ball, what's the ref supposed to do? I think people are calling it soft and a huge call because most refs don't give it - and they don't give it because they're not brave enough to give it. Whatever else about Gough, he's not afraid to make a big decision regardless of the circumstances.

JoeSoap (National) - 02/09/2019 12:38:13

Can the GAA survive the Rugby onslaught - 4 Like(s)
Jeez an awful lot of pettiness in this thread. Couple things I've seen said: 1. The build up to the NZ game getting "more coverage than an All-Ireland final"... are you actually serious 2. "It's a friendly" - just pure ignorance. It's a different sport, comparing like with like is stupid. All Test matches have significance for World Cup seeding. That win will be huge for Ireland not only because they've finally beaten NZ, but because it boosts their ranking and we've a chance now to overtake South Africa which will hopefully then mean avoiding a group of death in the next WC (see: England, Wales, Australia in the last World Cup, that was because of Wales' poor results in these "friendlies"). 3. But if you want to compare like with like, "only 10 countries take it seriously" - eh hurling? And that's our national sport, for shame. Stop whingeing about rugby and focus on what the GAA are doing (or not doing as the case probably is). The GAA have to do more for games development across the country, take the Dublin model and apply it nationwide, have targets for weaker counties to breed some success at underage etc. Yes you have to compete with rugby and soccer but for me they are not the main enemies of the GAA, it's the top brass being complacent and happy with money making while neglecting the clubs and smaller hubs of gaelic games. Gaelic football and hurling are our national games, we treasure them so I can never see the will not being there to play these games. It's up to the administration to facilitate and encourage kids to get involved, to take enjoyment from the sport and make it as easy as possible to continue playing through to their adult lives.

JoeSoap (National) - 07/11/2016 11:41:39

Donegal v Galway - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Commodore:  "I think the whole half forward line including Ciaran Thompson are playing very deep, whereas in the league they were more advanced and getting into shooting positions. Is this because Rory wants to play more defensively in the championship or maybe its a reaction to the heavy defeat from Tyrone. We need to get more scores from our half forward line otherwise we are completely dependant on McBrearty. I would agree with you in regards to our lack of physiciality, we just have too many small players on the pitch at the same time. Its good to have pace in the team but you need physicality to break the tacke. Green_Gold (Donegal) - Posts:737 - 17/07/2017 21:17:52 20 The addition of pace to the team is definitely a welcome one, but we have been too lightweight against the top teams, something Leo McLoone can bring to our team. I'm saying McLoone is the be all and end all, but he offers physicality and intensity."
The way you go on you'd swear he is the be all and end all along with Brick. Let's focus on the squad we have right now and get behind them. We can talk omissions and fallouts once our summer is done.

JoeSoap (Donegal) - 19/07/2017 16:04:03