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Did Jonny Cooper dive? - 4 Like(s)
Look it happens all the time , our goalie done it v Monaghan a couple of years ago and was embarrassing for us Donegal fans But let's face it I doubt if these footballers would last if they had to take the hits in hurling as we saw yesterday. How come the hurlers take massive hits , dust there selves down and get on with it All inter county players ( football) would learn a lot from watching the hurlers yesterday or indeed any day and see how manly the hurlers are comparing to the crybabys of footballers who cheat and try get other players booked/ sent off and that goes for every county

SamOnErrigal (National) - 07/08/2017 10:12:07

Meath vs Donegal - 4 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Ahh sure I have to be optimistic, too many negative people from Meath around these days. I swear its the mayo blood in them whingers" as enda said :). Anyhow we have a chance, I do think its 50/50. If we recapture the form from league towards end I think we will win, of course Donegal will feel the same. Got me tickets , whole crew going , cant wait. Its days like this that as a fan you love, Donegal in a knock out match in Navan, what more could a real GAA man ask for ?"
RD When the game is over and you get time lets have your honest opinion of where you think Donegal are at Hopefully we change our tactics and play a bit of an attacking game as I don't want to hear about us again having 14 men behind the ball We want to improve an awful lot or if we do not we are out on Sat night Always followed Donegal football and thought we might do well in Ulster this year but I doubt if we know where we stand at present If we get beat on Sat all I want to read about Sunday is that the Donegal management have packed it in And I'm not being disrespectful to Meath

SamOnErrigal (National) - 05/07/2017 20:48:57

Question for our Northern Brethren - 4 Like(s)
If we could get an United Ireland and get the Unionist involved in a GOVERMENT then I'd say the two old parties in the 26( Fine Gael and Finna Fail) would not hold power on their own again. Which could be a good thing. Why are they not allowing us a vote in the elections ( us Irish born living abroad) ?? Because they know fine us emigrants would vote for change. I was home at Easter, saw Tim Pat Coogan on TV and he hit the nail on the head----- Ireland is not a poor country but it has been poorly lead Would any of you agree with that statement. I hope their is a United Ireland as all my life I wanted to see two things happening ---- Donegal winning Sam ( that's in the bag) and a United Ireland. From an early age I always sympathise with the Six County Catholic/ Republician/ Nathionalist people and I always thought they were well and truly abandoned by the Dublin GOVERMENT It would be a different country if we were all one

SamOnErrigal (National) - 16/06/2016 20:39:11

Question for our Southern Brethren - 4 Like(s)
Redandblack30Down Always would support a six counties team after Donegal Always admired the way they kept all things Irish going in the Six Counties even in the blackest of times. Was great to see Armagh Tyrone and Derry winning Sam. Plus when I started following or when I started beginning g to realise what Gaelic football was all about Down were top dogs. Saw them all playing as a young fella- paddy Doherty the McCartans Lennon s o Neill etc I would like to also see Antrim Fermanagh Monaghan win Sam Don't forget we in Donegal were lucky not to have been part of the Six county state back at the time of the treaty as the boundaries commission were leaning towards part of Donegal being included in the Northern state. But to me there is no BLACK NORTH--- the Ulster championship is played between the NINE TRADITIONAL COUNTIES OF THE OLD IRISH PROVIENCES OF ULSTER Through the decades the winner represented Ulster in Croke park and most true gaels of Ulster would have supported that team

SamOnErrigal (National) - 09/06/2016 12:49:43

Connelly/Holmes - 3 Like(s)
I say fair play to PH and NC and they were right in coming out. Once it is the truth then that's ok with me What is wrong with a lot of teams today is that we do not hear the truth or full story. With Donegal in 2014 and Mark mcHugh leaving the panel as he said he was not enjoying his football, a lot of people thought different --- was that the reason he left the panel??? A lot of ex players / managers have had their say --- I think Colm O Roarke say on it is very good And AO S has had a few bad All Ireland finals as had his brother so I can't see why they should be having a say on who should play and who should not. Would Mayo be better off without some of these Marquee players -- it might do them no harm if they were made sit on the bench now and again To be honest I wanted to see Mayo win Sam this year and one of the reasons was for the supporters. But right now I have not got much sympathy for some of the Mayo players. Take Alan Dillion complaining about not starting--- well he had chances over the years when he started but failed and I think he has a record now that will never be surpassed --- being on the loosing side on 8 occasions in finals. Mayo supporters deserve better and if the Mayo manager gave way to some players demands to drop D Clarke in favour of Hennelly for the replay then it looks bad on him To me Mayo want another manager , get rid of some so called stars and start afresh with the manager calling the shots. Imagine M Hart J Galvin or J MC Guinness managing Mayo at present but they are the type of men Mayo need IMO

SamOnErrigal (National) - 21/12/2016 21:35:58

Eamon Mc Gee - 3 Like(s)
I took a few photos of the team as they left the pitch on Sat night as I knew well we will never see some of them in the Donegal jersey. Also one of the reasons I wanted to be there as I had a good idea we would loose a few if we were beat To Eamonn and indeed Colm thanks for all the two of you and indeed the whole panel and mentors done for Donegal over the last number of years. I never had a year like 2012 -- what fun what enjoyment we had. And Eamonn you helped in a big way to make it happen Thanks again

SamOnErrigal (Donegal) - 11/08/2016 20:23:05

No Tricolour or National Anthem at GAA Matches - 3 Like(s)

Replying To moc.dna:  "Joe Brolly, the only man within the Gaa willing to call things as they are, spot on article. Maith thú Joe, he is the only high profile Gaa man speaking for the majority. Aoghain O Fearghail should clarify if he is entering politics, if not he should stand down as President of the Association as he no longer represents the views of the majority. He has overseen the deal with Sky & the handing over of 15% of the GAA's commercial revenue to the GPA, now he wants us to give up our identity, flag & anthem. It's obvious when you see how he has overseen these moves where his priorities lie, meanwhile the club game which makes up 99% of the m'ship he is supposed to represent suffers from chronic fixture schedules, shameful."
Thank you sir Must say that is a very good post and to me you know what you are talking about. Fair play.

SamOnErrigal (National) - 05/12/2016 20:19:50

No Tricolour or National Anthem at GAA Matches - 3 Like(s)

Replying To bumpernut:  "The union fleg is not and never will be my national flag."
Well said Bumpernot and Tom16 The national flag of Ireland is the Tricolour, and I'm talking about the 32 counties. We must keep the flag flying at games , we must continue to play the national anthem at games. If the president of the GAA thinks different let him take a long walk. When I was young 15 to 17 years of age , just before I emigrated I went to see Donegal play games in the six counties and loved hearing the national anthem being played before games. It was illegal to fly the tricolour in the six counties at that time and Gaelic games were frowned on I understand that people down south and away from border counties will have a different opinion from the six county/ border county people but if you grew up around the border areas that border was a sore to a lot of people We keep the GAA as it is , the GAA was almost split over the hunger strike , try to remove the flag and stop playing the National anthem and we could well be on our way to a big burst up within the organisation

SamOnErrigal (National) - 04/12/2016 20:42:26

Tyrone are the only team that can beat Dublin - 3 Like(s)
First of all Tyrone are serious contenders for Ulster. But they won't beat the winners of Cavan/ Armagh as handy as they done yesterday. I would strongly fancy them to beat Armagh but Cavan indeed could be a serious test for Tyrone. Now forget about the Div two final-- championship football is different. It looks like either Monaghan or Donegal will make the Ulster final, now no disprect to Down/ Fermanagh but I think they won't won their forthcoming games. And if they were to I doubt if they will trouble Tyrone I have a feeling that a lot on here think Donegal are past it or too old. That could be right but again Donegal are a battle hardened outfit , very successful against Tyrone in the last few years and would be well up to beating Tyrone again. Then you have Monaghan who along with Donegal are the two teams who have eliminated Tyrone from the Ulster championship in 2011/12/13/14/15. So the blue and white juggernaut and the gold and green juggernaut in Ulster could still be serious tests for Tyrone before they venture south. I also hope we have not overlooked Cavan as they could mount a serious challenge yet to the top dogs in Ulster It's a long road to Clones in mid July , a lot to play for and I don't think M Hart will be thinking of Dublin just yet and he knows well Tyrone are surrounded by counties well capable of beating them, especially Donegal Cavan and Monaghan.

SamOnErrigal (National) - 23/05/2016 21:16:53

Thank God for Ulster - 3 Like(s)
After watching all the games this weekend how thankful I am we have Clones to look forward to next weekend. First our minors with the lads from Derry , and then the Senior final. This will be better than anything that ever happened on a Gaelic field You will have it all with plenty of sideline action thrown in and all. And all the talk on here about Monaghan /down getting beat by Longford is nonsense. Let me tell you all --Down were in Div one but things are gone a little bit astray for them. When will Longford get to Div one , when will they get to a Leinster final? It must be close on fifty years sine they were in Div one. Derry were a div one team a few years ago, same as Armagh and both those counties will be in Div one again , same as Down All the nine Ulster counties contested an Ulster final since 2001. Tell me how many different counties have contested the Leinster final in that period. Or how many have won it. Same in Munster--- when did Tipp Waterford Clare or Limerick beat Kerry. Clare win the Munster football in 1992,all the rest shared by Kerry /cork. At least Connaught have a bit of variety with to my knowledge Galway Mayo Sligoand Roscommon winning football titles over the last 15 years. So what I'm saying is Ulster football will be stronger and more competitive than the other proviences. Now no disrespect to Longford and well done on you victories but I'd say yesterday ye met A Monaghan team that were at sixes and sevens.

SamOnErrigal (National) - 10/07/2016 19:31:11

New Donegal manager - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Dellboypolecat:  "So your a sunshine supporter' ? I'd say yes"
I went back from London to Dublin the QFinal v Dublin( was also home for the Ulster final) and paid around £200 for the return air journey Then B andB for in night 90 euros. Then my ticket so from early Sat morning when I left London until midday Sunday when I got back I reckon on having spent £500 give or take And that was in around thirty hours. Do you think it is worth spending that type of money watching Donegal play football under RG system It was the same in the Ulster final v Tyrone and v Mayo in 2015 I came home for all those games Then if we critize the manger the county board disowned us (eg) -not true Donegal supporters. We have to get an outside manager as I don't think all the clubs are pulling together. But how will the county board treat an outsider? Do people remember Jim in Donegal town after we won an Ulster final( I think 2011) and on about the difficulties with the county board and getting things for the players. Jim had to get finance or backing from a London based Donegal contractor to help pay to keep the team in the Sliabh Russell prior to that Ulster final The county board have a big choice to make and can't afford to err I say go for an outsider with a few Donegal men helping him out

SamOnErrigal (National) - 04/08/2017 20:00:19

Gaelic players diving - 2 Like(s)

Replying To ziggy32001:  "Why does it mostly happen in Ulster football though?"
Why does a Connaught team get up to it and all in a qualifier. Have you heard of Micheak Shields James o Donoghue or A O Mahoney. None have played in the Ulster championship but they have all dived or went to ground to cheat. So you want to take a look at the whole of Ireland and not just the nine. Funny thing though a Mayo guy here during the week got on to me about Donegal diving. I think he read an article P Spilliane wrote about it. Have to have a quite word with him today.

SamOnErrigal (National) - 10/07/2016 10:18:09

Dublin v Tyrone Semi-Final - 2 Like(s)
Of course I want to see Sam coming back to Ulster and I am sure Tyrone can do it In saying that they will have two good teams to beat to achieve another All Ireland I think the semi final will be decided by how Dublin will handle Tyrone's defensive system I was right on the halfway line on the upper deck yesterday and was very impressed with Tyrone alough Armagh were desperate. The second game was also poor but Dublin looked good They use the wings a lot and it might well test Tyrone the way they play I think Tyrone would beat Dublin if the dubs perform like they did in last year's AI final And Dublin don't seem to perform as good towards the end of the championship as they do in the earlier stages. And let's face it the All IRELANDS they won ended tight enough affairs. Mayo twice had serious chances of beating them but could not do it The one team who Tyrone don't play well against are Mayo so if Tyrone /Mayo final the westerners could easily win whilst they would struggle v Dublin or Kerry In the history of the GAA very few teams win four All IRELANDS except Kerry Dublin have done it over the last six years , have they ever won three in a row ?

SamOnErrigal (National) - 06/08/2017 19:34:02

This is not Kerry football - 2 Like(s)

Replying To bloodyban:  "I come from a county that traditionally support kerry in football cos it's about the 4th sport in Limerick. Indeed we've had a few limerick men play with Kerry over the years. Today was shocking. A team imitates the manager and that team is slow, ponderous narky and lacking confidence. When the great Kerry teams fouled they used do it better with a smile and a shrug. Fitzmaurice has to go. He's been awful."
I remember when Kerry beat Donegal in 2014 a lot on here were making out EF was a great manager and up there with J Galvin / M Harte and co A lot were calling him a genius but to be honest he is a lucky man to have managed an All Ireland winning team. Now through no fault of their own Kerry don't have much problem winning Munster so they are more or less guaranteed a q final spot and usually against weaker opposition. Wheather these young lads come through over the next few years is the big question but they had good minor teams and are now going for four in a row. I have a feeling E F time is up so I'd expect a new manager next year in Kerry

SamOnErrigal (National) - 26/08/2017 22:14:53

No Tricolour or National Anthem at GAA Matches - 2 Like(s)

Replying To mayotyroneman:  "Excellent article from brolly. Sure if the chattering asses of the gaa had their way we would end up appeasing the bigots. Why reach out to people who detest our games. I come from a club who continually had the posts chopped down and changing rooms petrol bombed. Do you honestly think these people have any time for our games?"
Agree with you 100 per cent. To me I'd welcome anyone into the organisation but Gaelic football and hurling is IRELANDS national sport. Look how well it is organised throughout Ireland. Most clubs have fine pitches, changing rooms and good social clubs. Look how it has been kept going in GB , America , Austrila and other far flung places. The national anthem is always played here in London prior to the Countyfinals and also in the game v the Connaught team Also down through the years the Irish pubs in London and most other places played the nation anthem after a music session. And everybody stood to attention quite unlike what I saw in a pub in Dublin on the Sat evening prior to the 2014 semi Dublin v Donegal I went to watch Mayo v Kerry that evening and I was really suprised at the amount of people who just ignored the anthem as it was played prior to the throw in I was just about the only one who stood up We keep things as they are

SamOnErrigal (National) - 05/12/2016 20:36:15

There is no magic bullet. - 2 Like(s)

Replying To panamasam:  "Completely agree its like how dare anyone question what is going on. I spend alot of money going to games more so as I don't live in the county even though I do spend alot of my freetime in Donegal. We have every right to voice our opinions and it is a bit insulting to be described as such. It would appear they are all closing rank and I am sorry to say it is Donegal football and the supporters who will suffer. Jim gave the county the basis to really build something and bring success on a more regular basis. But it would seem the powers that be and the ex players are more concerned about the smokescreen they are building. It has been successful too with more people now talking about the social media thing rather than the horror show of a championship and the ongoing various examples of mismanagement. But the people are not fooled anymore no matter what these ex players (and great servants it must be said) are saying. In his 3 years in charge RG has received little or no criticism. In fact he has got away virtually scot free and now that there is some we classed as keyboard warriors all the while hoping the train wreck will be ignored."
Good post lad and like yourself I have to travel from GB if I want to watch Donegal Last year I came back for the Ulster final(5days in DGL) then I came back to see the QFinal v Dublin , arrive Sat back to GB Sunday which cost me between £400 to£500 200 for airline tickets 90 euro for BB and the spending money That was for roughly 20 hours from I left London until I got back Done things like that often over the years for the love of Donegal football and I am NOT COMPLAINING. But like happens in racing ( they usually close ranks once an issue arises)ex managers / players are now closing ranks and blaming the supporters for over the top remarks Now I take offence to this nonsense-- keyboard warriors or not genuine Donegal supporters Another thing not aired on here was RG decision to send the u21's to play in the McKenna cup and exposing them to big defeats. Surly we have enough players over 21 to pick a team for the McK cup Let me now congratulate both Monaghan and especially Armagh and well done both

SamOnErrigal (Donegal) - 29/07/2017 21:42:28

Leo McLoone - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Donegalman:  "That would be very bad news indeed Sam. I hope it is only a rumor, but then again, it might as well be true as leo mcloone will not get playing even if he is available by the looks of things. This is hard to understand, as he is without doubt our most physically strong ball carrier, and can break the tackle like no other on our team. (badly missed this btw in the ulster final). If we see no Leo for the rest of the season, then there are serious questions that need to be answered. Like who is better than him, why are they playing rather than him etc etc. I would find it hard to believe that Leo is not in good form, nor injured or struggling with fitness. Unless someone on this forum has inside info about his club form, then we are all in the dark..."
Why did he not replace Rory Kavanagh on Sunday ? I know where the players spent Monday evening( well most of them) but I don't think any Glenties boys were there. Look , let's get this sorted , we want no divisions in Donegal football, not when it concerns the county team, club rivalry is completely different thing. What really makes my blood boil is having Leo warming up and then putting on a very inferior player or taking a man off and brining him back on again( Kavanagh/McElhinney) in two games against Monaghan. Complete and utter disrespect to Leo. I would not blame him for leaving and I have a feeling it true heis gone I can take a beating in an Ulster final no problem but I can't stand all this nonsense like what is happening right now between management / players.

SamOnErrigal (Donegal) - 20/07/2016 15:06:24

Eugene McGee on Jim McGuinnness - 2 Like(s)
How did his team win their All Ireland ---- a push on the back of the defender which led to Offalys goal. Should have been a free out. Time he ( E McG) was pensioned off And to read him on Monday with Longford being the only team to beat Dublin this year Why do they not beat Dublin in the Leinster championship , a game that would matter. Plus what has he done for Longford. At least J McG took Donegal from a bad place to the top team in Ireland in two years plus I'd say 2012 was a breath of fresh air in GAA circles with the emergence of the Donegal team. It was for us anyway.

SamOnErrigal (National) - 05/10/2016 16:14:26

Dublin v Donegal - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Adamski:  "Good and balanced post. My concern would be that Dublin can't afford to continue to lose first choice defenders. Yes they have a forward unit as good as anyone's left but they will need to provide some level of cover for their defence by half forwards covering back. Donegal showed admirable qualities to beat cork and some of their point scoring was first class. Sometimes I wonder if they showed a little more trust in their attacking play would it serve them better. My prediction would be a Dublin win but not without one hell of a battle. Two teams that have been on the go for over 5 years that owe nothing to either set of supporters."
Bit of sense in your post Adamski. I expect it to be tight but it could also be a high scoring game. We need goals and we have got none in the last three games nor looked liked getting one. But ( and it's a big BUT) if things fall right you never know. Plus there is a guy on here who does not fear MM but he might well do Sat night. I'm heading back on Sat morning and stay Sat night then back to London Sunday. But isn't it great to be there on Sat night and the game we are in v Dublin Massive team plus the atmosphere with all the dubs on the hill Could not ask for better and this is definitely a big game. Even though Dublin have beaten us I have great memories of our battles and our great victories over them. Bet the rest of the country will be wishing they could be there -- stepping into the big bowl to go toe to toe with the mighty dubs. I won't rule us out but I am heading back knowing that we can get well beat. But I hope Donegal performs and takes Dublin to the wire. Looking forward to a massive game

SamOnErrigal (National) - 01/08/2016 21:32:06

Mayo, Donegal and Tyrone... - 2 Like(s)

Replying To legendzxix:  "Like '87 to '96 we're having a few years on the quiet side. Neglecting our youth and all that. Your crowd were supposed to be All-Ireland challengers. 1 All-Ireland seems a poor return especially as there is no great team around like '96 to '09. Ye've squandered a great opportunity for a great moment in ye're history. Mayo likewise. Dreadful challengers. Putting up smokescreens then about a Kerry team having a few years on the quiet side to try and cover up ye're failings. We neglected our youth. Focus on getting ye're own house in order. We're taking responsibility for ours."
I have a feeling you might be staying on the quite side for a lot lot longer than you will like. How comes you have missed this great Dublin team that is around at present. Are they not as good as some of the great teams you are on about from the late 90's to 2009. Let me tell you another thing --- only for Mayo and Donegal over the last five years Dublin would be going for SIX IN A ROW. This year is not over yet , no one has won Sam yet. Plenty to look forward to and Sam can still go NORTH EAST WEST OR SOUTH. it's all to play for

SamOnErrigal (National) - 03/08/2016 21:02:35