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Total Injustice! - 8 Like(s)
I disagree. The ref made mistakes for both sides. Dublin were the better team and they didn't even play to their potential. The ref gave Mayo a free to win the game and they blew it. He also played 2 and half minutes extra seeing could mayo get the equaliser.

dstuction (National) - 17/09/2017 17:38:15

Mayo V Donegal and the league in general 2017 - 7 Like(s)

Replying To GreenandRed:  "Mayo without O'Shea aren't at as much of a loss as Donegal without Murphy. Murphy is a more skilful footballer, a better forward and he's more mentally and physically aggressive than Aidan. He does the smart things in the big games, be it taking out an opponent, winning a free or a point from 40 yards. Aidan is still learning as a forward but he's getting better. I don't think he has shown yet how good he can be but he needs more aggression in big games to be mentioned in the same class as Michael Murphy."
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA best laugh i've had all day. Aidan O Shea isnt a footballer anymore. Anyone who thinks he is obvious didnt watch the game yesterday or anything he has done in the last 2 years. He caught 1 ball yesterday. In 30 minutes of football he caught 1 ball. He offered nothing else in football terms. He did however win Mayo the game with dirty underhand tactics that I would be ashamed of as a Mayo supporter. When I was discussing the game afterwards I spoke of Doherty and Murphy both losing their temper. They are experienced players and should know better. I dont like my players being on the field to start rows. Donegal down through the years have had an awful lot of tough and hard and even cynical players but Im glad to say that I have never seen a donegal player act like O Shea yesterday. I think alot of counties want to see Mayo finally get their All Ireland but with players like O Shea in the side I would be delighted for them to lose 10 more. Thats harsh for some players like Higgins, Boyle (Who is think is hardy but plays football) and Moran (who could/should have got a black card yesterday) and others. Them players play the game right but not O Shea. Rant over

dstuction (National) - 03/04/2017 17:16:00

Kerry coming in under the radar? - 7 Like(s)

Replying To legendzxix:  "Ye've been playing a weakened Kerry side since after '09. At least we take responsibility for our failing of neglecting our youth in the 00's."
would love if Hoganstand added an ignore user button. I really don't know if I can handle anymore BS from you. Its like you feel entitled to win every year. sometimes teams are just better than you. Don't be so bitter about it and enjoy the wins you do get.

dstuction (National) - 12/08/2016 11:48:06

Mayo V Donegal and the league in general 2017 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To tommy132:  "Donegal ppl can blame Aidan O Shea all ye want for losing a game ye should have won. Doherty stupidly kicked out, like keegan did against Kerry a few years ago, and its a red card everyone knows that. Doherty and O shea were at each other from the minute O Shea came on, Michael Murphy was doing his fair share of dirty digs too but its part of the game is players making the most of any contact, or no contact remember Donegal goalkeeper against Monaghan last year falling to the ground holding his face and there was zero contact.. Supports need to calm down with there rants and abuse of opposition players for doing stuff that there own county men are at, and this goes for mayo fans too when they go on about Connolly.."
Read my comments. I have said that Both Doherty and Murphy lost their heads and it was disappointing. I even went as far as to say Murphy should have been sent off. If you look back at that time last year a lot of Donegal people myself included were very much against him and his actions. In my mind there is no place for it in gaelic football. I have no problem giving out about players on my team when I feel they overstep the mark. How Mayo people can continuously defend O Shea and his antics is just confusing to me. Hold players responsible for that kind of action. If a player plays poorly or makes a mistake I will rarely even mention it. That isn't always in their control but people taking the game I love and making a mockery of it like O Shea does more often than not is what really gets under my skin. How he stayed on the field is even more crazy (Although I admitted he didn't do anything to warrant a straight red, nor did any Mayo player)

dstuction (National) - 03/04/2017 20:02:51

Bubbles O'Dwyer Swearing - 4 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "I was disappointed myself. Kieran Donaghy gave a memorable line 2 years ago in the same situation but he didn't need to say 'Well Joe Brolly, what do you F-ing thing of that' p- though Plenty of people down here would probably not have been too upset if he said it like that! Sometimes I think these lads being interviewed on the field after big victories are only trying to copy Star anyway. It's a if they want to say something dramatic, memorable or controversial so the giff of it gets posted up on or or wherever else, maybe it might make them get a few more twitter followers or get a few more social media hits etc etc. Ok, he is a young guy, full of adrenaline, being asked straight after a huge moment in his life to talk to a television audience of hundreds of thousands. You can understand why things like that might creep out of a fella's mouth in the exhilaration of the moment. But I still think you can conduct and should be able to conduct yourself better in those situations. I mean these guys know that whether they like it or not they are expected to be role models for kids. That's part of what comes with being an inter-county player at the highest level. He didn't try to apologie after it came out of his mouth and that is actually what I find most disappointing, I wouldn't mind it slipping out if he just said sorry, didn't mean that or something."
I disagree. One comment was pre planned....oh if we win I'm gonna stick it to brolly. the other was a guy full of emotion after winning the All Ireland. He was just talking normally. That's obviously my opinion

dstuction (National) - 05/09/2016 15:25:11

Dublin will not win the All Ireland - 4 Like(s)
So what the OP really means is he hopes Dublin dont win. Half the points are just showing how great this Dublin team will be if (when?) they achieve it. You mention missing half the defence- I never rated roc (controversial I know but just my opinion) and John Small is a great young player so overall I dont feel they are weaker at all. You also mention the conveyor belt. Dublin have players who cant get starting on their team who would be stars on the Donegal team (mannion and costello to name just 2). Just because they arent winning minor now doesnt mean anything. They won some minor and u21 All Irelands in previous years and these players are only coming in now. Being realistic Dublin are definite favourites for the All Ireland. They will have to perform to Beat both Kerry and Mayo but I believe they will. If the don't I would be shocked. As in any sport no team are unbeatable but I think this current Dub team are as close as you get. I do think Mayo posters should leave the cutehoorism to Kerry as your not good enough at it.

dstuction (National) - 24/08/2016 09:43:25

Mayo V Donegal and the league in general 2017 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Gleebo:  "Given that Aidan took a couple of straight punches in the puss yesterday (without sanction from the officials), some Donegal posters would do well to tone down the righteous indignation."
That was Murphy to which i already said he should have been off. I also feel while it was harsh that Doherty did use his foot so rightfully seen the line. I am agreeing that our players lost discipline but you cannot condone your players actions. It's just mental. No was no badness until o Shea came on. That's pretty much a fact. Question: would the rowing have started if o Shea wasn't on the field? As a mayo supporter would you not prefer to see o Shea playing football instead of carrying on like he did? Have you ever dived like that with minimal contact in your playing days (past or present)?

dstuction (National) - 04/04/2017 11:45:30

Are Posters happy with Gaa? - 3 Like(s)
The problem with the GAA is everybody wants their say. Take the splitting of the football championships. It makes sense but yet was rejected by players of the smaller teams when valid ideas were put forward. I feel this has to be brought in as otherwise the interest in these counties will be gone. I was in Carrick on Shannon yesterday to watch Leitrim get hammered by a Div 1 team in 2nd gear. Leitrim brought a good crowd but when money is tight etc why would anyone spend their hard earned money on that. The vibe I got afterwards is that unless the qualifier match is close by then very few are going to travel. Even from a player perspective I don't understand why they wouldn't want this. In hurling Donegal took great pride in winning the tier 3 a few years ago. Its something them players will always remember. Surely this would be the same in football.

dstuction (National) - 23/05/2016 09:00:50

Mayo V Donegal. Winner Takes All - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Fiftyone:  "Still has a light cast on . I don't know why people want the impossible , diarmuid will not start on Sat . Paddy mcbrearty is grand , Donegal manager reported a clean bill of health bar eoin ban Gallagher at Mondays press conference , what has changed ?"
Before the Mayo game He also said there was a full bill of health even though Paddy McGrath hadn't trained in like 4 weeks. At this stage I'm more likely to believe the stories about injuries than no stories. Ill be sickened but I haven't heard this McBrearty news from inside the panel yet so I'm crossing my fingers that its not true. I heard that both McGees should play. Doubts were still there about McGrath and McFaddan but I believe they played some part in training but never heard how much. Its going to be a tight game no matter what teams start. No love lost here.

dstuction (National) - 31/07/2019 15:49:37

First ROC, then Jack, now James McCarthy!! No Sam - 3 Like(s)
Move to the Dublin page. The world doesnt revolve around 1 Dublin player being injured. every team have players missing.

dstuction (National) - 19/07/2016 12:19:07

Rory Gallagher Steps Down from Donegal Post - 2 Like(s)

Replying To sporto:  "Declan Bonner is the obvious choice. Underage success, successful playing career, worked with a lot of these lads already. No brainer really, pretty sure he would be popular with Donegal supporters too."
I think he is the person we are most likely to get but I don't think he would be a very positive choice. He has been in the senior job before and failed. He has been involved in alot of very talented minor and u21 teams and has been the main reason for some very important losses. Its each of the last 4 years I can give examples where he made a mess of things from both a tactical and personnel Point of view. My only hope with someone like Bonner is with the senior job he might be able to get a great team around him and if he listens to them around tactics then we might have a chance. He is 100% donegal football but as we found in the the time of John Joe Doherty that doesnt always mean success. He will also get some of the excluded players back into the fold which may help with the transition. He should be a last case scenario in my mind. Our aims should be of Managers who can bring something new to the setup. I would prefer to have Bonner as a number 2 where his player knowledge can be useful but where he isnt making the big decisions.

dstuction (National) - 01/08/2017 12:01:51

Why is club football 30 mins a half? - 2 Like(s)
This really is a double edged sword. Ok it would be great sometimes for a game to be 70 minutes but I have also played in Multiple club matches where you only have 15/13 players.; Your getting battered by 20 points and have ran yourself into the ground just for a bit of pride. That whistle is a god send in them moments. I amn't getting any younger and I rarely last 60 minutes these days. To add 10 minutes more would kill me and other lads like me.

dstuction (National) - 12/10/2016 15:01:54

Leitrim v Roscommon May 22nd - 2 Like(s)
I wasn't at much yesterday so headed for Carrick to see what the craic is with both teams. Rossies although decimating Leitrim didn't come out of 2nd gear. Leitrim are very poor. Conlon was superb and only for him Leitrim would have done even worse. Wrynn at midfield I actually thought worked really hard and didn't do too much wrong. Beaten at midfield for various reason so I wouldn't necessarily blame him. Maguire in full back did ok but way too much pressure on the defence. Tactics were awful. Why was Conlon so deep. Its Like they decided to play a sweeper but just picked a name out of a hat. They looks their best player and played him out of position. He didn't know where to be or what to do defensively. Leitrim conceded every kick out to play this tactic and it did not work at all and yet nothing was changed. What was Sweeneys red for? I actually thought it was going to be red for a Rossie given that the goalkeeper was rolling on the ground. Both black cards were certs. Was the last Red straight or a second yellow. He is an aggressive player but he was always going to see the line in that game I felt. He needs to be coached as to how to go into the tackle. Use that aggression as a strength not a weakness. Where do you go from here? Is ward going to leave at the end of the year? Who could replace him anyway? Is there other players who should be involved? Is there a player (either half forward or half back) who plays as a sweeper for his club? Is there any prolific forwards that could be brought in because the current forwards lack scoring power?

dstuction (Leitrim) - 23/05/2016 08:29:04

Super duper top secret supporter mind games! - 2 Like(s)

Replying To avonali:  "I don't quite get what you are proposing here"
Mayo were crap for the whole year but have managed to make an All Ireland final which deserves respect but......I still hate Mayo and want them to lose. Don't see any problem with having different views depending on the topic.

dstuction (National) - 08/09/2016 14:07:46

Donegal v Galway - 2 Like(s)

Replying To totalrecall:  "We have a problem at number one, mcginley is a fine keeper but Peter Boyle has a better kick out, he lost his place last year for playing soccer, pity Gallagher doesn't apply the same rules to all his panel, especially when the drink ban is broken...."
I disagree. I believe McGinley to be much better than Boyle. The kick outs haven't been great this year but if you watch the games nobody is running. No options are available so he has to just kick out a 50/50 ball (at best) Compare that with a few years ago where we have loads of options and we had the best fielder in Ireland. Now the strategy seems to be kick short if its on (most teams stop this nowadays) or try kick to Murphy who is surrounded by 3 of their players. Even if Murphy is the target ever player should be either making runs or creating space. If you are looking for a replacement for McGinley then Rodgers is the man. With Shovlin as coach he had worked a strategy and Rodgers kickouts were spot on. I dont know how he isnt in a No2

dstuction (Donegal) - 15/07/2017 11:42:11

Dublin people do not extend the hand Friendship - 2 Like(s)
Not sure if this was a windup but Ill comment like it was genuine. Dublin is a big place with alot of people. some are nice and some are not. some are real supporters and some arent. In my years of supporting donegal I have came across every variety of person from all different counties. Im sure most dublin fans would agree that alot of your supporters arent real gaa people and wouldnt travel etc but when ye play away from home ye still bring a fair amount of support. Against Donegal a few weeks ago I encountered both sides of the Dublin fanbase. When Dublin got the goal to finally sink any hopes of a comeback there were Dubs beside me that weren't celebrating. Instead they were shouting abuse at Donegal supporters. I didnt like that. What I did like was some other Dublin fans stopping celebrating to tell their own county men to cop on. So to summarise: Yes some Dubs think they own Croke park and that football is only played there and would never watch an away game or a club match but majority of Dublin supporters are true gaels and enjoy the occasion and the craic with the other supporters.

dstuction (National) - 17/08/2016 11:28:04

Donegal v Galway - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Green_Gold:  "I think this would be a good call, Declan Bonner with a younger assistant for a couple of years. The younger man could also manage the under 20 side next year and eventually take over the senior side in a few years. We really need someone who is good with young players. However some supporters seem very much against Bonner so he might find it difficult to win them round."
I think anyone who has followed the minor and u21 teams over the last few years can give multiple examples of where he has messed up. No doubt he is 100% committed to Donegal Gaa but he just isnt good enough. You mention the minors in 2014 but the most telling game that year was when he tried to lose a quarter final to roscommon. Anyone who attended that game in Sligo will understand what I mean. 8 up at half time and he made changes both in personnel and in tactics that could have/Should have lost us the game. 2015 minor Ulster semi final. He made bad decisions in the starting line up along with match ups. He failed to change these the entire game when every Donegal person there could have told him the issue. Every kick out passed directly to their main player who absolutely destroyed us. Despite that we nearly won the game. Instead Derry won Ulster and were beaten by Kerry in the semi. 2016 U21s He made a complete shambles of selection, tactics and there was no discipline from either the players or the management team 2017 U21s won Ulster (thank god) despite brutal tactics and questionable selection (not just on game day but also on the panel) That is just my opinion and I only give a few examples but I believe even with a good backroom team around that he will be found wanting at senior level.

dstuction (Donegal) - 24/07/2017 19:25:02

Neil Gallagher and Colm McFadden - 2 Like(s)

Replying To red.hugh:  "Thats extremely harsh on Mcfadden who has given great service and was the best foward in ireland in 2011 and 2012.."
he is referring to Hugh McFaddan whose played as Defensive Midfielder/Sweeper during the league

dstuction (Donegal) - 06/07/2016 15:30:18

Dont say the curse isn't real - 2 Like(s)

Replying To gotmilk:  "In fairness it's not just those three incidents. Look at last years final. Not one but two own goals. Was there an own goal in any league or championship game this year? Coyles bouncing point in 1996 to equalise for meath. Today the just couldn't get the rub of the green. As Al Pacino said it's a game of inches, Mayo just do not get that inch they need. An inch to the left and O'Connor has scored the winning point in an all ireland final, if Joe was a few inches closer would he have given the penalty rather than a free? 11 finals in my lifetime and not one win. It's hard not to think that there isn't a curse somewhere."
I don't agree. An inch to either side and they could have lost games to Cork, Derry, Rosccommon or Kerry. Mayo did brilliant to get to the final where although not far off they were beaten by the best team in Ireland. Its a panel game where Dublin were bringing on superstars like Connolly who was perfect when the game was in the melting pot.

dstuction (National) - 19/09/2017 08:24:35

Dublin V Kerry NFL Final - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Sindar:  "You're right. A striking offence is a red card no matter where or when it happens. I don't think he could have seen the Philly McMahon two. The others mentioned in this thread I didn't see except for McCarthy and Walsh right beside the umpire. Ref should have seen that as that's where the ball was. Incidentally, and I only saw a very short replay of this, the Connolly black was incorrect. From what I saw, Connolly pulled him back by the jersey but not pull him to the ground and the rule uses the "collid". It might be pedantic but rules are worded very carefully to cover their stuff. The linesman brought this to the ref's attention so he should have been sure before doing so. Separately, I don't really agree when people in say in general the ref was good as he let the game flow. I'm not referring to any specific game. Players let the game flow by not committing fouls If refs start letting fouls go then that annoys players and leads them to lash out and then the red cards are needed when it's too late."
Too often these days its like referees want to be the main people on the field. They want to be seen on the TV. Today the ref wasn't like that. He called frees when necessary without being too picky and generally was invisible which should be the case. The refs job is very important but its the players who are the Heroes of the story not the referees. I think that is why people are happy with the ref. Overall I don't think it was a dirty game. If players got the reds people are talking about I think then people would be complaining they were soft. This ref is definately one of the better ones Ive seen so far this year. I would like to see him handle a fiery encounter though. That's where a referees true worth is.

dstuction (National) - 10/04/2017 09:39:32