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Anti GAA Agenda - 10 Like(s)
There is an anti-GAA element in the media and is mostly driven by those from other sporting organisations that are just taking a pop for the sake of it and also non-sports people who would be forgiven for thinking that no other sports were continuing as it seems the headline all the time is that GAA is continuing!! If the GAA championship was to stop I'd be actively calling for the league of Ireland to stop too. Don't get me started with anyone thinking League of Ireland is an elite sport. Finn Harps from my own county are involved in the Premier Division and I'd get more money from selling The Big Issue than the players get from Finn Harps. It's not a wholly professional sport therefore it's semi-professional. The GAA at county level is also semi-professional. There are physio's employed by most county teams, meal providers catering these teams etc. The west brit mentality from plenty of rugby and soccer fans is the real reason that it sticks in their throats the championship is going ahead. I love it!

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 21/10/2020 11:34:24

Dublin Vs Donegal - 8 Like(s)
We can look at some simple indicators on this game. Donegal are playing well but haven't met a decent side. Dublin are playing well but haven't met a decent side. Dublin are playing with home advantage and a seasoned team. Donegal are playing away from home with some players playing their first championship game in Croke Park. Dublin have a very experienced and strong bench. Donegal have some experience on the bench. Dublin will have Cluxton back to lift them. Donegal will be without Paddy Mc Brearty. All the indicators are favouring Dublin. The bookies have them favourites and are rarely wrong. It has already been a good championship for Donegal. To win Ulster and now give 3 competitive games to a young and upcoming team will be great and pay dividends in the future years. Depending on the draw we may go through the super 8's without a win but these young lads will end the season with great experience for next year and a medal in the pocket. I am looking forward to the Dublin game in particular. Playing them in Croke Park, with the hill buzzing and the stands packed will be a great occasion. I hope we give them a good game and run them close. Some people bemoan Dublins dominance but sometimes you just need to open your eyes wider and realise you could be watching one of the best teams of all time doing their thing. It if wasn't for Donegal they would be going for 6 in a row (They would have beat Kerry in 2014)

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 28/06/2018 23:45:21

Well Done Cork! - 7 Like(s)
Well done to Cork. Hung in there and got their rewards. Can't understand Kerry playing defensively with the attacking talent they have. Clifford showed tonight that he's a good footballer, just a good footballer mind you and not yet the great footballer that some make him out to be. Interesting to hear comments from some Kerry supporters on another platform saying that it's Dublins All Ireland now. Kingdom arrogance at its best. Well done again Cork but be wary of Tipp. Should be a good Munster Final.

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 08/11/2020 18:46:58

NFL Division 1 - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Gator:  "Can Meath learn though? I would say the scoreline flattered Donegal but Meath have real trouble scoring. Like the the Leinster final last year they were doing some things very well but just can't score."
The scoreline actually didn't flatter Donegal. We're missed 2 other very good goal chances and missed a penalty. We looked like we had another great whereas Meath looked like they just hadn't a clue.

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 03/02/2020 14:21:28

Donegal Vs Tyrone - 6 Like(s)

Replying To essmac:  "McQ lived down to his usual standards. There is no rule in Gaelic that its yellow for a slap and red for a punch. Both are red. Obviously, I didn't want to see the lad sent off for a slap, but the ref's ability to make up a brand new rule on the spot showed his bias. Thats the real significance of that minor incident - it revealed the red's bias. He also gave you 2 soft frees when your lads just threw themselves at the ground. As I said, "well won" , and we'd do the exact same if we figured the ref would buy it, but McQ was buying nothing from us today. He also moved 2 in for little to no reason. And, when Tyrone had won an important line ball after your lad had sliced it over the line, he gave you a free for precisely nothing. The boys in the BBC studio were mystified. There was also a good claim for a penalty also when your lad touched the ball on the ground clearing the line. In a tight game, the ref always has an impact. Sure, when you get out of Ulster, I'll be of course shouting for Donegal; sure some of my best memories are of Summers in Kilcar, and big Murphy is a gent. You'll beat anything left in Ulster handy enough, but the funny thing is, though you beat us today, we'd be more competitive outside Ulster than you. Ultimately though, we'd need to pool our resources to win it."
I agree with you about the red. When I seen the replay I was shouting at the tv calling Brennan all sorts of stupid. I think what saved him was that the ref didn't actually see it and took info from the linesman. Don't actually know what he got a yellow for. If it was for raising the hand then it's a red and we got lucky with that. Not sure where you're coming from with the two frees moved forward. There was a pull on the Jersey on Eoin Mc Hugh looking for it short for the first one and back chat for the second. The ref also give a Tyrone free closer in for Paddy Mc Grath holding a Tyrone player when looking for the short so the ref was consistent. In the league game Tyrone got the soft penalty. Only when a team loses that their fans feel hard done by. I'm no different. Was really disappointed with Mickey Hartes interview on Highland after the game. Very ungracious in defeat. I've great respect for him as a manager bit thought he could have handled the post match interview better. Maybe the fact it was radio he felt he could be more honest but it smacked of sour grapes.

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 01/11/2020 21:23:14

Football Max Passes Limit - 5 Like(s)
Ludicrous nonsense again about new rules. Allow the game to develop and teams will find a way. The standard of refereeing is low at present due to complications of more and more rules. The one rule I'd bring in is that we can't change the rules for at least three seasons!

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 24/05/2021 14:31:59

NFL Division 1 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To greysoil:  "Well does it matter who started it then."
It certainly does matter who started it. If it was a player or mentor from either team they should face a sanction. If it was a supporter as some are suggesting then Tyrone Co. Board need to be questioned about how that happened. Bottom line is that it's not what you want to see happening in front of children in the stand and multiple others on the television.

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 01/03/2020 00:53:47

Well Done Cork! - 5 Like(s)

Replying To bennybunny:  "Fair play to the Kerry lads on here. Magnanimous in defeat. The rivalry needed this shot on the arm. Those criticising Clifford would want to cop on. He is pure class. A genius and that point sickened me as I thought that was it. McStay is Brutal but name a better point in the last 30 years.. Conditions nature of the game, and timing in the game, the pressure, captaincy.. Guy is class. He is 20 years of age and he is captain of Kerry and he can only drag the rest of his (some overly cocky) teammates through so many games.. A few of them buckos might learn from today and others might be gone after today....there are a few them that can really suck on this defeat"
Better point, tougher set of circumstances... 2011 All Ireland Final = Cluxton

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 08/11/2020 20:49:13

NFL Division 2 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Commodore:  "Relying on Murphy is perplexing to me. He was a great player but is not as important as Ryan McHugh or mcbrearty imo. Correct about Kerry. I think that we expect too much from our lads. We as Donegal supporters expect games are ours to lose. We still are clinging to memories of beating the dubs in 2014. That was 5 years ago and we lost the final that year too. The team now is not the same as it was then. I think that we need to realize that we could have zero points, or 2 most likely rather than 4 after 4 of the easiest games in division 2. I said before that the cork game will sum up where we are at. This poor form is just where we are at rather than being down to missing players Donegalman (None) - Posts: 3406 - 2/26/19 9:35:01 AM I think you need to re-evaluate your opinion on the importance of Michael Murphy to Donegal, not just after tonight performance as a sub, but just look at his Championship scoring contribution in 2018."
We are lucky to be following Donegal while Murphy is playing and we may never see a player like him in Donegal again. I don't think he put a foot wrong tonight. Would we have won tonight without him, I doubt it. It was a vital win in poor conditions.

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 02/03/2019 23:51:53

The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches - 4 Like(s)

Replying To supersub15:  "KillingFields (Limerick) well said, In the overall interest of everyone's health and safety I sincerely hope the GAA postpone all matches league and championship (from today) until there is a safer time to restart, even if that means in 2021 then so be it, we are not in a good place, I wish I was wrong."
I think you are wrong to be honest. Donegal had the highest rate in Ireland, even surpassing Dublin, just a few weeks ago and were rightfully placed in Level 3. We've now gone to four since last week and numbers are down from 50+ a day to just 14 yesterday. The current restrictions need to be given a chance and 40 lads heading to another county to play a game isn't going to be the difference in beating Covid 19 transmission. The reality is that after the first round of games 16 teams are out of football and numbers diminishing with each round. It's like the Green Party looking for us to cut emissions and making out that if Ireland does this then then global warming will stop. The GAA is as small a player in overall Covid transfer as Ireland is to Global warming!

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 19/10/2020 13:06:39

Ulster Team Allege Sectarian Abuse. - 4 Like(s)
Can I have a burger please Ulsterman to go with the huge chip on your shoulder!! Been reading your same crying for years!

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 18/06/2018 21:46:06

Well Done Cork! - 4 Like(s)
I haven't seen anything yet that's better than Dublin. I also don't buy into the fact that Kerry were the only threat to Dublin winning 6. People were getting carried away with Kerry. Their last two league games were to beat a declining Monaghan team that are already out of the championship and a Donegal side resting 9 players from the previous week. I'm not trying to take away from Corks win as it was well deserved but I never bought into the current hype of this Kerry team. Tyrone and Derry were winning All Ireland minor title's but found it difficult to translate all those players to senior. The U20/21 grade is a better sign of a good crop. I actually think that if Tyrone had gotten past us they would have given the AI a fair crack. We have shown in the past that we have Tyrone's number in Ulster but have failed beyond that so the jury is still out on Donegal and Armagh are waiting to do a Cork on us.

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 09/11/2020 10:43:14

Ulster Final Donegal V Cavan - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Breffni39:  "On Murphy, honestly I'd say this regardless of the upcoming Ulster final but he gives as good as he gets so very little sympathy from me no matter who Donegal are playing. I may be a bit biased though cos I've had a simmering dislike of him ever since he screamed during the run up for every Cavan free in a minor semi-final(?) in Enniskillen years ago."
I'd agree that Murphy gives as good as gets in every game but I don't think thats what Bonner was saying. It's that when he gets fouled through pulling and dragging he rarely gets the free that should be given. As I said on a previous post it's the big man is able to take the abuse attitude from some refs. Mickey Graham is of the same opinion when he said "A big man like that, well able to look after himself" He's missing the point. A free is a free no matter what size you are In regards to Murphy trying to influence ref's he's 100% right and if he can influence them, he should. If the ref isn't strong enough to not be influenced then he shouldn't be an intercounty ref. Mc Kiernan should be doing the very same for Cavan! Again, it's up to the ref to clamp down on it. It's all added to a distraction that plays into Donegals hand btw. Mc Geeney made the mistake in setting up his defence with Murphy in mind and he was double and treble marked all game. This just left loads of room for Langan, Thompson, etc. to pick off scores. The risk he should have taken was to mark Murphy one on one and see what materialised. Hope Cavan make the same mistake this week.

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 18/11/2020 13:05:35

Dublin v Donegal - 4 Like(s)
Congrats to Dublin. Better team on the day. There was a chink of light for us with 20 to go but we just couldn't get closer than 3. Us needing to push forward and the legs getting tired resulted in the concession of that goal. Proud of our lads. Great effort by all. Good luck to Dublin going forward, that game will bring them on.

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 06/08/2016 21:04:33

Meath V Dublin Leinster Final. - 4 Like(s)
If I hear one more time about splitting Dublin in two I'll be sick. If you think it's bad now, can you imagine Dublin North v Dublin South in the Leicester Final cos that's what you'd eventually have.

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 22/11/2020 00:41:01

NFL Division 1 - 3 Like(s)
It was great entertainment in Letterkenny. We even had a clown!!! He was wearing a peaked hat and a Maor Foirne bib with a Galway crest!!

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 10/02/2020 20:17:43

Ulster Final Donegal V Cavan - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Fionn:  "Still a very strong and excellent Donegal team. Expecting them to win today and could be some battle with Dublin in the semi final."
Hopefully we claim the 3 in a row. That in itself would be massive for Donegal. Looking at your lads last night Fionn and if we do win today we'd have to play better than any performance so far this year to stay competitive.

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 22/11/2020 14:00:47

Monaghan V Kerry - 3 Like(s)
Delighted for Kerry. They deserved something out of the game. I thought the ref was very sure on Kerry and some of the diving by Monaghan players was embarrassing.

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 22/07/2018 20:21:56

What will the tactics be? - 3 Like(s)
I sat in the stand for the Donegal v Dublin Quarter Final and had a great conversation with a Dub beside me prior to the game who categorically denied that Dublin now or have ever used a blanket defence. In comparision to Donegal he might be sort of right but they certainly have used an element of it since 2014. In 2014 Eamon Fitzmaurice stated that Donegal were out Donegalled and that the only reason Kerry played blanket defence was that Donegal FORCED them to do it. Pat Spillane was still printing midweek after Dublin beat Donegal this year about the demise of the blanket defensive system that Donegal play. Galway minors didn't play a single game with a blanket defence until the AI semi v guess who ......Donegal! Well lads, Donegal won't be in Croke Park this Sunday so I assume we will have an open game of free flowing football with no sweepers and certainly no blanket defence. I'm really looking forward to it!!

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 26/08/2016 21:36:01

Is Leinster Football Dead And Buried? - 3 Like(s)
The question has to be asked was to why Kildare and especially Meath with their tradition and population aren't challenging. They really have no excuse other than their underage set ups aren't producing players capable of challenging when they step up to senior ranks . Dublin are dominant because their clubs and systems are giving their talent an opportunity to be better. Don't tell me there is less resources available in Kildare and Meath than there is in Mayo, Donegal, Kerry etc.

Tir Conaill Abu (National) - 27/05/2018 22:11:09