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Division 4 - National League - 2 Like(s)

Replying To leitrimabu1:  "Glad you acknowledged the impact of our dreadful shooting .If half of the first half wides had gone over we would have led comfortably at half time . The outcome might have been different as I'm sure the players themselves will know especially when they view the video.Put bluntly we could & should have won this game.As for the strange decision to drop McKiernan & Rooney - especially to play McCrann who as other posters pointed out played in two meaningless games did not add much to the overall team performance. In McCranns case he did no better than McKiernan would have done- but he's young enough & he needs to hang in there and take Saturdays disappointment in the chin. Fortunately Rooney got a run but should have come in earlier and nearly got us a goal in the closing stages. Jack Heslin made an immediate impact and he to should come on earlier than ten minutes from the end .McKiernan should start against Roscommon as should Jack, Rooney & Conor Cullen.Overall it was an outstanding performance by a team of emerging talent and and one that made every Leitrim person proud of where Terry & the team have brought us in such a short time. Delighted to read that he is not intimidated by Roscommon-anybody who witnessed what we did in Croke Park shouldn't be either."
Leitrim were the better side for most of the first half but kicked a load of wides whereas Derry were impressively efficient. If you play like that against the Rossies and just sllghtly adjust the shot selection (most of the wides were not by much), there is no reason you can't beat them. Roscommon are a well decent team, but they are beatable - if we were playing them we wouldn't be cocky but would well fancy our chances. It was a pleasure meeting the Leitrim fans on Saturday and you have a well-decent young team to be proud of - go beat the supposed 'big teams'!

doiregael2 (Leitrim) - 04/04/2019 01:00:45

Division 4 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To leitrimabu1:  "Congratulations Derry on promotion but Leitrim are going to Croke Park with winning on their mind."
Good man. The whole 'plucky little Leitrim, isn't it great they got promoted' sh**e in the media is enormously patronising.The cute culchie narrative at work enormously underestimates the sophistication and complexity of a county that is routinely stripped of its young people by emigration but also has that feedback into it from New York, London and wherever: Dubs are more parochial and limited in outlook in many ways. The fierce pride in what you are and where you come from is what it's all about.

doiregael2 (Derry) - 08/03/2019 00:25:17

The Big Question - Support Or Lack Of - 1 Like(s)

Replying To juande_ramos:  "As a Leitrim fan in Croke Park on Saturday i must admit i was astounded by the lack of support for Derry in the ground. I know some of your support has become disillusioned over the past number of years but i didn't realise just how bad this was. As the opening poster said it was a national final. Granted a Division 4 final but for us it meant an awful lot. Maybe the GAA community of Derry just are not bothered by such a lowly title? We have had our fair share of dark days and hammerings along the way but i guess we do not have the titles that Derry somewhat became accustomed to down through the years. You guys are on the way back up and fair play to you. Hopefully the support starts to return too. One final point is fair play to Chrissy McKaigue for his fine words about the Leitrim team and our fans. thought it was a real lovely touch by the man. Congrats on being crowned league champions on Saturday and the very best of luck in the Championship. We look forward to welcoming you to Carrick next year for our Div 3 tussle."
Chrissy McKaigue is a class act - a great footballer but also impressively grounded, intelligent and respectful. For the few Derry supporters in Croke Park on Saturday, it was important that we won, to follow on from what has been a season of knuckling down, working hard and losing the attitude of being 'too good' to be in this or that division, an attitude which eventually led to being in Division 4. The Leitrim support made the day for me with their attitude of coming to enjoy the big day - sure, if you can't enjoy it, what's the point? - and their team did them proud, fighting until the end after looking like they might be heading for a bad beating in the second half. Conversely, our boys were impressive in weathering the early storm and proceeding to control the game. Both teams are young and improving and from what I have seen of Leitrim this year, anyone who underestimates them in Connacht will get beaten.

doiregael2 (Derry) - 04/04/2019 00:34:05

Division 4 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To leitrimabu1:  "Congratulations Derry on promotion but Leitrim are going to Croke Park with winning on their mind."
Congratulations to yourselves as well. Two young teams gathering confidence, plenty of good footballers on both sides, a decent surface: I look forward to a good game of football and may the best team win. With promotion already won for both sides, we'll hopefully see a bit of ball being played now the necessary donkey work is done!

doiregael2 (Derry) - 04/03/2019 21:21:36

New Derry Senior Manager - 1 Like(s)
Gallagher had his day as a number 2, 7 years ago. The theory of him being the real genius, not Jimmy McGuiness, is well busted at this stage - ask anyone in Fermanagh or Donegal.

doiregael2 (Derry) - 10/09/2019 01:06:10

Derry vs Mayo - 1 Like(s)
Great performance by Derry, given they were wiped out at midfield, especially after Conor McAtamney, who had been playing well, was black-carded. All the same, every single Derryman on the park worked their socks off and played with pride and courage and skill. As for Ben McKinless, he was mostly brilliant; he made 4 or 5 sensational saves that kept Derry in the game and is obviously a young man full of ability, confidence and attitude, stuff you can't learn, but what he will will learn with experience is judgement. He has great natural talent, he has balls of steel but he is only 19 - stick with him and we have a keeper for the next decade or more who can be our Cluxton. With no targets to hit from long kick-outs, having tried a few which resulted in O'Shea and Parsons dominating, he had no choice but to resort to short ones subjected to a full court press by Mayo - one or two of those go wrong and it looks like the inexperienced goalie cost Derry the game, which is utter bullshit. Brendan Rodgers and Niall Keenan were magnificent for Derry, the two McKaigues were reliably excellent as always. Niall Loughlin, marking Lee Keegan, footballer of the year, gave him all he wanted and is continuously improving. The commentary since the game has been enormously disrespectful of Derry, I believe, since our boys played really well, showing enormous amounts of both courage and proper footballing ability - having to run run everything from the back, however, given the lack of any midfield platform, meant that Derry were exhausted in extra time and Mayo's experience and physical conditioning kicked in. There are plenty of footballers in Derry as good as any in the country, as they showed yesterday, and there are a load of young boys coming through from the past three years' minor teams. The future is bright. Doire Abú.

doiregael2 (Derry) - 03/07/2017 02:44:44