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The Dubs Fans - A Credit. - 5 Like(s)
Was working tonight at the Omagh match, scanning season tickets and have to say the Dubs were full of banter and craic and not one bad word from them that you get from some other Counties fans. Then when you get into the ground and the match starts the noise and atmosphere that you generate really makes a match. Yous definitely enjoy an away day!!

kingpuck71 (National) - 21/07/2018 22:43:04

What is an 18 year old supposed to do this year? - 3 Like(s)

Replying To onlyhurling:  "For anybody that turns 18 this year, at what level are the supposed to play? From an intecounty level the are too old to play minor but are too young to play either u20/21 (football/hurling) so can't compete anywhere. From a club perspective, for the counties that have changed to u17 for minor grade , they have the same problem (except for those very few good enough to play senior level). This is going to be the same problem for 18 year olds every year going forward. Is the idea here to drive our youth away from the GAA or just a complete lack of planning of the new legislation put in place?"
Believe you and me Derry know this more than anyone. We had a cub from my own club named at full forward to play in the first round of McKenna Cup on Wednesday night past, only to be be told prior to throw in that he was too young to play and then subsequently told, as you point out he can not play under 17 as he is too old, nor can he play under 20/21 as he is too young. A shocking oversight at Congress and by all those in authority at HQ. Did anyone really think this through?

kingpuck71 (National) - 05/01/2018 14:37:35

Munster Hurling Final Tipp V Limerick - 2 Like(s)

Replying To waynoI:  "If such a horrible dangerous tackle like the one Ronan Maher put in on the limerick forward today was in the football there would be absolute uproar on here."
Only because in the majority of games of football ( particularly in Leinster ) there would be virtually nothing else to talk about apart from a hit. Plenty of other talking points in a good weekend of Hurling.

kingpuck71 (National) - 30/06/2019 19:43:46

Another Ref Pushed - 1 Like(s)
Most people seem to talk about how unacceptable the push on the referee was. Would I be in the minority that think what he did to the Kildare player was worse? The public slating on social media is so wrong but I believe he should get the punishment his actions deserve through the proper channels. I read people on other platforms coming out with the " He's only a young fella. Has none of you ever made a mistake in life? " type comments. Of course most of us have but I say very few of us went to these levels either on or off a pitch. Faith should be placed in the discipline committee and perhaps the saddest thing is that only a few seem to be talking about the achievements of the Kildare team. The praise for them has been taken off their victory somewhat.

kingpuck71 (National) - 06/08/2018 12:26:01

Another handy provincial draw for Kerry - 1 Like(s)
To be honest it's getting farcical now..... Kerry to play one match against Limerick or Clare to be guaranteed into the last 12 of the AI series.. If anyone at HQ can't see how unfair this is then more and more people are going to be turned off every year.

kingpuck71 (National) - 13/10/2016 23:18:08

Ulster Championship Draw - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Offside_Rule:  "Should be an easy path for ourselves to the Final - happy days......"
See you in the Final lad!!!

kingpuck71 (National) - 09/10/2019 19:06:49

Donegal Have The Friendliest Supporters In The Country - 1 Like(s)
As someone alluded to earlier every County has their idiots. I would do gates at a lot of matches around the country and have met a lot of great fans from many counties including Donegal. Like someone also said it's usually your bad experiences that stick with you the most and unfortunately I have had a couple of really bad experiences with Donegal fans. The worst was in 2012 after giving us a real beating in Ballybofey where myself and my family along with other Derry supporters were subjected to a number of unsavoury people in Green and Gold ( some young and some not so young ) telling us in no uncertain terms to get back to Londonderry but not as nicely as that. From a working perspective you normally get abuse from fans about admission prices ( which to all of you out there has nothing to do with the volunteer ticket sellers and gate men ) but last year this went to a new level when Dublin visited Omagh when there were not enough seats for all the season ticket holders and some of the vitriol from a section of Tyrone supporters who believed it was our fault they couldn't get a seat in "Their" ground was savage.

kingpuck71 (National) - 27/07/2019 22:58:52

Tyrone V Dublin - 1 Like(s)
Tyrone maybe missed a trick here with poor decision making, poor shooting and bad team selection but Dublin have another gear in them as well. Tyrone's subs made a great impact when they came on. Not going to be easy for them to go into Donegal and get a result in 2 weeks time but should be a cracking match. On a side note Ciaran Kilkenny is a fine footballer but in the course of the match tonight he did some bleating to everyone - Referee, linesmen, bench. Does he really need to be at it?

kingpuck71 (National) - 21/07/2018 22:38:28