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One thing was obvious Saturday, we need to wrap Mackey up in cotton wool. He is a joy to watch. Getting fitter all the time. Peaking at the right time. Georoid also excellent.

doratheexplorer (Cavan) - Posts: 1467 - 30/03/2015 10:04:40    1708216


Agree with Dora. Mackey is our key man and play-maker. He gives the team an added dimension and they play better with him in the team.
Geroid had one of his better games and this was probably as a result of Mackey doing the defensive side of his game and allowing players more freedom.
I still think we need a big forward to win ball inside.

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts: 10253 - 30/03/2015 10:50:05    1708256


as i read these messages i cant believe that the height our our ambitions is to avoid promotion and stay where we are. Again it seems that, just as we seemed afraid to shoot on saturday evening, we are afraid to reach for a higher standard. Looks like we are prepared to settle for beating Monaghan first round and does'nt matter afterwards.

Not good enough - we as a county should have higher ambitions and should'nt be afraid to reach for them. Not saying that we'll achieve them but if you aim for nothing then you'll hit nothing.

Part of the joy of Gaelic games is going on a journey every year,following your team and by the 1st and 3rd Sunday in September only 1 county will have the joy.. for the rest it's pick up the pieces and try try again.

ManInBlack (Cavan) - Posts: 9 - 30/03/2015 13:06:16    1708351


Ned - you may think Monaghan are a better team than us and may be defeatist if you like. Just like you are defeatist and negative about eveverything. A bar stool expert that no doubt has achieved nothing in football - it was always someone elses fault. I choose to believe that we are as good if not better than Monaghan and Meath. We should aim to get to Div 1 and see how we do against the best. Cavan should be aiming for the top back to where we once were and incidentally where Monaghan have never been.

fredflint (Cavan) - Posts: 1306 - 30/03/2015 14:05:36    1708383


I have to hand it to you Fred, you are entertaining if nothing else, the court jester of the Cavan forum.

I don't drink so that kind of dispels your barstool myth :( Is there any other arbitrary slurs you'd like to manufacture in that mind of yours to sling at me? I'm a negative glass half empty man with a drink problem, this is hilarious, I'm writing this with a smile on my face. This is what happens when you run out of logic fred, reduce the thing to insults. Play the ball not the man (pun fully intended).

I think we're better than Meath also. As for Monaghan, as I say, 1-14 we're similar, they have a top notch marksman in McManus, we simply don't have a forward of his calibre.

Ned_Stormcrow (Cavan) - Posts: 1022 - 30/03/2015 14:44:44    1708417


Fredflint, you are dead right, Our season objective has been met. We now have a chance of promotion and there is no reason why we cant beat Meath. Promotion could be very beneficial because with Tyrone/Kerry, Derry, Armagh and Fermanagh coming into Division 2 next year it would make this division very very hard to attain promotion in 2016. Giving the lads a craic at Division 1 can be no harm whatsoever. A lot of Division 1 teams don't take the first 2 rounds seriously anyway. Whats the worst that can happen? We get relegated and the lads get the experience and in 2017 we are in Division 2!

cavan97 (Cavan) - Posts: 369 - 30/03/2015 14:57:33    1708423


You don't have to drink to sit in a bar but its a good place to go for a moan and a whinge with all the other experts. Im not sure what ails you Ned but you clearly have an issue leading for you to be so negative. By the way, Monaghan may have a better full forward line than us but we are better around the middle. There's nothing much between the teams. I'm confident we will beat them.

fredflint (Cavan) - Posts: 1306 - 30/03/2015 15:23:06    1708443


Anyone know if Clarke and Argue will be fit for the Meath match? Thought i read somewhere that Clarke is out for a month or so but not sure.

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts: 10253 - 30/03/2015 19:42:20    1708616


So people are saying going up to Division 1 would do no harm because if we stay in Division 2, promotion will be harder next year because there will be 5 Ulster Teams. So whats the benefit of going up to Division 1 if the chances are we'll get hammered by the likes for Dublin, Cork, Mayo & Kerry - what do you learn from that?

If we have improved as much under Terry, as stated by SGoldrick, FredFlint & Cavan97, then surely we should have no problem with Division 2 next season!!

deanmartin (Cavan) - Posts: 643 - 31/03/2015 13:14:28    1708864


Sorry I must have missed DeanMartin Congratulating Terry and his players and securing at least Division 2 football for next year. Its 3 days since we secured it but I cant seem to find his post here. Why is that Martin?

cavan97 (Cavan) - Posts: 369 - 31/03/2015 13:47:25    1708899