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No disrespect to kingscourt but they played 10 lost 2 and still won the championship. Yes we know the first loss was preliminary but you shouldn't be able to lose twice and still be in a knockout competition. That's my opinion . It shows the overhaul that's needed. I've said many times . Play a straight knockout . Home and away 2 leg. Neutral venue if 1-1. Use teams grounds and forget about Breffni until the semi finals. Play both of them the same day! Bang championship over in 3 months. Get a bit of bite and interest back with the home and away games.

Awwwwnow (Cavan) - Posts: 1050 - 23/10/2015 16:48:02    1801605


wouldn't agree with you there awwwnaaww I think that would slow the whole process...most of those legs would end up 1-1 and then you have a load of extra games to play...straight knockout with no backdoor is harsh but definitely makes the most sense, it gives the lesser teams a big chance to do well, killeshandra only lost one game and that was the semi final...they beat castlerathan at the very beginning which if it was straight knockout would have put them out and who knows the leagures may have went on to win it...also players enjoy playing in breffini..a lot of them don't get to play there often and it helps familiarise them with it rather than throwing them in just for the semi final

5seniormedals (Cavan) - Posts: 58 - 23/10/2015 17:02:55    1801611


Yeah losing twice doesn't give a great look to it, but that's the way the Co board have the format. Tyrone play straight knock oout. Kingscourt got key players back after those losses, Faulkner,Cian McArdle, Joe Dillon, which obiously gave them a lift. They were deserving winners in the final.

Hopefully they can put in a a good performance against Kilcoo on Sunday week. Conor Laverty and the 2 Johnstons will take watching. Part of a double header with Ballyahise v Doohamlet.

FoolsGold (Cavan) - Posts: 2096 - 23/10/2015 17:09:16    1801613


If the championship stays the the way it is now without the premlimery round now it will be 16 teams.
I think it will work well.
Won't be able to lose more than one game and win champ.

tom84 (Cavan) - Posts: 218 - 23/10/2015 19:56:29    1801649


It's hard to believe that cavan gaels are in this situation where if they lose tomorrow they will be relegated , Ballyhaise done well to stay up !

Cavanbyrd (Cavan) - Posts: 61 - 24/10/2015 14:36:56    1801718


Cavan Gaels hammered Ballinagh, that will disappoint a lot of people

eduardo66 (Cavan) - Posts: 64 - 25/10/2015 15:25:29    1801807


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On a 10 teams league 3 points although rewarding for a win could quickly create a gap between winning and losing

surely that's the way it should be.

s goldrick (Cavan) - Posts: 5305 - 25/10/2015 15:47:06    1801814


S Golderick point I'm making is 3 points per win could create a gulf between teams after 3/4 games. So where the incentive then for teams at the bottom. Look at this years league. Despite dragging on it went down to the wire last game to decide relegation. Keeps a bit of interest. Maybe instead of worrying about the league and the point system you should try your hand at a championship restructuring . How a team can lose 2 in a knockout and still be in contention to win it . Another team loses 1 out of 3 and they are out. Something for you to ponder over the winter months.

Awwwwnow (Cavan) - Posts: 1050 - 25/10/2015 18:33:46    1801853


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1801807 Cavan Gaels hammered Ballinagh, that will disappoint a lot of people

Eduarof 66 of 26 posts Tomsmith here of 2.5+ thousand posts
I feel it is very bitter of you to post the above.
If you were a Gaels player /Official/supporter or indeed a Town person and your former great club was about to be relegated how would you feel ????
This is a club that has been at the top for so long

tomsmith (Cavan) - Posts: 3257 - 27/10/2015 10:31:37    1802141


Gaels proved again on sunday that they set the unbeliveable performance.nice to see them secure div1 status.with a new manager in place and new committe for next year be very afaird of the Gaels.they have not gone away you know.

gaelsutd (Cavan) - Posts: 602 - 27/10/2015 12:30:34    1802223


tom I am delighted that Cavan Gaels retained their div 1 status, they play a great brand of football, and I have never understood the hate aimed at them, especially from clubs who they have rarely if ever played against. I would say that after their local rivals, fans of other clubs next choice of hate is Cavan Gaels. And this is not something that has just come about since the Gaels domination of the Senior grade in the last 15 years or so, it was there 20 and 30 years ago. I can remember as a lad going to the senior final in 1983 as a neutral with a group of Killeshandra players, and each and everyone of them wanted the Gaels to lose, we met up with many fans of other clubs and they too all seemed to want the Gaels to lose. I have been to many of the Senior finals in the last 20 years that the Gaels played in and my experience is that the neutral fans by and large sided with whoever was playing against the Gaels. I also noticed over the years that Gaels players get a hard time from fans when the play for the county team. I have discussed this with some of those who dislike the Gaels, and have so far never got an explanation that makes sense.

and Tom that is why I said that the Gaels winning would disappoint a lot of people.

eduardo66 (Cavan) - Posts: 64 - 27/10/2015 13:29:11    1802248


Ballinagh Vs LAcken Relegation Playoff will be a blood bath

I expect both teams to not give an inch in that encounter be good viewing..

Dr.Phil (Cavan) - Posts: 109 - 27/10/2015 21:50:38    1802499