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With Roscommons defeat today the division 2 promotion and relegation is up in the air.
Question is, do we want promotion, is it to soon?
I was at the match last night and I know conditions weren't great for football but the general consensus among Cavan fans leaving the pitch was one of disappointment with the general standard of football on display.
I did feel after Cavan settled that Westmeath never looked like troubling them but the quality was poor.
Just wondering what other posters felt.

desagov (Cavan) - Posts: 201 - 29/03/2015 15:36:16    1707775


Unfortunately we're not within an asses roar of the top 6 teams. We'd be competing with Down and Monaghan for 6th place in the event we were to go up. The Corks and Dublins of this world are streets ahead of us. When we have faced division 1 teams, we've not fared well. Twice comfortably beaten by Tyrone (who are now a division 2 team) in 2014 and 2015. Down (who will go up) beat us at home. Tanked by Armagh and Roscommon last year, neither division 1 standard.

However, we are in this position so progress is slowly being made, but on the physical side of it alone, we're quite some way off. I'd be happy to see us compete in division 2 for another year and take it from there. It does make the Meath game very interesting though.

Ned_Stormcrow (Cavan) - Posts: 1022 - 29/03/2015 16:46:20    1707873


just wondering lads do ye think we will beat wmeath AWAY from home from what ye seen of them...they will be up for the battle as they need a win, we have made such hard work out of something that could've been very straightforward for us

RealRossie (Roscommon) - Posts: 332 - 29/03/2015 17:09:17    1707904


I have been debating our fate in my mind over the last few days and have actually come to a new conclusion. I, like many other posters, was of the thinking that another year in div 2 would be better for us and would let the players consolidate their position and then with another years experience, then push for div 1. But after seeing the opportunity that has presented itself due to Roscommons defeat to Galway, I now believe that we must go for it (not that we wouldn't) and try to get up. I actually see it as being more beneficial. Look at our team - many of them have Ulster medals with Cavan, have rubbed shoulders with Dublin, Cork, Donegal, etc. A season in div 1 would bring us on. I don't see that Monaghan are a far superior team to us and I believe we will beat them in the championship. They have handled div 1 commendably and they have earned their place there. We can do the same. A lot of the top guns don't treat the league as a major important competition whereas for smaaller counties, the rewards are greater in terms of experience and playing at a higher standard.

When McHugh came to Cavan his first aim was to move up divisions and we did. Soon after we won an Ulster title. Promotion to div 1 is far from secured and will be a big ask, but I think it would be great for Cavan to move up. I don't think we would be the whipping boys next year either!

Reformation (Cavan) - Posts: 356 - 29/03/2015 17:44:25    1707939


If we get promoted to division 1 then we have earned it. Playing at a higher level is what all players strive for and rightly so. If we don't believe we can compete with the best then we never will be able to achieve our ultimate aim and that is to be the best. This Cavan team, inclusive of players and back team management have worked extremely hard to get where they are and are deserving of all success they achieve. Best of luck in Navan and I for one would love to see Cavan competing at the top table next season.

realisticpaddy (Cavan) - Posts: 16 - 30/03/2015 09:59:45    1708213



i would echo that 100%

cavanman47 (Cavan) - Posts: 4135 - 30/03/2015 10:02:39    1708215


County: Roscommon
Posts: 200

just wondering lads do ye think we will beat wmeath AWAY from home from what ye seen of them...they will be up for the battle as they need a win, we have made such hard work out of something that could've been very straightforward for us

Yes you will win easy from what I seen the other night they are worst team in Division.

RHF (Cavan) - Posts: 616 - 30/03/2015 10:08:16    1708219


I too was of the opinion that we are better off staying in Division 2 for a while to build but I have also changed my mind . I would love for us to beat Meath and get promoted on Sunday . Sure I would worry that we would ship a few heavy beatings but that's part of the learning curve and you can react in one of two ways when you're knocked on your arse . There's no reason to doubt that this particular group of lads wouldn't respond in a positive manner . I would also worry that we do not have enough of a forward threat to compete in Division 1 but again there's no reason to think we will not be a much improved attacking team next year . Keating might be back . Tom Hayes will be a year older . Madden might be pushing through along with some more U21s and there may also be a few surprise additions . We could have a fully fit Mackey and McVeety will be a year older and could be realising his massive potential . We also have some really classy half back/forward players from our U21 teams who too will be a year older and could have some senior time under their belts and be pushing competition in this sector . A fully rejuvenated Givney may also be back as well . Two wins might be enough in order to scrape survival and while easier said than done it is achievable . Of course it all could go horribly wrong but there's only one way to find out - fortune favours the brave!!!!

I'm very happy with the way Division 2 has gone and we have shown we have progressed to the next level . We can hold our own in the top 16 teams . The top 10 is the next aim and there's no time like the present . Sure , we are a long long way off the top 5 but that does not mean we can't compete in Division 1 and be a top 10 team . This will mean taking a few beatings but it also requires to be pushing promotion in Division 2 , getting into Division 1 , maybe surviving but at least yo-yoing between the two . We have to believe we're good enough - it starts with us!!! There is no perfect time to take this next step and if we hang around wishing for the perfect moment then the chance will pass us by .

Anyway that's getting ahead of ourselves . There's still the small matter of Meath on Sunday and another result going our way . Best of luck to the team and management . We are a far far cry from where we were at going into the last league game three years ago!!!!!

Hardtimes (Cavan) - Posts: 1056 - 02/04/2015 11:23:49    1709736


Hardtimes - so youve changed your mind, you want to us to get promoted, but you dont mind us getting a few beatings here and there, because we'll learn from them...Ive never heard such nonsense.. We're simply not good enough for Division 1, end off. We dont have the players and the players that we do have do not have the quality that the top teams have.

deanmartin (Cavan) - Posts: 643 - 02/04/2015 14:12:12    1709829


Dean. What should Cavan's aim be in the games they will play in in the next few years?

They've drawn Monaghan in the championship this year. If they were to get promoted they'd be playing Monaghan next year in the league. They're not good enough to compete and to say they'll learn from the beatings is rubbish you say. Therefore, should they pull out of the Ulster Championship? I'm just trying to see if you can make sense in any post you make?

If Cavan don't get promoted to Division 2 this year, what about next year. We pretty much know what players are available so should they try to beat anyone in Division 2 or maybe just win enough games to sit still? Is it avoid Division 1 at all costs in case they lose?

You see I'm pretty sure I remember some posters, possibly you, but maybe not, condemning other posters for believing that promotion to Division 2 was something that Cavan people should consider progress.

What is progress Dean?

Skelling (USA) - Posts: 288 - 02/04/2015 15:04:21    1709857


Its no wonder deanmartintynan didn't make it himself as a player, he was beaten before he even stepped in the pitch. Thankfully we have a better mental strength in our current panel.

fredflint (Cavan) - Posts: 1333 - 02/04/2015 18:31:00    1709946


I remember posting in some topic saying that staying in Division 2 would be progress for me and I would call it a good year, well they have succeeded. Should they get promoted sure we might as well take it sure why not to improve you have to play the better teams it's that simple.
I only hope they change their style for right now it's revolting and has turned thousands away from the games. It's a shame for nothing like the roar of a good group of supporters.
So as fredflint seems to think I am a high stool supporter despite having never drank and I am a paying supporter through think and thin.
I would be delighted for us to be in division 1 and my hope then for 2016 would be that we hold our own and avoid relegation. I will be in Navan the weekend hoping we beat Meath and who knows we might walk away with promotion

mowbar (Cavan) - Posts: 452 - 02/04/2015 20:06:16    1709980


Is deanmartin from cavan

asitis (Cavan) - Posts: 233 - 02/04/2015 20:28:38    1709993