League-championship football format favoured by players

September 14, 2021

Mayo's Tom Parsons. ©INPHO/Bryan Keane.

Inter-county footballers are believed to be strongly in favour of a league-based championship structure ahead of next month's Special Congress.

Both the Irish Independent and RTÉ are reporting that the majority of players canvassed by the Gaelic Players' Association (GPA) to date would like to see the league-championship model introduced next year. Another option is a tweaked provincial system comprising four groups of eight counties which would see the three lowest-ranked counties in Leinster and Ulster moved to Connacht and Munster.

The third option is that the status quo remains with some minor changes.

All the soundings, however, are the GPA will give its backing to the former proposal which will require 60% of the vote at Special Congress if it's to succeed. 


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