The role of the Covid Supervisor in GAA's return explained

June 12, 2020

Who is the Covid Supervisor?

When GAA training resumes later this month, each club will be required to have one Covid Supervisor per team.

The Covid Supervisor will be mainly responsible for collating health questionnaires from all involved with the team including players and backroom members before training but are not expected to record their temperatures.

"The role of the Covid Supervisor is important and what we have envisaged is that every club chairman and club secretary will undertake the education course so that they are fully aware of what a Covid Supervisor is," GAA Head of Games Administration Feargal McGill told when discussing the Covid-19 education programme.

"That doesn't necessarily mean that they have to be the Covid Supervisor for the club but we think it's important that the leadership in each club understands what a Covid 19 Supervisor is.

"Covid 19 Supervisors will be appointed to each team and their job essentially, particularly at the beginning, will be to ensure that every player and every participant [including backroom members] that enters the ground has completed the health questionnaire.

"They only have to complete the health questionnaire once and then at subsequent sessions players and backroom team will have to confirm to Covid Supervisors on entry that their health circumstances haven't changed."

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