Knockout championship is a possibility admit the GAA

March 26, 2020

Tipperary captain Seamus Callanan celebrates with the Liam MacCarthy Cup. ©INPHO/Tommy Dickson.

While hoping to see the 2020 championships completed this year, the GAA have admitted that a change in championship format could be on the cards.

Already two Connacht SFC matches have been postponed on the weekend of May 2/3 and a number of matches are still scheduled for the May 10.

As it stands there are no GAA activities until April 19.

“The current situation is that there are no changes to any of our championship structures to date,” the GAA’s Fergal McGill said on RTE Radio 1’s Morning Ireland earlier today. “They're due to start on May 10 which is well outside the April 19 flag that the Government have planted.

“So that's still a possibility as a start date. While that's a possibility we can't really look at changing championship structures. But I do have to concede that it seems unlikely we'll be back playing by then.”

The All-Ireland finals are scheduled for August 16 (hurling) and August 30 (football), and McGill feels those dates are still realistic.

“I would imagine that as long as we get back on the playing field or we can start our inter-county championships before the middle of June then we should be able to retain those dates.

“We'd probably have to look at straight knock-out provincial championships in both football and hurling, but, potentially with a back-door as well.”

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