PSNI advertises in All-Ireland final programmes

September 02, 2019

A full-page advertisement for the PSNI features in this year's All-Ireland football final programme.

This would have been unthinkable not so long ago.

It's a sign of how far Ireland has come that the PSNI - Northern Ireland's police force - placed full-page advertisements in this year's All-Ireland hurling and football final programmes to promote their upcoming 2020 recruitment drive. The ad also featured the Irish language version of the PSNI's "Keeping People Safe" motto "Ag Coimead Daoine Sabhailte".

Following the lifting of Rule 21, which banned British security forces from playing Gaelic Games, in 2001, the PSNI set up their own GAA club in Belfast which is affiliated to Antrim GAA and play in their inter-firms league.


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