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Junior A Championship 2014

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Knockananna started very strong yesterday 2 early goals. Kilmac just didn't panic and persisted with pressure and chipped the scores back. The game was a lot closer than the scoreline suggests.
Hard luck Teatotal and Thegaaman13

Laragh just not up to the same level as blesso. The big full forward laragn that came on with his calf strapped up was need earlier Great year for them and hopefully they can push on from here.

intheback (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 29/09/2014 15:31:35    1658153


Has to be said though, Junior football has been a low standard in the county for a number of years and i dont see this changing anytime soon.

intheback (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 01/10/2014 13:00:37    1658949


in the back, I don't agree. Look at Kilmac, still a Junior A team yet playing Div 1 football for the past few years, Junior A championship is very competitive.

Ballinacor won Junior A championship a few years ago and went straight up to div 1 football the following year with Kilmac.

Junior football is a decent standard, the higher divisions have slipped.

minor93 (Wicklow) - Posts: 52 - 01/10/2014 19:42:44    1659148


Junior A standard is poor enough at the start of the championship you could have picked 3 of the semi finalist with laragh been the only one not to pick,but they would have been in the next 3 teams to make up the 4. I seen a lot of games at this level this year and most were of very poor standard. Also seen a lot of intermediate games which wernt a lot better I don't know where the next county players are coming from as a lot leaving the panel this year.

yosser (Wicklow) - Posts: 225 - 03/10/2014 16:48:41    1659849


Interesting final ahead. Kilmac have to be absolute huge favorites to take the title. Interesting that Mr to the bone has stayed so silent in media this last week.Must be keeping the pressure off his lads. Anyway I am going for Kilmac to win by 5 points. Blesso have good backs but the Kilmac forwards are just too pacey

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 09/10/2014 13:31:53    1661809


I see its in arklow now. To the bone has his article online on people sport can't find in paper. Never mentioned Kilmac

intheback (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 10/10/2014 10:56:02    1662262


Arklow is a much tighter pitch and might favor the Blesso lads who have a good defence. I did not know you could get the ww people online must check it out. Not surprised To the Bone has not mentioned Kilmac.Strange though that he was so opinionated about Camogie not talking up their finals a few weeks ago and now when he has a chance to mention Jun A final he neglects to do so.

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 10/10/2014 18:58:10    1662507


Best to luck to both teams especially Blessington as a west man its great to see such mighty club going reaching their goal of winning a junor double.........

kimbra (Wicklow) - Posts: 57 - 11/10/2014 10:59:15    1662589


Kimbra, would I be right in saying your a nicks man?

Victorious87 (Wicklow) - Posts: 442 - 11/10/2014 20:04:05    1662737


2 championships and a senior league heading to Blesso within the space of a week. It will be Miley next year.

hardybuck28 (Wicklow) - Posts: 122 - 13/10/2014 11:53:07    1663122


Im sure Pisterlo will be delighted with Blessington and Rathnew's achievements this week

TheWolf (Wicklow) - Posts: 5 - 13/10/2014 11:59:03    1663124


Vic I'm not a nicks man, went to school in dunlavin a few years ago so I have a soft spot for a lot of the players. I somewhere in between Blessington and Baltinglass

kimbra (Wicklow) - Posts: 57 - 13/10/2014 12:48:31    1663144


Congrats to Blesso. Hard luck to Kilmac, what do they have to do to win a Junior title, is that 3 defeats in the last 4 years?

minor93 (Wicklow) - Posts: 52 - 13/10/2014 18:33:29    1663296


First match I have seen in wicklow, great game to watch, two sporting teams great. Attitude, number 10 for blesso could be very good in time, number 13 and 15 for kilmack very good just supply dried up overall impressed with standard good occeasion will go again

1977 (Dublin) - Posts: 1 - 13/10/2014 19:35:40    1663321


Stayed on after our game on Saturday. Thought our neighbors would finally get over the hill but sadly no. Felt the Kilmac line were completely clueless when Blesso began to make their comeback in the first half. In the second half they were more interested in trowing water around and trying to influence a very good referee. Cannot see Kilmac getting over this setback and will be unlikely to see promotion in the coming years.Agree with the assessment that full forward line were very good until supply dried up.

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 14/10/2014 14:58:44    1663565


I thought this final offered the best entertainment of all the county finals this year. The intensity and passion was greater than the senior final, granted a lower skill level shown. Great come back by Blessington but hard not to feel for Kilmac, it will take alot to come back from that defeat. Their number 10 would make it onto many senior teams

gagaforgaa (Wicklow) - Posts: 30 - 14/10/2014 18:25:05    1663673