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Mickey Donnelly?

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Is mickey still in charge?
Or has he got the chop?

TYRONE_MICK (Tyrone) - Posts: 332 - 17/08/2015 14:44:34    1771455


Think this is his last year in charge.
Was lucky he got to stay in charge at the beginning of the year after not getting enough votes to stay as manager but at the end got this year and after Tyrone minors performance this year he wont get another year.
Think McGuigan and Ricey will be taking over.

tyronelegend (Tyrone) - Posts: 270 - 18/08/2015 21:41:58    1772231


That's not an accurate account - Mickey Donnelly had been put in place for 2 years and there never should have been a vote last year. This was later rectified.

PastThePost (Tyrone) - Posts: 187 - 19/08/2015 11:54:06    1772416


He couldn't train frogs to hop

TYRONE_MICK (Tyrone) - Posts: 332 - 20/08/2015 17:28:24    1773411


Sounds like you're the man for the job TYRONE MICK...why don't you put your name forward as the post is currently vacant?

PastThePost (Tyrone) - Posts: 187 - 21/08/2015 11:30:34    1773712