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Safe St Tiernach's Park Clones

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I was just reading that Casement Park Belfast has still not been given the green light and has to go through another legal hearing before anything can be started on it.

Is it now time for the people of Monaghan and Ulster to start a campaign to safe this historic ground?

What is really needed from a sports staduim in this part of the Country?

Comfort,ease of access,parking,and of course safety.The are many more things needed but these are the most important aspects of a Staduim.

Firstly what capacity would you need for a Gaa Staduim in South Ulster?. Would an Ulster Final attract over 50,000 people....Would a stand alone All Ireland Quarter Final/Semi Final attract over 50,000?.........I don't think it would.

At the minute Clones can hold 35,000 with 16,000 seated,surely 10,000 more people would be ideal ground that could host every Ulster county and countys outside of it,ie MEATH,LOUTH,DUBLIN.

Whats needed are 2 (two), new 2 tier coverd stand,with dressing rooms,medical,media rooms,and disabled area with ease of access,restraunts and shops.

There is plenty of space at the Gerry Arthurs and on the hill for the 2 stand.Terrace the Eoin O'Duffy and Eastren Stands as standing area's to keep the atmosphere on big match day.

Carparks close to the ground,they are fields near the pitch that could be bought by the Gaa or the council.....special passes could be applied for elderly people who can be parked in the grounds through one way traffic system going to one of the stands.

Hotels in Clones, Monaghan town,Cavan town, and Enniskillen can accomadate people who wish to stay after the events at the Grounds.

Cork gaa have recieved massive money for a the revamp of their staduim,why cant we?

Monaghan need a state of the art staduim,Ulster needs one too.......No need to build one for concerts as Garth Brooks put paid to any major gigs been played in a GAA ground for along time.

If we had a Staduim like the one we should have, maybe we could host other events in it that would bring much needed money to the area and county.

But until we as Monaghan people and GAA gaels start to rise up and look for it,it will pass us by..........Do we want it? and how do we go about it?

hardcore (Monaghan) - Posts: 1366 - 16/10/2014 21:48:39    1664546


That should read "SAVE" not safe........

hardcore (Monaghan) - Posts: 1366 - 16/10/2014 21:57:05    1664550


I have to agree hardcore. Unfortunately the funds for the casement development are being gifted to the GAA in the North by the executive, so from that point of view they cant look a gift horse in the mouth.

So even if the Casement redevelopment doesn't go ahead, it will be very unlikely that the money would be redirected to renovate a stadium in the South.

I really hope it doesn't get the go ahead. I love Clones.

supermon (Monaghan) - Posts: 1068 - 17/10/2014 12:04:09    1664625


We dont need British Goverment money,No Offence to them,nor do we 150 million........

Dont tell me that with Grants from the GAA,along with the Ulster Gaa Council,and the Irish Goverment that we can not get a decent budget for the upgrade of St Tiernachs Park without turning it into a white elephant.

If there is no interest in keeping a Staduim in County Monaghan and bringing much needed funds to the County well then we will all know about it when its gone and Clones will crumble away just as it is now.

hardcore (Monaghan) - Posts: 1366 - 17/10/2014 21:35:52    1664833


We'll I wouldn't say it's British government money, I'd say it's money that taxpayers in the north have given and I suppose of it's being dished out the GAA are gonna look for their cut. Still think Casement is a bad choice. No atmosphere around there on match days, it's just suburban grey. Clones may need an upgrade in stand infrastructure and parking facilities but apart from that I still think it's the perfect place for an ulster final. Always a carnival atmosphere in the town.

supermon (Monaghan) - Posts: 1068 - 18/10/2014 15:59:30    1664959