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Well done

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Congrats on your win at the weekend.
Hope you go all the way

desagov (Cavan) - Posts: 201 - 16/06/2014 15:18:18    1604565


Thank you and best of luck to Cavan for the rest of the summer.

hutto (Monaghan) - Posts: 171 - 17/06/2014 11:33:21    1604925


Cheers!! Just glad we didn't have to meet ye again!! You nearly stopped us in our tracks last year...

supermon (Monaghan) - Posts: 1071 - 18/06/2014 14:04:00    1605551


Well done lads
What impressed me was that you played as a team and went for it ! I looked at it on the telly and to be honest they could have had Tyrone dead and burried as they had at least two more goal chances.
I sat in the rain in Armagh on that dismal day for both weather and Cavan football and saw a negetive nervous team who were more afraid of loosing than actually winning the game.
Monaghan have pushed on from last year - won promotion to division 1, won the div 2 league title and are in a position for back to back ulster titles.

There was a single point between us last year, now you are miles ahead.
Best of luck in the game v Armagh. I hope you make it back to back titles and meet with nothing as cynical as last year to end your run.
You have a good team of hard working, honest lads.

StirringIt (Cavan) - Posts: 374 - 18/06/2014 15:57:10    1605630