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2020 vision or the usual short sightedness?

5iveTimes (Down) - Posts: 49 - 17/04/2018 12:25:29    2093504


All we need is a bridge across the Lough and we're home and hosed.

The new home of Down hurling.

The footballers don't like leaving South Down.

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2481 - 17/04/2018 13:03:33    2093519


This will be a disaster from the word 'go'. Nobody wants it here, except the deaf white-collars.I'm sure the county hurlers will be real eager to travel to this wind swept back water in January / Febuary for training~ just watch the numbers dwindle. I said it before, should be in Ballygalget.

Galgetgael (Down) - Posts: 218 - 17/04/2018 18:22:51    2093639


Anyone know the latest on this? Is it still going ahead? Any dates as to when it could be ready ? Assume this is several years away yet...???

THEMOLE2 (Down) - Posts: 1615 - 20/08/2018 12:01:13    2134689