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Club Hurling Fixtures - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Redsalltheway:  "Wow, things have really gotten bad if that's true! Who even makes hurling fixtures anymore in this county?!"

begining (Meath) - 02/07/2019 11:42:28

Kildalkey V Ratoath - 3 Like(s)

Replying To MillerX:  "Like I said, it is a process, with the option of appeals along the way. If you are not happy with your treatment then off to the Leinster Council. The reason I got involved at all in the debate is to point out that action was taken by the Co Board when many posters on here suggested that the events of the day would be swept under the carpet and covered up. The County Board did act and still people are not happy."
Well to be fair MillerX this has happened before with Kildalkey. They'd a game with O'Mahonys last year that was abandoned and swept under the carpet. The semi finals were re-fixed once they'd to face Kiltale (didn't work out too well v Trim). They were the only club in the county to get the week of the Galway races off. I could go on. Seems funny that the game hasn't been marked as null and void on the Meath GAA website. Both teams have only 5 played while everybody else has 6. That would suggest it's going to be replayed, but then it's not listed as an outstanding fixture. Anyone any light on this? head4dblackspot an Ashbourne club man who's now a proud Ratoath man. I've heard it all. Have you got your Dublin Jersey for this years drive for 5 or will you just wear your Man City one?

begining (Meath) - 28/05/2019 08:49:47

Senior Hurling Championship - 2 Like(s)
I was very impressed by Trim in the final. I think they can look back on the year and with no regrets, no shame in losing to this great Kiltale team. Toher was a huge loss. Hopefully he can take time and get himself back fully fit. Seems to me like he might over-train. With the refereeing I think all we want is a bit of consistency. Watching the semi finals compared to the finals it was like a different sport. Have to say that although we're probably all tired of seeing Kiltale win by now, how they conduct themselves as a club is the benchmark for all clubs in the county. Given the difficult year it's been for all involved I think they just ooze class on and off the pitch. Philip Garveys speech at the end epitomized this.

begining (Meath) - 11/10/2018 10:57:50

Kildalkey V Ratoath - 2 Like(s)
Double standards evident here. The CCC/county board can churn out statements when the're investigating a Whatsapp video or when publicly condemning Kiltale like the Brendan Davis saga last year. Not a peep when a game gets abandoned and emergency services called. Players not being involved has no relevance. Would've been easier to dismiss if it was two players but management set the standards and examples for the players.

begining (Meath) - 30/04/2019 21:11:23

Meath Hurling 2017 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Wedgie:  "I think we should park the Toher and Burke saga to another thread as it's only a distraction and an irrelevance on this thread about the 2017 Meath Hurling squad.Both of these players have made their "choice", they chose football instead of Hurling, we should be happy for them, they're lucky enough to be able to choose and they can have no complaints with the way things have panned out after they made that choice. Quigley (brilliant all year) Clynch McGowan/ Gannon (two similar players, I would start with Gavin and maybe replace him with Adam O'Sullivan Joey Keena Kevin Keena I'd leave the youngsters out of it for now and would only bring on Heffernan when the opposition backs are on their last legs when he'd be more effective."
James Kelly has to be wing forward.. Best hurler in the county at the minute

begining (Meath) - 12/04/2017 08:21:41

Andy McEntee Was Right To Tell A Reporter To Stick It - 2 Like(s)
Rubbing salt in the wounds by putting that on the cover of the local paper. It's only 12 days out from our most important game in years. This will make for easy clickbait in media outlets across the country and it's an unnecessary distraction for the team.

begining (Meath) - 26/06/2019 11:50:12

Meath Minors 2016 - 2 Like(s)
Hopefully we can match this performance next time out. I remember the 21s beating Dublin a few years ago then losing the next round to Longford. Important we stay grounded.

begining (Meath) - 23/05/2016 11:43:19

Club Championship Delay? - 2 Like(s)
If the fitness levels of the Meath footballers are what they're been made out to be a 7 day turnaround to play a 60min match on a club pitch shouldn't be an issue. This snobbery coming from the football section of the county is laughable. Meath absolutely fluked getting to the Super 8's, beating Offally, Carlow (with 14 men), Laois and clare. Played 3 games v div 1 opposition in the championship and have been beaten by a combined total of 35 points. If there was a Tier 2 for football Meath would be in it.

begining (Meath) - 23/07/2019 16:14:36

Walsh Cup 2017. Road to Liam begins - 1 Like(s)
Very positive day for the hurlers. Ran a full strength Offaly team all the way. Very solid defensively in the first 35. Holding an Offaly forward line with Shane Dooley to 4 points. Meath seemed to abandon the extra man around the middle for the 2nd half which left an exposed defence conceding 3-8 for the 2nd 35. However, Walsh Cup is for trying systems and players out, with Meath emptying the bench and still finishing strong. League is definitely there for the taking this year with the panel available.

begining (Meath) - 09/01/2017 15:16:01

Andy McEntee Was Right To Tell A Reporter To Stick It - 1 Like(s)

Replying To southmeathgael:  "Genuine qs...Which players are we talking about here?, Burke plays for Longwood hurlers obviously..... let him off. Mcgill and McMahon play for ratoath but they have some cop on so will be using their 2 weeks to recharge the batteries and prepare right rather then get bet up and down the field with a stick. Osullivan I'm fairly sure only plays for kiltale when the meath footballers are knocked out, same with donal keogan I think with tones. Maybe I'm missing something but I dont think the journalists question was even that relevant"
Eoin Lynch plays for Longwood, Adam Flanagan for Kilyon and Ronan Ryan plays for kiltale. I think the point some teams/clubs are making is that it's a savage kick in the teeth from the county board to fix these games knowing right well that they're putting dual players in an impossible position. Longwood for example will likely be relegated if Mickey Burke and Lynch aren't released. You have to think of the club player who has probably been training for this championship since January only to be told days before the first round that they'll be without their two best players. Kiltale and Ratoath are probably the only two clubs strong enough to field without 2/3 key players. Leagues and cup games are still to be played. Don't see why they couldn't be finished out until Meath are knocked out of the championship.

begining (Meath) - 27/06/2019 10:19:05

Senior Hurling Championship - 1 Like(s)

Replying To CastleBravo:  "Saw a post on another site that has me wondering who is in charge of the Brendan Davis cup? Kildalkey and Ratoath both lost the senior semi finals. Kildalkey only had to beat Rathmolyon and Navan to get to the BD cup final. But to reach the final Ratoath need to beat Blackhall Gaels, Kilmessan, and Trim which seems a much tougher route. Plus Kiltale and Na Fianna aren't even in it?"
I can't remember this going to a vote with the clubs? It seems to have been sprung out of nowhere. It does seem quite an easy route for Kildalkey. They haven't had much luck with fixtures this year though to be fair to them. They'll probably get the final in Kildalkey too which is what they deserve. Seems strange that Kiltale aren't permitted in it. They'll be 5 weeks without a match before they play first round of the Leinster. Of course it would make it harder for Kildalkey to win if kiltale were in it so better off not having them there.

begining (Meath) - 23/10/2018 10:50:03

Meath under 21s - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Thunderstruck:  "Exactly... I seen the U-21 team play in the Hastings Cup this year and they looked much better than previous years so I don't think its fair to judge 4/5 months of hard work on a bad display in horrendous conditions. Barry Callaghan, Paddy Reynolds, Brian Farrell etc. put in a lot of hard and I seen them at numerous matches last autumn scouting for players but sometimes luck goes against you and while I did expect Meath to win last night; I wouldn't have given them much of a chance of overturning Dublin in the next round considering the players who were injured and unavailable. If you consider the absentees or players who were unable to start the match it is clear to see why we end up with only 4 or 5; 21 year old's on the team; I would have expected a serious tilt at a leinster title if all the players below were fully fit and available: Daire Rowe Ronan Jones Gavin Mc Gowan Caolach O' Hallagain Brian Harnan Sean Meade Dan O' Neill James Conlon Jordan Brown A lot of these lads started on the team last year. Hopefully the co. board will give Callaghan and Co. full backing and they will have another crack at it with the U-20's next year; or maybe they should be even given the job of looking after the county junior team and a lot of the U-21 players can be kept in a top training environment so they will be in a better position to make the step up if they get called into the senior squad over the next couple of years. On a different seems as if Meath get an awful lot of away fixtures at U-21 level; we rarely ever seem to play a championship match on home soil, is it just the luck of the draw regarding who gets home venue? Would have been a massive advantage to have that match some where in around Navan or Ashbourne last night."
Be doing well to play it in Navan with no lights. Meath conceded home advantage to Dublin last year because of the same thing

begining (Meath) - 23/02/2017 17:23:18

Where is the Updated Fixture Planner? - 1 Like(s)

Replying To RobertEmmet:  "The Fixtures committee should be ashamed of themselves Championship started in April Meath Knocked out on July 9th Championship ends end of October(supposedly) its a Farce of a county board no wonder the county team is so poor"
Nothing to do with the fixture committee. There's championship every weekend from now until November. Unless we play championship mid-week there's no other time to play these games. The structure of the championship was changed earlier this year and certain clubs forced us to change back. And then we give out about congestion.

begining (Meath) - 14/07/2016 14:34:37

Meath v Kildare - 1 Like(s)
Massive result yesterday.. Big congrats to the lads. Huge achievement to get to play in Croke Park but finals are there to be won, not to take part in. Belief must be there to go on and win this now. Antrim are no great shakes, they've stumbled over roscommon and down and all the pressure will be on them in two weeks time.

begining (Meath) - 23/05/2016 09:21:23

Meath SHC - 1 Like(s)

Replying To umpireview:  "Ye I though the same Where did he go?? Been involved as long as I can remember even when with county."
He's been on the sideline (vocal as usual) anytime I've seen Trim play the last 10 years. Hardly a new appointment. Great club man all the same.

begining (Meath) - 26/07/2016 13:18:16

Can You See Past Kiltale In The 2019 Championship? - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Ibbecek:  "We'll see what Kiltale are made of this week. Not on the field I mean. They made a big issue about the Brendan Davis Cup last year. Lets see how they react to having to play a championship match with C'O'Sullivan and the Ryan twins. Will be really interesting to see their attitude to this."
There'll be one Kildalkey forward in particular who'll be sleeping a lot better knowing Ronan Ryan won't be playing. Kildalkey should be winning this with Kiltale missing so many.

begining (Meath) - 25/06/2019 14:39:26

Meath SHC 2017 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To UsernameInvalid:  "I'm not saying what teams would need to go down to intermediate but something needs to be done. Tipperary have like 10 games to win their senior championship and when was the last time a Tipp team won the Munster senior hurling championship? The likes of Kilkenny play a straight knockout. Cork and Clare both play a Christy ring cup style as do a few other counties, Dublin and Galway have groups of 4 teams. The only county I know who has groups of 6 is Waterford. Kiltale's last game in the group have been meaningless really, it's just been a case of do a job. Kildalkey are more or less there barring they lose by 40 points and Dunderry beat Kiltale by 40. The only big game in the next round is Trim vs Ratoath the rest are predictable. Longwood are playing for nothing because they are safe and can not qualify for the quarters. Same in the intermediate Na Fianna and O Mahony's are both in the knockout stages with a game to spare. We need competitive games in our Hurling championship if we are to progress as a county. The same with the footballers."
Kilkenny championship isn't straight knockout. There's a league with 12 teams. Everyone plays each other. Top 8 go into straight knockout with 1v8, 2v7 etc. So KK club champions have played 14 matches by the time they play in Leinster. I think the current format could be changed but standard of hurling won't improve by playing less matches.As well as that the current format gives a small bit of leeway to clubs with dual players. Trim and Longwood who were forced to play without their county footballers can afford to lose a match or two and still qualify. If a game was straight knockout and Trim lost without Toher & Douglas (told not to play by the football management) there'd be uproar. Maybe a group of 8 where everyone plays each other and top 4 into semis. That would leave a 9 game championship with every game being competitive while improving standards.

begining (Meath) - 31/07/2017 17:51:57

Development of Dunganny - 1 Like(s)
Would love to see a bit of money going to the dressing rooms in pairc taileann. Haven't been touched since the 80's by the looks of them.

begining (Meath) - 15/04/2015 14:45:19

Meath 2018 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To begining:  "Heard it on the grapevine that there are to be more departures than Harnon, O'Coileann and Jones. Possibly another 3 from last years starting team. Anyone else hear this?"
4 of the 6 departures confirmed. Strange McEntee didn't announce Harnon and O'Rourke in his interview midweek. Must have been trying to convince them to stay. Two more players (starters) to be announced in coming weeks. Watch this space

begining (Meath) - 03/11/2017 14:25:03

2019 Meath Hurling Predictions - 1 Like(s)

Replying To royalmad:  "Will it be pay at gate in Athleague on Saturday? I've not been a hurling follower but have a little lad thats mad into it so trying to encourage it but can't find info re tickets/admission anywhere."
There'll be no issue getting in. You could contact your local club for tickets but you'll be able to pay in at the gate. Hopefully a big day out in Croker for the little lad to look forward to in a few weeks.

begining (Meath) - 28/05/2019 08:52:30