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At the very least can we get a report or two from the Curry Tourlestrane match. Curry seem to have Tourlestrane all figured out over the past few years and Tourlestrane seem incapable of actually beating Curry. Anyone know why this is?

commentator (Sligo) - Posts: 29 - 23/04/2013 10:45:35    1372178


Good man Rupp great point! Glad to see your keeping in touch from the land down under.

Commentator: tourlestrane have won far more championships than curry in recent years. That's what they'll be judged on.

republican (Sligo) - Posts: 264 - 23/04/2013 11:52:13    1372227


Commentator Looks like no one takes you serious. Did a bit of research on club football and 10 years ago Harps won Co Championship then beat Corofin who had several All Ireland club and county championship medals on their team. For eg Ray Silke was captain who also captained Galway. Harps lost by 1 point to Strokestown in Semi final. Last year Curry were easily beaten by Balla who were just as easily beaten by Brigids. Point is club football was miles better 10 years ago. It also coincided with Sligo having a very good then. That Sligo team was probably better that the team of 2007 that won Connaught

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 756 - 23/04/2013 12:09:11    1372245


eoinog: Harps losing to strokestown by a point in a Connaught semi-final was the best example of performance your "research" could come up with to prove that Sligo football was far better 10 years ago?

If we start bringing moral victories into it then Tourlestrane were beating st brigids at half time and had them on the rack until the last 15 in 2011. St Brigids are currently all Ireland champions and up there with crossmaglen and Crokes as the best club team over the last 5-10 years. Harps nearly won a semi-final against a Roscommon team 10 years ago. Tourlestrane nearly won a semi-final against a Roscommon team in 2011. I would also say that the St Brigids team who bet Tourlestrane were far ahead of that stokestown team as they have won so many back to back county and Connaught titles and now hold an All-Ireland none of which that strokestown team achieved. One victory in a Connaught over a good team in a quarter final proves nothing about the standard of club football when Harps failed to progress further.

You also failed to mention the years before and after this tremendous Connaught quarter final win during this golden age of Sligo football, I take it your "research" showed a poor performance in Connaught in those years by the Sligo winning clubs?

The comment about the Sligo team ten years ago is very interesting. As Alex Ferguson said last night nostalgia plays tricks on us and I think a sense of nostalgia is fooling you eoinog. Things were not always better in the good old days gone by.

I agree republican Tourlestrane will be judged on their impressive array of championships and in my eyes are the team most likely to win Owen B again this year but it is interesting that they cannot seem to beat Curry and have not beaten in Curry in championship in the last 8 years definitely and possibly even longer.

commentator (Sligo) - Posts: 29 - 23/04/2013 12:47:56    1372273


Commentator once again you take snippets out of a post and comment on it to suit yourself.... You had made the point that club football is no worse now than it was 10 years ago and I disagree pointing out to 2002 which is 10 years ago Harps beat the Galway champions and losing to Ross champions. I do not consider Harps losing to Strokestown a moral victory. A loss is a loss i just pointed that a Sligo team beat a Galway team something we would not do now and the following year Curry hammered Ballina making it the 2nd year we beat a team from a so called stronger county.

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 756 - 23/04/2013 16:55:45    1372443


eoinog - i suspect that commentator has never played club football in Sligo (Could be wrong) . Club football in Sligo 10 years ago was a lot better - fact, maybe he is a young fella and was not playing 10 years ago but take it from me who played 10 years ago and still playing - no comparison.

Good idea on the club reports - maybe the local sports editors can take our match reports , edit them and put them in the local papers ha ha.

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 24/04/2013 09:53:52    1372676


Of course club football is inferior today than 10 years ago. You only have to go to the GAA transfer website to see how many players have left the Country to transfer to clubs in London, Australia etc. 10 years ago there were more teams competitive at senior championship level. Tourlestrane have lost 3 players since 2011 to Dublin transfer and emigration. Tubbercurry, Easkey, Bunnadden have regressed a lot since then. Its the same 4/5 teams who reach semis every year.

Anto (Sligo) - Posts: 270 - 24/04/2013 11:59:36    1372773


great point rupp, would be interesting to see the reports or how many on here who make great and interesting points actually go to club game!

27 Apr 7 00 Div 1 5 Tuarloistreáin/Tourlestrane Curry/Curraigh Tourlestrane
27 Apr 7 00 Div 1 5 Shamrock Gaels/Gaeil na Seamróige Ballymote Round Towers Shamrock Gaels Park
27 Apr 7 00 Div 1 5 St Molaise Gaels Geevagh Monsignor Hynes Park n
27 Apr 7 00 Div 1 5 St Mary's Bunninadden Kent Park
27 Apr 7 00 Div 1 5 St John's Cúil Irra/Leathros/CooleraStrandhill Stenson Park
27 Apr 7 00 Div 1 5 Eastern Harps St Patrick's Fr. Kevin Brehony Park
27 Apr 7 00 Div 2 5 St Farnan's Owenmore Gaels St.Farnan's Community Park
27 Apr 7 00 Div 2 5 Enniscrone/Kilglass Drumcliffe/Rosses Pt Enniscrone/Kilglass
27 Apr 7 00 Div 2 5 Easkey Calry/St Joseph's Easkey
28 Apr 2 00 Div 2 5 Curry/Curraigh Castleconnor Curry

these are the games coming up over the weekend who can go and to which ones?

also lets be real here guys, club football was a hell of alot better 10 years ago than it is now. it is quiet simple really the players where alot better. all the training the world wont make a poor player into a good one. what it will do however is make them in to athletes! if you look at most games that is played around the county you can see easily that most teams are made up of 10-12 athletes who run all day long work like dogs for the team and then once they close the other team down and win the ball back give the ball to the 3-5 actually footballers to do the rest.

the players who were around 10 years ago or so where so much better than the players today it is unreal! think about it back then, paul taylor ( still able to live in club championship last year at 36) dessie sloyan, eamon ohara ( still going strong and competing) paul durcan, the brehannys, cosie, kieren quinn, sean davey, kevin giblin, kenny morley, gerry magowan, david durcan, brenadan philips to name but a few where all in there prime and where proper footballers. alot of these are still playing but no where near there peak as they where back then but what have we replaced these with? runners and workers.

training improvements and managerial improvements have helped create super fit, fast, workers who play to a system but it has done little or nothing to improve the actual footballing standard of the players coming up!

take a look at the county teams performances in the league if you take adrian marren out of that team we would struggle to score on a regular basis from open play! why? because we are severally lacking in genuine scoring forwards within the county because of the so called improvements in training methods the game! when was the last time anyone on here was actually shown how to kick a point in training??

rich dublin (None) - Posts: 425 - 24/04/2013 12:18:17    1372794


When you list out those players Rich it emphasies how far inferior the current crop of footballers in the county are. Here are a few more Eamon Walsh, Matt Walsh, Ken Killeen, Brian Walsh, Tommy Brennan, Paul Seevers, Jimmy Hayes, McPartland, Carew, Peter Mullan.

God help us if Marren gets injured this Summer with Coen dropped and Kelly injured Brehony is the only one who can score.

Anto (Sligo) - Posts: 270 - 25/04/2013 10:38:23    1373403


rich dublin - excellent post. Thats why i joined the hogan stand to read good honest posts like that.

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 25/04/2013 10:43:35    1373407


I accept your challenge rich dublin si I will do a report on Pats game in Keash. Who else will do a game

townbuck (Leitrim) - Posts: 197 - 26/04/2013 12:12:17    1374161


Tim, what ranting are you talking about. There were exactly 3 reports sent in to the Champion this year about senior games and all were printed so don't blame the papers for your own shortcomings

Benbulben (Sligo) - Posts: 298 - 27/04/2013 12:52:39    1374670


Sligodomain I'm not sure what playing credentials have to do on a site like this as in my experience of GAA and other sports I find analysis from non-players to be more objective and generally superior to that of players/ex-players, of course there are exceptions to this but I don't believe that because we have played the game it makes our points carry more weight. However, I made my senior championship debut 8 years ago and have only missed one year since then and I intend on playing senior championship for many more years yet.

While unfortunately this does mean that I never experienced the illustrious period of ten years ago I have been playing quite a while and since it's been brought up I will comment on my experience as a player. My club team now would comfortably beat the one which I began playing with 8 years ago. I know this by the extra work I have had to put in over the past number of years to hold my place in the team, how the attitude towards the game has become so much more professional and how the general standards expected in training from players and managers alike has increased hugely. To then suggest that the standard is falling I simply cannot agree with.

Rich's point about fitness levels and athleticism is extremely important in this debate. Fitness levels and athleticism are unquestionably at an all time high due to the higher levels of commitment and the focus on strength and conditioning coaching. This has changed the game quite dramatically. What it means is that there is much less time on the ball particularly for forwards as these athletes which Rich talks about are able get back to double up and triple up in defence and put high levels of pressure of forwards.

The knock on effect of these improved defences is increased turnovers. The people on this site are confusing this change in the way the game is played with a decrease in quality. Most forwards given time will kick scores, only very few can do it under pressure. The pressure on forwards ten years ago was less due to lower fitness levels and this gives the impression of poor forward play now even though the forwards are no worse than in years gone by. This is change in style is happening all over the game. I would like to know how many "footballers" does Rich think were on the Donegal team last year. Remove Murphy, Mcfadden and Lacey and the rest were "workers" but still the best team in the country and played some magnificent football.

Rich, even to suggest that training does not improve players is one of the most foolish things I have heard. How many of that Donegal would have been called poor players 3 years ago. Now they are all-Ireland winners, why? Because Jim Mcguiness increased the quality of training and their tactics and gave them confidence. He turned them from poor players into good ones the very thing you believ cannot be done. In my own club I see poor minor players make good senior ones and very talented young players never play a senior championship game. The reason why is training, some are interested and keep improving others don't and fall away.

I really believe a sense of nostalgia is affecting people on here. Were things really that good ten years ago, no Connaught title at club or county level? In ten years time will you be looking back saying the football is terrible, no one has the abilities of David Kelly, Adrian Marren, Mark Brehony, Ross Donovan, Adrian McIntyre, Alan Costello etc.?

commentator (Sligo) - Posts: 29 - 27/04/2013 14:10:43    1374700


good post commentator, talking of donegal winning the all ireland and asking how many footballers that team had pretty much makes my point! 10-12 workers per team with 3-5 proper footballers. but can anyone honestly say that the quality of football played by donegal is good? its intense its hard working it requires massive fitness levels and unreal commitment but is the quality of the football any good? i think u'll agree its not!

im not nostalgic or anything like that at all i understand that the pace,fitness and commitment levels of our game have changed dramatically over the years and most teams now would have beaten there club team 10 years ago simply because the intensity, pace, and fitness levels are at such a level now that the teams of old wouldnt live it todays players. but that doesnt mean that the players today are good footballers! in fact we have succeeded in coaching the football out of players from a young age and up! players now are nearly like robots, playing to a system that is based mainly on stopping the opposition. you talk of training making these players better at football i disagree what all this training does is make these players more efficient at stopping the other team playing it does little for there ability's as footballers! that does mean they are not very useful in today's game, they are but not because they are good at football or have a good footballing brain or anything like that no its because they are good runners and work hard and blindly follow the system! the proof of course is most of these players dont know where they are when the system starts to fail! in fact most managers dont either!!!

football today is vastly superior to any period in time u want to go back to in terms of commitment, intensity, fitness, pace, discipline and professionalism but in terms of footballing quality and player quality it not as good as 10 years ago! i have the greatest respect for players now a days as the effort and commitment required just to compete is huge. club players have to give up so many things for football its unreal. and if we are being totally honest only one of 3 or 4 teams in sligo will ever win the championship. so that means players are putting there lives on hold year after year without ever really having a hope of winning something.

also the amount of emigration that has gone on has robbed this county and most others of some of their finest talent most clubs would suffer badly if they lost one or two good players but alot of clubs are losing 3-4 a year and more.

rich dublin (None) - Posts: 425 - 28/04/2013 21:42:38    1375313


I take it the "good post" comment was sarcastic Rich! I agree with almost everything you said in that interesting and well-reasoned post (no sarcasm).

You agree with me that teams today are generally superior to those of ten years ago. You state that "most teams now would have beaten there club team from 10 years ago" but you argue that this is due to the increased fitness, pace, discipline, defensive systems etc rather than an increase in actual skill level.

My argument is that because of these new elements to the game it is much harder for players to showcase their skills. The actual skill levels have not decreased, it is just so much harder to showcase skills like accurate point taking against these super fit, organised defences. If players from ten years ago had to play against the organisation and defensive systems today they would have struggled to show their ability. The point is that skill levels may appear that they have fallen but it is only due to the change in the way the game is played ie blanket defences, more pressure on players and so on.

If you want evidence of this I'll go back to the Donegal example. How many teams looked completely bereft of any imagination and skill when up against Donegal. The Tyrone, Cork, Kerry and Dublin forward lines all looked like ordinary players against them despite having some of the most skilful players that have ever played the game e.g. Gooch, Declan O' Sullivan, Bernard Brogan, Stephen O' Neil.

Just to go back to the standard of football argument, the team that is playing winning football is playing to the highest standard. You cannot say the Kerry team of the 80's played a higher standard of football than Donegal when it is quite obvious that Donegal would blow them away. Similarly in Sligo you cannot say that teams of ten years ago are playing a higher standard of football and then admit that they would lose if they played the current teams.

The game has moved on for the better and I wish people would stop lamenting for the times gone by and started appreciating the game as it is today, and as Rich has highlighted, the increased effort put in by club players in this county.

commentator (Sligo) - Posts: 29 - 29/04/2013 10:43:15    1375362


It's getting a bit silly now. Commentator if you think club football is better today then that's your opinion. From what I saw last sat in Tourlestrane it definitely is not. 1-6 to 9 points it finished with free takers Marren and Henry dominating. Forward play was atrocious on both sides with teams getting players behind the ball.
This new Donegal system is ruining the standard of football with the emphasis on stopping the opposition from playing at all costs thus lowering the entertainment for spectators. Both teams had a lot of younger players starting as they have both lost players overseas. In summary the personnel and type of football played are inferior to 10 years ago and you can talk all you want commentator but its there for all to see every weekend in pitches across the county.

Anto (Sligo) - Posts: 270 - 29/04/2013 11:50:51    1375412


How is it getting silly, where am I wrong?

I only ever said that football isn't going backwards in relation to championship football in Sligo (let's face it, that is the important competition) so your league game on Saturday may well have been a shocker but if Curry and Tourlestrane have their full outfits and meet in the championship there will be a huge crowd and a fascinating game on show just like last year's semi. Either of those championship teams would comfortably beat any team from 10 years ago, even Rich agrees with that statement.

commentator (Sligo) - Posts: 29 - 29/04/2013 12:11:36    1375432


Commentator, correct tour or curry teams are far better than teams ten years ago but they have advanced training methods. Only about 4 teams in Sligo at that level. It's up to other clubs to react. Getting back to the main point it not the CB fault if clubs are still training like they were 10 years ago.

TimtheEnchanter (Sligo) - Posts: 309 - 29/04/2013 12:35:33    1375460


was not being sarcastic at all. i value most poitns on this forum i will however say you are actually making my points in relation to the quality of footballer thats playing now a days when you say most teams look clueless when playing against donegal, there system was designed to frustrate and stop opposition, and thats exactly what was done. club teams are ding like wise more and more but here is the thing, the good players still scored against them it was the other 10-12 robots that hadnt a clue what to do! that is why donegal won. bottom line is this football while interesting and entertaining is not on the same quality level as years ago because there is very little actually footballers playing football anymore they are athletes and work horses! just my opinion!

rich dublin (None) - Posts: 425 - 29/04/2013 16:39:34    1375730


Ok lads time to move on...... This thread is getting boring.

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 756 - 29/04/2013 17:19:00    1375779