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Malachy's Successor - 4 Like(s)
Do any of ye remember the replay v Donegal in 2016 Ulster Championship? We were a point down in the dying minutes on the attack looking to level the game. One of the Donegal substitutes ran onto the field in full John Terry kit mode. The linesman noticed this , and since Donegal hadn't made officially made a sub , made it known to the ref and the game was stopped which halted our attack. The player was told to go off the field and the game resumed with Donegal now back in their defensive formation. The Donegal sub was obviously told to do that by the management which was lead by Gallagher. It wasn't mentioned on The Sunday Game so of course got no attention and we went out with a whimper the following week in that fluke result to Longford. Is this is the sort of manager who we are considering to lead Monaghan? Didn't he also tell players at one team he managed that they weren't allowed to kick the ball? And now we are throwing Banty into the mix? We would be a total laughing stock to go down this road.

Adler (Monaghan) - 01/08/2019 17:42:53

Next Monaghan Management Team - 4 Like(s)
There seems to a false logic or narrative going around that Monaghan are finished and I wonder did this play into not many top managers wanting the job or not wanting to be associated with it. I find it very strange. There are at least three players on the Monaghan team who would not have looked out of place playing in Croker last Sunday for either Dublin or Kerry. We have a kick left in us and could easily rebound, but I really think a strong league campaign is crucial. We got knocked out of the C'ship in '16 by Longford (fluke result) and two years later we were in a semi final. Mayo had an off year last season then this year won the league and got to a semi final. We're not the lost cause that many are predicting and those that are are just lazy in their research. I don't agree with Banty's appointment at all but it's best and only solution we've got right now.

Adler (National) - 04/09/2019 00:17:09

Dublin v Mayo - All Ireland Football Final 2016 - 4 Like(s)
Poor Mayo - the Buffalo Bills of Gaelic Football

Adler (National) - 02/10/2016 20:06:07

Championship 2019 - 3 Like(s)
A game we should have won. We went in 7 down at halftime. We missed 7 really straightforward scores in the first half. Under minimal/no pressure and still couldn't put the ball over the bar. One was a fisted chance, two into the keepers arms, three other wides and a missed free from Beggan slightly to the right of the posts when he kicked one clinker from the sideline earlier. One of the wides was from McManus, 13m out. He's kicked hundreds of them over for us. When the camera panned to him after that miss he looked tired. About 2 minutes prior to that miss he was inside our own 20m line. He was standing behind the ball, goalside of the play. Why is the best forward in the country sitting as a sweeper almost? Is he doing it because he's the leader, the best player and sees it as his duty to work hard etc and track his man... or is he being told to do that?? I really hope it's the former because if it's the latter then whoever is telling him to do that needs to be far far away from coaching Gaelic Football. McManus was doing the same thing again near the end of the half, just sitting behind the ball covering space. Again late doors in the 72nd minute, he's outside our D. Monaghan are better than Cavan, there's no ifs or buts but like FootblockRef said, we are drowning in negativity. It's so blatantly obvious it's scary. Cavan had a sweeper sitting in front of our full forward line. Now, every man, woman and child ( granted it would need to be a particularly intelligent child) going to Breffni on Saturday evening knew they would do that. I was in Portland and even I knew it. Sometimes he sat in front of Conor and sometimes in front of O'Hanlon. If Basil Fawlty was playing corner forward he would have sat in front of him. Are we not able to think outside the box on this just a little?? The Cavan sweeper ran straight back into the defence at both throw-ups. Why not start an extra forward and have him mark that sweeper. Did anyone from our camp go and watch Cavan in their league games?? Ryan Wylie was our free man and he had his usual very good performance. Imagine he was a forward, free to do what he wanted out round the Cavan D or midfield without responsibility to go back and cover space, mark someone or take the ball from short kick-outs? Why not play them at their own game. In sport you need to make it hard for the other team and keep them guessing. You don't let them have things their way. But when you're Monaghan you do. Again, we are better than them!!!! Why are we doing these stupid negative things?? There is still tonnes of football left in this Monaghan team, we just need to figure out how to best harness it. I honestly didn't think Cavan were spectacular. They played pretty well while we were chronic the first half. Which Cavan is the real one?? The slick, intense, skillful one we saw the first half or the decent, honest but nervy one we saw the second?? There's a reason they bounce up and down between Div 1 and 2. Those 6 easy missed chances in the first half killed us, not the penalty. Cavan kicked some really great scores and got the dodgy penalty. Will they get a dodgy penalty the next day out and kick some great points from tight angles?? Remember the Longford game in 2016. Unlike Saturday that was a fluke of a result but they kicked outrageous points that day. Next day out they lost by 7 or 8 points to an average Cork team. I don't particularly care how far Cavan go in the C'Ship, they won't win a trophy but for their sake hopefully they don't pull a Longford. One last thing, I hate getting on the player's backs but Beggan was very poor with the penalty. He's bouncing up and down moving out as the penalty is struck which will never ever give you a high percentage chance at saving a penalty. It wasn't even a good penalty. Hit at a nice height, about 3 feet in from the post. Very saveable. But sure look the Cavan fella had trials at Burnley.

Adler (Monaghan) - 22/05/2019 03:57:12

Timekeeping - 3 Like(s)

Replying To TheImmortal:  "Just the 9 minutes of injury time last night (6 indicated)"
Main reason for the additional 3 minutes on top of the 6 was because the referee was running aound giving pointless yellow cards to players. Complete waste of time. If they going to be black cards then fair enough but they weren't. He was actually right to add on the additonal time but the reason behind the additonal time being there in the first place was stupid.

Adler (National) - 09/02/2020 22:40:11

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 3 Like(s)

Replying To patmouse:  "in the last 80 years, Monaghan have won Ulster 4 times. when you take out Antrim/ Fermanagh who lets face it will never properly compete in Ulster there is 5 other teams, we are competing against. We have won one Ulster championship match this last 5 year going into 6 years. Yes that's right one win. The year we got to the ALSF we beat Wexford, Leitrim, Waterford,Laois,Kildare and a Galway team already qualified. We have never beaten a Mayo, Kerry, Dublin, Cork team in championship football. We have one of the smallest population in Ireland with no traditional of winning, We have never won an All Ireland and probably will never win one. Only one maybe two of our players would get on the team/panel of the big 4 or 5. Who ever wins against Monaghan or Cavan it doesn't real matter as when it comes to the business end we will be long forgotten about. It doesn't matter if we get Tony Mac, Pep, Jose or Jim McGuiness in charge as 2 or 3 years of being in charge we will be looking for their head and we will be on the look out for the Messiah who was done wonders with some Ulster club. The sad reality as a proud Monaghan supporter, we are the Tranmere of the GAA and until people except that we have mangers / players that are doing the very best that they can do, we will forever looking to the next Messiah to turn things around."
You're glass half empty as usual aren't you? Sure why bother having any championship matches. Let's just send Kerry and Dublin straight to the football final and Kilkenny and Tipp to the hurling. Perhaps the NBA will do the same with the Celtics and Lakers or Steelers and Cowboys in NFL. Just let Man United and Liverpool play each other 38 times a season and to hell with the rest. Have you no idea what it's like to be a Monaghan fan? This is being a Monaghan fan. Walking out of Clones in 2002 after Rory Gallagher scored more than our whole team combined. Losing to Kerry in '07, Fermanagh in '08 and to Kerry again. Leaving the Athletic grounds in 2012 after losing to Down. The Tyrone games of 2007, 2010, getting soaked in Omagh in 2011. The QF defeat to them in 2013 and wanting to murder Sean Cavanagh. Losing to them again in 2015 the semi final in 2018 when I punched a hole in the coffee table. The Longford shambles in 2016 - the last game I saw before emigrating. Then there other moments, McCarron's goal in '93 at my first ever game. Enniskillen in 2001, The last game in the league in 2005 v Longford with Japs' miraculous point which lead to Croker and that crazy finish v Meath. In Omagh v Donegal in 2007 and the hours it took to get home. The Ulster titles. Watching great players like Freeman, Finlay, McQuaid, Corey, Mone, Lennon, McManus and others. Going to play league games in Kerry and expecting to win or that sense of dread on a Sunday morning even though you're playing Antrim at home. That's it right there!!! Did you read Malachy Clerkin's piece in the Times today? Go and read it, that will get you up to speed on what it's like to follow Monaghan...

Adler (Monaghan) - 02/11/2020 18:01:43

Malachy's Successor - 3 Like(s)
Heard the Banty news yesterday, couldn't believe it. The CB messed up an appointment in 2010 and now it's been repeated. I can't imagine the Tyrone and Donegal boys quaking in their boots at this news. This would be like if Man United re-appointed David Moyes. Well sort of. Some fans are of the opinion that the league doesn't matter and getting relegated isn't the end of the world. I think it's crucial now we don't get relegated. That would be a disaster and set a very bad tone for the Championship season. We have to stay up and do it convincingly. Banty has a lot of pressure on him, hopefully he can bring in people with him who he can lean on like he did with McElkennon back in the day. One thing that Banty will do is bring on some younger lads but I wouldn't sit on the edge of my seat with them being successful from the get go. It's very rare that happens, let alone in a small county. In theory almost every player comes through from some sort of underage structure but it takes years to develop them unless they're exceptional. The last player we had who transitioned seamlessly into senior was Paul Finlay and that was 16 years ago although Niall Kearns made a good go of it too. I'm not going to stop following Monaghan over this news of course, that would be stupid and petty. I'm going to try to keep an open mind but it's gonna be tough.

Adler (Monaghan) - 26/08/2019 21:05:08

The Sunday Game - Awful Coverage - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Tirchonaill1:  "RTE need to get rid of Brolly and bring in Martin McHugh, that man knows his football"
Martin McHugh speaks way too fast and never finishes his sentenc...............

Adler (National) - 03/09/2019 03:39:36

USFC - Fermanagh V Monaghan - 3 Like(s)
It was just a poor performance yesterday, that's all. I don't think tactics or who should have started or not started play a part in it. It was just really bad from pretty much everyone. Tactics don't make Beggan miss those frees or the relatively easy one McCarthy missed. Tactics don't make some of the guys unable to use their left foot. We just weren't at it yesterday and still only lost by a point. Some might compare it to Longford but I wouldn't really as Longford played almost flawless that day. Infact Longford pulled a Monaghan and went out next day at home and got well beaten by an average Cork team. Speaking of average that's what Fermanagh are, but in sport average teams sometimes beat good teams. Happens all the time. I still think we are a really strong team. Would love to meet Fermanagh again. One thing that did worry me was O'Rourke's reaction when the goal went in. He looked totally floored but hopefully it's something he can get out of the system pretty quick.

Adler (Monaghan) - 04/06/2018 15:10:27

Malachy's Successor - 3 Like(s)
My anti Banty (intentional rhyming) rant didn't get past the admin so you can all only guess what it said. In short, he's passionate about Monaghan football but tactically is found wanting and has a habit of pulling stunts that backfire e.g Tyrone 2010 Ulster Final. McGuinness will get mentioned no doubt but I wonder does he think that GAA management is beneath him now? Although taking the reigns with a good football team is probably exactly what he needs. Would his footballing philosophy be different or would the football be horrific to watch? But maybe he'd bring success so therein lies the dilemma. I heard whispers that Oisin McConville was briefly with the team this year, maybe that would be a good route to go. There's still a kick left in this team yet and I think it's still a very attractive job . Anyone writing off this team is just lazy and going with the standard 'been to the well too many times'' nonsense. The way I see it we have three elite players , Beggan, R Wylie and McManus then seven or eight very good players and then a glut of lads who are either hard working, have alot of potential or are ''on their day guys''. That's alot to work with and I feel next season we should be looking to make the league final, win Ulster and give the Super 8 a big rattle. To hell with the rebuilding. If we start re-building now then we risk wasting alot of the current squads prime footballing years. Let's strike while the iron is hot because it won't be hot for much longer. We should be using a win now mentality.

Adler (Monaghan) - 26/06/2019 01:01:17

71 Million Croke Park Development - 2 Like(s)
Great idea and long overdue. The stadium is showing it's age now and needs a revamp (the concourse level is brutal) Croke Park is miles behind similar stadiums in Europe and light-years behind what they have in the US and Canada.

Adler (National) - 21/01/2021 17:27:42

Petition: To get Dan Shanahan to turn his cap - 2 Like(s)
I have long hair so I sometimes wear a baseball cap back to front to keep hair out of my eyes. My friends don't like it but I don't like their endless parade of superdry and hollister t-shirts so I guess we're even.

Adler (National) - 11/08/2016 21:22:01

El Clasico 2020 Monaghan Vs Cavan - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Loughduff Lad:  "We'll enjoy this year first. Not sitting at home next week..."
If you think about it technically everyone is sitting at home next week

Adler (Monaghan) - 01/11/2020 20:07:08

Paul Finlay - 2 Like(s)
Paul Finlay is still the finest footballer we have at our disposal. The perfect place for him is playing behind midfield, like he did in Ulster Final 2013. He didn't score that day but was at the centre of everything. Why that game plan was abandoned for the Tyrone match that year is beyond me.

Adler (Monaghan) - 29/05/2016 11:03:39

After GAA, Your Second Favourite Sport - 2 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "NFL? Sorry Kingdomboy but I've no interest at all. Tried to watch some of the Superbowl once or twice but gave up. A 60min game turned into a 5 hour torture of ads and breaks in play. I mean there's fellas being paid millions a year and they might never touch the ball in their entire career. A whole new team for attack and then another for defence and then a kicker just coming on to kick? At most 30 seconds of uninterrupted play before another 10 minutes of ads and standing around, sorry not for me my friend. Any decent rugby team would run rings around those Yanks if the sissy ever got out of their helmets and body armour ;D"
I'd love to see a decent rugby player try to out-muscle Khalil Mack or Aaron Donald. Seriously though I personally enjoy NFL, probably my favourite sport and it's getting more popular in Ireland every year. I'm sure there'll be alot of Tampa Bay jerseys knocking around soon after last weeks news. Basketball is very enjoyable too. I live in Canada and have access to alot of televised NBA games (not right now for obvious reasons) I always try to tune in when LeBron, Khawhi, Giannis etc... and all those top guys are playing, they're unreal. It's interesting how some of the top GAA players have become akin to basketball players in their skill levels and footwork etc.

Adler (National) - 25/03/2020 16:50:30

GAA Stadiums - 2 Like(s)
Does anyone feel that Croker needs a lick of paint? I mean it's a cracking place to look at in terms of the pitch and the atmosphere on big days but I always felt the concourse area was very bleak and boring with the exposed concrete etc... And yes I understand it's not the end of the world, and I don't expect the place to perfect, just saying. I was at NBA game in a new-ish stadium last year and the whole place was incredible. Just walking in was surreal. I honestly think the GAA could do a little better. And they will eventually, it's just a matter of time before they do something to upgrade it.

Adler (National) - 16/01/2020 22:00:09

USFC - Fermanagh V Monaghan - 2 Like(s)

Replying To 222:  "Donegal are going to be dangerous- the transition for them has been solid in terms of youth. Monaghan haven't adapted to this. It's alright saying down were poor but down dumped Monaghan out last year"
And Monaghan beat them by 8 points a few weeks later

Adler (Monaghan) - 13/06/2018 06:53:27

Connolly Returns - 2 Like(s)
Connolly almost lost Dublin the 2016 final. I doubt he'll play much. Connolly needs Dublin more than Dublin needs Connolly.

Adler (National) - 16/07/2019 17:35:58

Malachy's Successor - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Mon79:  "Application comes via a club nomination. These are the only 3 in for it .... unless Brad Pitt loses the head himself and goes for it .... but he's not even managed the U-12s before...... so Banty wouldn't be too worried about him, me thinks"
Brad did rightly with the Oakland A's in fairness

Adler (Monaghan) - 24/07/2019 07:00:52

Monaghan Vs Tyrone - 2 Like(s)
This is, arguably, Monaghan's greatest ever team which is something that Tyrone have never come up against. We've played their best teams and got beaten plenty of times but this time it's different. Is this Tyrone's best team ever?? No, not even close.

Adler (National) - 09/08/2018 05:36:32