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GAA Immortals: Offaly

Black card rule=more scores
Statistics released by the GAA's Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) show that the average number of points scored per game in this year's football championship was 9.5 per cent higher than last year.
02 October 2014

Championship tweets: The Village celebrates
It's probably safe to assume that there is no shortage of sore heads around the country this morning following yesterday's club final schedule.
20 October 2014

Connor, Matt
Offaly’s Matt Connor
22 March 1991

Connor, Richie
Offaly’s Richie Connor
12 April 2001

Corrigan, Mark
Offaly’s Mark Corrigan
02 April 1993

Coughlan, Ger
Offaly's Ger Coughlan
27 December 1996

Dooley Bros.
Offaly’s Dooley Brothers.
05 August 1994

Dooley Brothers
Offaly’s Dooley brothers.
05 August 1994

Evans, Sean
Offaly's Sean Evans
28 February 1997

Fenning, Paddy
Offaly’s Paddy Fenning
02 September 1994

Fenning, Paddy
Offaly’s Paddy Fenning
02 September 1994

Flaherty, Johnny
Offaly’s Johnny Flaherty
19 June 1992

Fogarty, Aidan
Offaly’s Aidan Fogarty.
15 October 1993

Furlong, Tom
Offaly’s Tom Furlong
01 January 2001

Gallagher, Andy
Offaly’s Andy Gallagher
13 November 1992

Hanamy, Martin
Offaly’s Martin Hanamy
14 February 1992

Healion, John Joe
Offaly's John Joe Healion
19 May 1995

Kelly, Joachim
Offaly’s Joachim Kelly
02 September 1994

Lowry, Brendan
Offaly’s Brendan Lowry
08 April 1994

McCormack, Paddy
Offaly's Paddy McCormack.
09 December 1994

McCormack, Paddy
Offaly’s Paddy McCormack
25 June 1993

O’Rourke, Mick
Offaly’s Mick O’Rourke
29 October 1993

O'Rourke taken to task on twitter
Colm O'Rourke's Sunday Independent column ruffled quite a few feathers on social media yesterday.
20 October 2014

Whelehan, Brian
Offaly’s Brian Whelehan
30 September 1994