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Leitrim in Carrick on Shannon

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Tough enough assignment . They beat Clare up there last week .. Clare went down to 13 men and that obviosuly cost them dearly .

Leitrim always decent at home in league & C'ship - but 2 points a must up there .. that sets us up nicely for 5 home games & a decent run at promotion .

I'd go with following team :

1. Flynn ( Travers not back yet )
2. Hyland ( missed him v Carlow , though Higgins done well )
3. Kelly ( bit small for fullback - but has experience and can fill in for Power while he is out )
4. Byrne
5. Canavan
6. Finn( Worth a go at Centre Back )
7. Hayden
8. Stafford
9. Gaffney
10. JP Dalton ( Great game even though not fit v Carlow .. 0-3 from play )
11. P Dalton
12. Earls ( Good at Wing back - miss his goal scoring threat though up front )
13. S. Furlong
14. T. Hannon ( Not sure if he will be back? .. unlikely if still away on honeymoon ? .. ) .. If Hannon not available , might be worth starting young McGraynor
15 . Glynn.

McGrath going to be out for 4 weeks I assume due to straight red v Carlow ? .. pity

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 08/02/2011 10:39:05    862948


Good time, would go with most of it myself but McGraynor is not the answer, at least not yet. doyle from rathnew surely deserves a go. he's a stalwart on the county champions side

DanMac (Wicklow) - Posts: 63 - 08/02/2011 17:25:17    863345


Same Starting Team Named for Leitrim as v Carlow ..

Would be surprised if Stafford doesnt start .. but he is named on the bench . McGrath out on a straight red ..

7. Hayden
8. Gaffney
9. Finn
11. P Dalton
12 . JP Dalton
13. Odlum
14. Furlong
15. Glynn

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 09/02/2011 14:39:37    863930


Wicklow Gaa have highlights of Carlow game on http://www.wicklowgaaonline.com/index.php/2011/02/carlow-v-wicklow-match-highlights/

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 09/02/2011 14:40:11    863931


Would be good to see Peadar Burke from Balto get a lookin during the league also .. great physical presence about him and can be an aerial threat at full forward .. see he is named on subs again on Sunday.

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 09/02/2011 15:20:23    863981


As a Leitrim man, is it safe to post ??? Hope yee have a good time in Leitrim lads (and ladettes) but we want the result !!

june68 (Leitrim) - Posts: 68 - 09/02/2011 16:04:31    864042


Any wicklow people coming up 2 carrick on shannon 4 d match ye should go out in carrick afterwards. Great town. Leitrim will win the game though

leitrim4sam (Leitrim) - Posts: 409 - 09/02/2011 17:01:47    864107


Carrick sounds good, but i fear, judging by your username that the place is awash with drugs, just like the rest of the Country..... :-) .........!!!!!!

SilverBullet (Wicklow) - Posts: 244 - 09/02/2011 17:21:15    864122


Leitrim4sam - seem to remember a scoreline of Wicklow 1-13 Leitrim 0-9 on February 14th in Aughrim last year. Quite the Valentines Day Massacre. Sunday will be tight make no mistake about it.

Wicklowman (Wicklow) - Posts: 1023 - 09/02/2011 17:25:31    864128


Never been much between the sides over the years & sunday going to be no different ..

A difficult away trip + we are without half the regular team Travers , B. McGrath , Stafford , J. McGrath , McWalter , Power , Hyland .. So going to be a real test .

I'll go for a narrow Wicklow win .. Wicklow 1-11 Leitrim 1-9 ...

In essence , we need to win in Leitrim to ensure we are in promotion shake up .. if we dont , we would need to win all our remaining games to be half sure of being promoted and that includes beating Fermanagh away and Roscommon at home ..

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 09/02/2011 19:17:27    864220


I think this will be a difficult assignment fo Wicklow. I was in Dr. Cullen Park last Sunday and the performance of Leighton, Paddy and Paul was exceptional but John McGrath will be missed (on the scoreboard predominantly) and I'd like to see more from Seanie Furlong who should be blowing defences out of it with his craft and strength. Leighton should be unmarkable by any defender in this division but so too should Seanie in fairness! Dan Odlum is clearly not fit and one has to ask why not. Wish we had a fit, lively, free-scoring corner forward to share the duties up there. (Paul Earls anyone?...I wouldn't move him yet, I think he can do a job at wing back and the tactic of having two flying wing backs is exciting). I also must admit that I didn't think Carlow were any great shakes and we should have been able to beat them. Walsh and Murphy aside they are poor enough, but thats just my opinion based on what I saw. (No Onion Breaths et al need reply! We've heard your biased opinions. They bore me). I thought our defence was poor for both Carlow goals and certainly should have done better with Walsh's. This unit will need time to settle Overall I think we are missing too many stalwarts (Hyland, McWalter, Hannon) to win tight games but heres hoping. Nice to see lads get their chance though and I hope they can grab it.

Lug (Wicklow) - Posts: 49 - 10/02/2011 12:24:10    864561


Lug i agree with you luckily Glynn dug us out of a hole of our own making not a great Carlow performance considering we were 7 or 8 short of last years side ,we need a centre and full back its to easy to go through the middle of our defence they have been marked absent to many times first again Louth and now again Carlow,i think Canavan at 6 and Finn at 3 would improve it immensely.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 10/02/2011 13:01:20    864584


Square 1-11 to 1-09 then ? Im off to the bookies.......

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts: 2676 - 10/02/2011 13:19:14    864595


Lug ,

Any team in Div 4 arent world beaters , including us .. hense why I'd love to see emphasis on the league and try for promotion this year & push out of Div 3 in a couple of years. When we are back to full strength with Stafford , Hyland , Travers , B.McGrath , J.McGrath , McWalter , Hannon etc back - we have enough fire power and experience to get to Div 3 this year.

Carlow an awful lot better than they were last year - 150% improvement and I was impressed with them . I think they will beat Fermanagh sunday .. their game sunday will tell a lot about whether they are serious Div 4 promotion hopefuls or not this year .

Agree on Odlum - not nearly fit enough and doesnt warrant a starting place at the moment . Furlong also not firing yet as he should . I'd like to see Peadar Burke get a run at some stage at Full Forward and maybe push Furlong out to corner forward.

On free's - Paul Earls kicked a very easy free from 30 years in front of goals wide v Carlow - so dont have your confidence in him . Tony Hannon will be back after Honeymoon , so its not a big issue really ( especially if Hannon is on a going day & cofidence high ) .

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 10/02/2011 13:58:32    864623


You heard it here first Sponger :-)

Will be close and hard to call in all seriousness

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 10/02/2011 13:59:30    864626


Square Ball 15-Agree with most of that except that I've never considered Seanie to be a corner forward. And I respect other postsregarding Carlow. Certainly they were gamer than last May but they couldn't have gotten much worse in fairness and take into account the much changed (and inexperienced) Wicklow that they faced last week. All in all lads it's great to see lads make the breakthrough and the willingness of management to try out new things and to use substitutes. However some of the tentative confidence I had afte the Laoisgame has evaporated as I check AA Route finder fo Carrick on Shannon. And it's going to be a long and somewhat pointless League campaign if we lose at the weekend. I don't wish to be negative, if Wicklow get at them and tighten up at the back and get ball into Leighton and Seanie, then I think we can do it. I imagine Leitrim have the pen and paper out planning how to stop Leighton getting ball.....

Lug (Wicklow) - Posts: 49 - 10/02/2011 14:32:04    864656


Have to say i agree with you lug in most of what you say,i thought Carlow were very poor and we threw two awful goals away...wicklow won all the breaks and just lost concentration,typical...the whole fermanagh management team were behind me at the game so they wont fear carlow and i would be shocked square ball if carlow beat fermanagh,glynn should do alot of damage this weekend coz leitrims full back line is poor,and their full back is very poor so i think seanie will be the man to watch this weekend,not a fan of peadar burke square either and pisterlo stephen kelly was excellant last week so a centre back wouldnt be top of my agenda even though i do rate canavan highly

brettlee (Wicklow) - Posts: 151 - 10/02/2011 19:04:28    864965


Anyone know if game is broadcast live on East Coast tomorrow ??..

Not sure if I'll get the pass from the Missus to make the trek :-(

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 12/02/2011 16:21:24    866007



I think we may also be over estimating Fermanagh to be honest .. Look at their recent form :

- We beat them deservidely in Aughrim in C'ship in 2009 .

- Last year they were relegated from Div 3 and hardly raised a gallop all league long

- They scraped past what was as we now know a very poor Cavan side in Ulster . They were then hammered out the gap by Monaghan.

They are in Div 4 because they absolutely deserve to be there ( along with everyone else in Div 4 ) . They have gone back an awful lot in 2-3 years and maybe their goose is cooked .

Carlow have benefit now of a tough game v Wicklow under their belts , have home advantage and they wont fear or respect Fermanagh too much . if they sharpen up a bit on last week , settle quicker and show same intensity & desire I think they are a home banker v Fermanagh ..

I maybe eating my words tomorrow night .. but have more than a sneaky feeling they will beat Fermanagh by 2 or 3 tomorrow.

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 12/02/2011 16:27:44    866009


Must win game tommorrow, who ever loses can expect to spend next season with the dreggs of football in division 4. If that doesnt motivate them nothing will.

John711 (Wicklow) - Posts: 50 - 12/02/2011 20:57:39    866214