JFC D: Seconds complete good weekend for Carnaross

September 12, 2017

Ollie Murphy still going strong for Carnaross

Carnaross 3-7 Longwood 2-4

Carnaross emerged six point winners in thgis Junior D Football championship 2nd place play off on a wet Sunday afternoon in Athboy.

Carnaross started strongest against the breeze and Alan O'Reilly opened the scoring with a fine effort after being picked out by Ollie Murphy. Longwood replied with a point before Murphy chipped a delicate point and followed up with a well struck penalty after Cian Yore was taken down. A fortuitous Longwood goal narrowed the gap to one as the ball ricocheted off Yore's face before looping into the corner of the net. Murphy was too hot to handle for the Longwood defence and took his personal tally to 1-04 with two more points from play and a free after a foul on Ollie Farrelly. Longwood closed the scoring in the first half with a pointed free after a

David Luiz style slide tackle from Patrick Smith to leave Carnaross in front at the break 1-05 to 1-02.

Carnaross started the second half brightly when Ollie Farrelly scored his third goal in three successive Junior D games. He showed the keeper no mercy with a ruthless dummy hop before falling and striking to the net. Carnaross and Longwood traded points with a fine Stephen Dawson effort before a third Carnaross goal effectively sealed the win. A loose ball in the full forward line was beautifully flicked up by Ollie Murphy to the incoming Peter Carpenter whose finish was a carbon copy of Peter Canavans 2005 All Ireland effort vs Kerry. The scores dried up for the closing fifteen minutes. Longwood scored their final point before an outstanding 60 yard point from Jack Roche who was eating out of the Dermot Connolly recipe book. Longwood scored a dubiously awarded penalty with the last kick of the game to leave the final score 3-07 to 2-04.

Carnaross are rewarded with a quarter final appearance against Clonard and will be hoping to emulate the Junior A team by reaching the semi-final stages.

Carnaross: Shane Comaskey; John Plunkett, Matthew O'Reilly, Cian Yore; Jack Roche (0-1), Eamonn Comaskey, Patrick Smith; Pierce Fleming, Peter Carpenter (1-0); Alan O'Reilly (0-1), Brian Comaskey, Stephen Dawson (0-1); Ollie Farrelly (1-0), Ollie Murphy (1-4), Dillon Fox; Subs: Conor Woods for Alan O'Reilly; Bernard Murphy for Ollie Murphy; Tom Shortt for Eamonn Comaskey; Blaine Lynch for Ollie Farrelly;


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