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Louth v Westmeath

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What players do you think should play in the final????

louth2011 (Louth) - Posts: 15 - 12/04/2011 16:00:50    909949


G. Hoey, Hoey, Carr
Finnegan, D.Finnegan, Shevlin
Keenan, Donnelly
McDonnell, Brennan, Reid
Maguire, Lennon, Smith

Think this team would suit croke park. Has a bit of pace in it.Also think the full forward will recieve early ball.

impact subs: Carroll, J.P and Mc Auley

mark (Louth) - Posts: 71 - 12/04/2011 17:37:32    910121


Gallagher - Although prone to mistakes, great kickouts!
Mc Auley, Hoey, Carr - Think Mc Auley deserves his place!
Finnegan, D.Finnegan, Shevlin - Shevlin played a stormer against Waterford, keep him in there.
Keenan, Carroll - Keep it going lads, if fit, Ronan deserves his place, if not, Donelly.
Crilly, Brennan, Reid - Crilly is a workhorse, and Brennan and Reid seem to have copped on a bit.
Maguire, Lennon, Smith - Can't go without the scoring ability of Lennon and Maguire, maybe Clarke ahead of Smith ?

rrbm (Louth) - Posts: 120 - 12/04/2011 18:22:44    910173


Think that Westmeath will have too much fire power for the wee county

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2748 - 12/04/2011 18:57:31    910209


Connor has to start in goals, was Louth's best player in the NFL...
Dont know about Mc Auley in defence.. was out of sorts down in Waterford, gave his man far too much room.. Gerard Hoey.. will he be fit for the Final?
We have no first choice midfielder to play alongside Paddy.. neither Carroll or Donnelly are consistent enough.. both drift in and out of matches..
I think it's a given that Shane Lennon has to start at full-forward.. for all the criticism he has to take, he was badly missed against both Cavan and Waterford.
My selection for Westmeath would be:
Sean Connor
Gerard Hoey (if fit) Aaron Hoey Jamie Carr
Ray Finnegan Dessie Finnegan Liam Shevln
Paddy Keenan Donnelly/Carroll
Derek Crilly Mark Brennan Andy Mc Donell
Derek Maguire Shane Lennon Padraig Smith

To be honest, we lack options in a number of positions, despite the fact that he keep hearing about competition for places. We may have a panel of 26-plus, but to be honest, alot of the fringe players are not any better that the regulars.

cmurray (Louth) - Posts: 59 - 12/04/2011 18:57:39    910210


why hasnt Liam Shevlin being played in other games, hes a good player for his age...

louth2011 (Louth) - Posts: 15 - 12/04/2011 19:08:57    910225


I think there is a place for ronan carroll in forwards - he scored 1.2 last week and is improving with games. Mark Brennan is playing poorly and I think that Ronan could make a better contribution on the 40s.

gaelgoir (Louth) - Posts: 238 - 12/04/2011 20:15:09    910272


G. Hoey, Hoey, Mc Auley
Finnegan, D.Finnegan, Crilly
Keenan, Carroll
McDonnell, Brennan, Reid
J.P, Donnally, Clarke

SignHimUp (Louth) - Posts: 589 - 13/04/2011 12:17:13    910571


1 connor
2 mc auley
3 d finnegan
4 g hoey[if fit]
5 r finnegan
6 crilly
7 shevlin
8 keenan
9 donnelly
10 reid
11 carroll
12 mc donald
13 pepi
14 lennon
15 maguire.

setanta (Louth) - Posts: 214 - 13/04/2011 13:05:56    910616


Jack L
County: All
Posts: 980

910209 Think that Westmeath will have too much fire power for the wee county

So what county are you from Jack?

georgelee (Louth) - Posts: 523 - 13/04/2011 13:37:40    910657


Great for the lads to get a run out in Croke Park.
My team would be:

Sean Connor
R Finnegan Dessie Finnegan Jamie Carr
R Carroll Crilly Liam Shevln

Paddy Keenan Donnelly

Reid Mark Brennan Andy Mc Donell
Maguire Shane Lennon Rooney

Cherno_Samba (Louth) - Posts: 630 - 13/04/2011 14:26:18    910695


Selecting keeper sets a bit of a poser. Both Connor and Gallagher have plenty to offer but based on ability to place clearances and kickouts Gallagher should get the nod.

Despite A. Hoey's good performances at full-back, questions remain as to whether he is best man for the position. Dessie Finnegan was very sound at No.3 all last year but he has hardly been an unqualified success at No.6. Improvement is also needed at centre half-forward, to complete a strong 'diamond' formation with midfield.

It would be foolish to omit Ronan Carroll from selection, after Dungarvan game, in which he showed capacity to penetrate defence and take scores. There is no doubt he is a 'class' player who could well provide solution to problems at No.6 or No.11.

In my estimation, Jamie Carr was too often given the'run-around' against Waterford and there should be grave doubt about his inclusion before either A. McAuley or G.Hoey.

ISMORANLU (Louth) - Posts: 29 - 13/04/2011 15:27:55    910753


can fitzer afford to experiment again?

its a major disadvantage heading for championship that we don't know our best team yet, a bad mistake after 7 league games and o'byrne cup.

Realistically, only Keenan, Ray Finnegan and Shane Lennon have nailed down places. They WILL be at midfield, wing back and square respectively, no doubt.

But for the final, and the championship, you have the following fighting for

1 Goalkeeper

3 full back places:
A Hoey
D Finnegan
E McAuley
D Byrne
G Hoey
J Carr

2 Half Backs:
D Finnegan
D Byrne
Carroll (possibly)

Midfield (1):

Half Forward:

Full Forward (2)

Now competition is good, but its worrying that ANY of this combination of players could line out on a given day in a big game.
If you look at the top 10 teams in the country, you can pick 10-12 certain starters if all fully fit.
With us, it seems to be 'right, what do we try next to see if it works'.

IMO, management need to make some straight calls and stick by them NOW, its probably already too late dont wait longer!

no.14 (Louth) - Posts: 106 - 13/04/2011 15:53:07    910775


1)sean o conor
2)Pop rath
3)Aeron hoey
4)Geard Hoey
5) Ray Finneagan
6) Dessie finneagan
7)Liam shevlin
8) Keenan
9) Brian Donnely
10) Derek crilly
11) Mark breanann
12) Adrian Reid
13)Derek maguire
14)Shane lennon
15Ronan carrol

Main subs = darren clarke, mcauley, JP, Mcdonell, jamie carr,
Carrol and lennon could work seen as we seem to be kicking the ball high and long ito them

WEE (Louth) - Posts: 106 - 13/04/2011 16:34:53    910819


I don't agree with the posters who say that Dessie was an unqualified success at full back last year. I thought he did reasonably well, but in my view there is no doubt that he is not a natural full back. He was overpowered physically in the Leinster Semi final for the late Westmeath goal and again for two goals against Dublin. Also could have done better in the final moments of the Leinster Final. I also have doubts about Hoeys pace. If playing Hoey we need a sweeper which robs our attack. Its a problem area. I'm not criticising Dessie as I feel he has made a great contribution to his club and his county. I do feel that he is more of a corner back and thats his best position. Although an honest player I don't think G Hoey is worth his place and feel that all the alternatives above are better. Connor certainly should get the nod in the goals.

I hope this post is not too negative as its a good sign of a team that can win promotion when not playing to its full potential recently. I feel that there is great scope for improvement, that this is easily achievable and that if achieved we could have another good summer. The team is pacey and does play with flair when in full flight

footballman (Louth) - Posts: 126 - 13/04/2011 16:36:30    910823


its simple lads play a team togather for long enough and they will gel togather. fitzer has been experimenting with players all year and still hasnt decided who his team r.He picked the same team all through the championship and looked what happened.The team tht wer on the pitch on the final whistle against waterford should b close to it

halfnhalf (Louth) - Posts: 35 - 13/04/2011 17:34:06    910878


I agree the team that finished up in Waterford with judge making way for Lennon if he is fit would seem the best team to start Ronan on the 40 s. Donnelly needs to do a whole lot better at mid field this time though. Also which ever keeper is in needs to vary kicknputs if we struggle in middle in Waterford Gally did this very successfully with lShevlin who on the basis of his aerial ability and mobility may be a future prospect for midfield. Aron had a good game on Sunday and his experience may count in final bout is not the answer in the long run. However there will be opportunities to try out others in the position on challenges in the coming 8 weeks. I'm Waterford backs conceded a very average scoreline. But 3 scores in first half from the forwards tells it all on relation to changes that need to be madel

blueboy (Louth) - Posts: 323 - 13/04/2011 18:46:50    910950


Best Team for Final.
CONNOR, the lad deserves his place in the final, some great performances and really grabbed his chance.
MCAULEY Leinster Final MOTM, great at driving forward, good pace and the tackling will come with more games.
AHOEY, great time for this old workhorse, stick him on Dessie Dolan again, wont get a sniff.
GHEOY, couldnt wait for his return, great last year under BIGMAC, rock steady if 100%, strong lad, solid corner back,

RFINNEGAN, As important to Louth as PK, with MCAULEY behind him drives us on also, can nick a score.
DFINNEGAN, Can be fantastic on his day, to hell with position, just hand him the red shirt and let him go.
DBYRNE, If hes not susspended, this chap has huge potential, the makings of a Louth Legend.

PKEENAN, Wasnt himself v Offaly,Limerick,Cavan, heavily gaurded.I guess he's gonna be even more shackled in this year chanpionship
when GREY got sent off the last day he lit up, MR Louth, Captain Marvel.
DONNELLY, Super V Offaly, was looking likely to be a shoe in for BWHITE, lashing 45 over from all angle, more consistant, will be good.

AMCDONALD, Wheres the old andy gone, needs to score soon, will work all day, good character and attitude.
RCARROLL, Has to be in, super start to the year and League ending, can split defences wide open,
wasnt in all last year, Louth Legend in the making, pity everyone comes down so hard on him.
AREID, needs 1 good performance to get back confidence, not a good partner to his clubmate, croker he will relish.

DMAGUIRE, Goal machine, but needs to start picking off the easy score, yet to convince hes a better parner to Lennon than Judge but should start.
LENNON, Hoping hes fit, if Louth go well this year he is ALLSTAR Material.
CLARKE, If we have designs of making a return to a Leinster Final, more than likely V Dublin, this is the guy to have in, returning from
surgery, needs games, deserve another shot at it in croker, Like Lennon, worth 4 or 5 on his day.

Excellent Replacements for any of the forwards, JP, JUDGE, PEPE, Will show on the day.

LovelyBall (Louth) - Posts: 352 - 13/04/2011 21:05:08    911063


Comments on Lovelyball selection - Declan Byrne is suspended and therefore can't play. Gerard Hoey started the year well but he is after having 3 bad games on the trot and was poor before getting injured on Sunday- Jamie Carr did an excellent job when he came in and is a class player and I believe he should start.. Hoey had a great game on sunday and while I have reervations about his long term placement as full back I think he should start on Sunday. I'm not convinced about mccauley- has shown little so far this year - did not win any 50/50 ball with his man on sunday and a defenders first job is to defend - he got forward towards the end but was the extra man at that stage, but would probably give him the nod for a start with Pop Rath a possible replacement. Half Back line did very well on sunday with Ray and Shevlin delivering good ball to forwards and should start again. I agree with carroll being cruical -he appears to be regaining his fitness and took some viital scores on sunday. Donnelly needs to get back on course with free taking and is good to partner paddy. good forward selection and all of the subs named can make an impact Any player is only as good as their last game and no player deserves a place based on their reputation. If a guy is not doing it he should be taken off - sometimes Fitzer waits too long to make changes. I have a feeling Maguire is going to shine on Sunday !!!

gaelgoir (Louth) - Posts: 238 - 14/04/2011 08:48:46    911184


Lovelyball - I love your optimism! After reading your piece I think we may be all ireland contenders this year and we are in with a chance for at least 4 all stars!!!

The point you made about P Keenan is very important though - as many have noted on this forum in previous threads, Louth play well when Paddy plays well. This year he is a marked man - so we need others to stand up and be counted. Paddy didn't get an inch until the sending off in Waterford - and then look what happened... I don't know if there is a way of using the extra attention that paddy will get this year to free up some of the other lads so they can have ore of an impact on the game....

Ronan on the 40 is a good idea considering none of our half forwards have really covered themselves in glory this year. He's definitely not a midfielder - he just drifts in and out of games too much. The only problem I see with playing Carroll is that, although I think he adds scoring potential, one of our main assets in the half forward and half back line was their ability to hoover up loose ball at the breakdown in the middle of the park. Ronan just won't offer that consistently. On that point, I am not sure if that particular tactic has been dropped this year or we have been unlucky at the breakdown - because last year we seemed to win everything and this year nothing!

I'd have to disagree with some posters who think Ronan would be best suited at 15. What won us football matches last year was fast early ball to the corners from the middle - this high ball craic they are at now is ridiculous, although Shane is an animal at 14, he's best when he gets ball to chest, and against the top tier of defenders he wont win high balls - as noted against Offaly. Pacey corner forwards are the way to go - Maguire and Clarke (I think)

Excited about the match now - can't wait to get back to croker, well done to all involved - there must have been mass said in fitzers house every night last week!

Daithi2009 (Louth) - Posts: 282 - 14/04/2011 10:34:09    911256