O'Keeffe fuming over late, late tackle

October 22, 2003

Declan Browne
Irish manager John O'Keeffe is raging over the cynical late 'hit' that has ruled star forward Declan Browne out of Friday's International Rules test in Perth. Even though yesterday's game against Western Australia was a friendly, Browne was ruthlessly nailed by former AFL player Ashley Prescott, leaving the Irish boss wondering what's in store for us tomorrow! "O'Keeffe blasted: "It was totally off the ball, way outside the rules. I talked to their manager about it but the damage is done and we have to move on. "I was upset by the intent of the foul. There was no intention whatsoever to play the ball and it happened a good twelve yards probably from where the ball was. That's not on in a friendly." Prescott seems to agree, indicating at least a modicum of remorse: "I certainly apologised to the Irish players. It was just one of those things that evolve in a game. I chose to make that decision - which was obviously the wrong one - in a split second."

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