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892211 Jack L, it's hard to take on a 6000 mile round trip

A 6000 mile round trip. What way are you going, Knock to JFK in New York to Belfast. It would be shorter by road and quicker in a car

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2772 - 10/04/2011 16:50:16    907917


Well we're down and even though I expected we would go down I'm dissapointed.
That draw v Donegal was so costly now but Meath must be the luckiest team in any division.
Meath for Sam............NOT!!!!

allSOran (Sligo) - Posts: 690 - 11/04/2011 08:11:10    908304



YeatsWoman (Sligo) - Posts: 47 - 11/04/2011 12:16:26    908512


Was at the game yesterday. Plenty of energy, but far too many mistakes. Kildare are no world beaters, lts of improvement. Lovely ground and pitch.
Full back line under serious pressure throughout. Midfield very very poor. Tony Taylor gives it his best but is not county standard unfortunately. Gilmartin should improve, but still lack of initiative. The two midfielders going for the same ball, not waiting for breaks. Kildare were well on top here. Half back line, pretty poor. Cawley took a knock earlier on and should have been substituted. kevin Walsh should have noted this, but didnt. Rooney, not too bad, few mistakes but tried. McGovern not the answer for number 6. Again Sligo have a problem here. More of a wing back if anything. Costello, O Hara and Coen were best. Played some excellent football, and it proves how valuable O Hara still is to Sligo. Costello wasted some, but created more. Coen very accurate in front of goal. Marren,Breheny very disappointing yesterday.
If Sligo cut out the unforced errors, they should overcome Leitrim. I wouldnt look beyond that yet. Also, a poor Sligo crowd yesterday.

ExSligohurler (Sligo) - Posts: 85 - 11/04/2011 17:32:36    909019


Sligo had their glory year last year. The bottom fell out after the Connaught final defeat. Downhill from there. Wouldn't surprise me if they ended back in D4. Cant see them having any impact on the championship this year.
I feel at this stage that Roscommon will retain their title.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2772 - 12/04/2011 17:19:06    910086


was on da terrace & thought der was a gud sligo following. completely beat up a stick at midfield. won very little breaks. thought curran wud win a lot of breaks with his return to the team recently but this hasnt happened. brehony annonymous again. full back & centre back still hugh problems. it was nt quite evident on sunday as da kildare forwards interchanged a lot. if dey had der shootin boots on dey wud hav won very easy. for all costello does right he undoes it with wat he does wrong. 1 of only a very few players we hav dat can open up a defence but he always has 2 hit dat killer pass. always has 2 hit da ball with da outside of his boot. he had a simple chance 4 a point n da second half where he could have just tapped it over but choose 2 go 4 da fancy kick & it went harmlessly wide. da ball was slowed up 2 many times waitin 4 hm 2 take a free kick wen da player dat was fouled should have taken it himself. he gave away da ball numerous times from free kicks but in fairness der was not much movement. on da plus side coen played well. donovan, rooney, o'hara and quinn wen introduced all played well. overall we cn hav no complaints about been relegated. we havnt performed n a lot of da games dat wer der 4 da takin. still optimistic 4 da championship dou because ders nothin in connaught that should scare us

cuil aine (Sligo) - Posts: 24 - 12/04/2011 17:33:37    910111


JackL- Nobody cares what your opinion is! (Sligo) - Posts: 39 - 12/04/2011 17:54:36    910138


Curran did not play on Sunday, jury is out on him. Sligo do have a lot to fear in Connacht, no idea what you mean by that. Mayo motoring well, Galway picking it up and we cant underestimate Roscommon or Leitrim. Simple as that at this stage. Maybe Tony taylor for fullback, defo not midfields anyway. Better facing the ball than being creative.

ExSligohurler (Sligo) - Posts: 85 - 13/04/2011 08:58:19    910416