Mayo - Aidan O Shea and that interview.

Replying To Gleebo:  "Would you ever give over? Beaten by a better team, yes, but also bulldozed in all of the physical collisions and lacking in any game smarts (David Brady and one or two others aside). In the All-Ireland final of 2006, Mayo scored just three points in the second half, all of which were close-in frees from Conor Mortimer. Around the same period, several teams of similar quality to Mayo (thinking of Dublin, Monaghan and Cork in particular) ran Kerry close in the latter stages of the championship. Mayo just hadn't developed the physical or mental toughness to compete back then.

So I'm not particularly bothered if other teams complain that we're too rugged or confrontational, tbh. There are other failings (a lack of support for Cilian and Andy in the forwards, vulnerability in front of our own square especially) that explain why Sam continues to elude us."
Point is GLEEBO Galway were tougher in the defining moments. Slapdash discipline from Cillian,is not helping the cause either.

Brinsley Swartz (Mayo) - Posts:2150 - 21/06/2017 15:33:32   2003110