Horan puts the spotlight on Gough

June 29, 2018

Kerry's Darran O'Sullivan argues with referee David Gough after being black carded.
©INPHO/James Crombie.

James Horan expects the row over the venue for tomorrow's All-Ireland football qualifier between Kildare and Mayo to make referee David Gough's job harder.

"David Gough will referee the match and it could be a difficult game for him," the former Mayo manager wrote in his Irish Daily Star column.

"Because of the build-up, supporters will be wound up. Some players might be too. Gough is a good ref who tends to let things go, so it could get a bit heated."

Horan believes the power of social media played a major part in Kildare getting the game moved from Croke Park to Newbridge.

"It helped to make the story a massive one in a matter of hours. There was a lack of leadership from the GAA when it became apparent that this was a real crisis.

"Their message to Kildare was basically 'you've made your point, now move on'. That was never going to go down well. The guys that came out to bat for the GAA weren't at the pitch of where the debate needed to be."

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