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How to progress Cavan Football in the next few yrs

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Tomsmith her
I have to say at the outset that I do not have a Crystal (Cavan ) ball to see how things will turn out but for Cavan to progress anywhere up to the standard of say Donegal/Tyrone or Monaghan I feel that we need to start a youth policy where we encourage our youths to play our National game and continue to do so after 18 yrs of age.
I feel that big Teams that amalgamate to progress in the minor championship is doing a disservice to ones own club.
I say that against my own club who has amalgamated in the past.
But I feel that the matter is so serious that all amalgamations at underage should be discontinued
Perhaps other views may be put forward and if so I will respond to sensible suggestions

tomsmith (Cavan) - Posts: 3237 - 24/09/2015 21:50:56    1792132


Maybe its a bit off topic Tom but i think if we had some top class opposition for the Gaels in Cavan it might help - O sorry i forgot -beaten again.

tenyearplan (Cavan) - Posts: 128 - 25/09/2015 21:51:19    1792524