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Waterford 0-12 Carlow 1-15

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@stjohn yeah that's how i read it myself, to me a reporter should report the facts of the game no matter how good or bad it makes a team or management look, cheerleading is fine if we are going well but the truth is as it stands we have won one game of any importance and aiming for third place in div 4 is nothing to boast about, it's promotion or failure and it should be called as such, we won't be promoted this year so we have failed, this reporter in question is basically acting as an apologist for that failure instead of calling it as it is

a couple of years ago the other local paper wrote us off before our game with derry, something i also thought was wrong as no ball had been kicked at that stage

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1278 - 04/04/2012 18:12:15    1143870


A bit hard on yourself there TAFKANO1FAN! You at least were original!
And I agree. Reporters need to be independent and it isn't a good idea to be too friendly with the players. Both papers guilty of it. Well meaning but unhelpful in the end.

Benekerry (Cavan) - Posts: 258 - 04/04/2012 18:23:29    1143877


Totally agree with Taf, St. john, and bennekerry. As someone has already said its promotion or failure for Carlow ..... ergo its failure again this year, no hiding that in irrelevant twaddle.

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 05/04/2012 12:20:43    1144237


I don't think the late Paul Donaghy would have said of we'd played like that every week we'd be top of the table. It's a bit Thailand to be honest - if my brother hadn't had that operation, he'd still be my brother.

The press should be critical - all I am reading now is fawning praise and no criticism at all. I think they should all pick up a good book about Kenneth Tynan.

And as for Barrowsider's comments. I agree with that. Simply because they should not be making any verdicts in their previews - they should just say who is playing and what could happen. Verdicts are a little Mystic Meg to be honest

TAFKANO1FAN (Carlow) - Posts: 588 - 05/04/2012 13:34:29    1144301


What some people seem to forget about the media and in particular the press is that it's just somebody's opinion. They might be slightly more adept with words than perhaps your average Joe but it doesn't necessarily mean their opinion is any more valid or their predictions more likely to be realised. The standard of reporting is definitely poorer than in times gone by in my humble opinion but sure that's more of it now isn't it?
I know of one gentleman in particular who would struggle to put two coherent sentences back to back on paper but his football acumen is second to none.
The prevalence of statistics and their application is testament to the fact that opinions are notoriously subjective and most people find it hard to be objective at the best of times. Y'know, both managers thinking the referee was against them etc... but even they can be manipulated. anyone read the Justin McNulty interview after Laois lost to Kerry?
I always liked the old slogan from one of the papers years ago, "before you make up your mind, open it", but to say that the year so far is anything other than a failure is just silly. In my opinion of course...

Bosco (Carlow) - Posts: 664 - 05/04/2012 14:00:05    1144319


Taf: Spot on . Explain Thailand ref.pls

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 05/04/2012 14:11:51    1144337


Pennypincher - don't worry, I didn't fall for it. ;-)

Anyway this year for Carlow has been a failure in the league - but I guess 'it's all water under the bridge, now?"

The hurlers have been red hot and I think comparing the two is like comparing salt and pepper - they are both in different places. And coming from different positions.

TAFKANO1FAN (Carlow) - Posts: 588 - 05/04/2012 14:25:40    1144355


Have to agree with others regarding report on the paper, its getting out of hand now and the mindset of the players has been infectected by management. Very dissapointed to hear the captain say and i quote WE HAVE BEEN PLAYING GOOD FOOTBALL AND I DONT KNOW WHERE ALL THE CRITICISM IS COMING FROM. WE HAVE BEEN VERY UNLUCKY. Firstly id love to know where this good football has been played because it certainly wasnt at any of the matches I saw and after paying 10e in I think people are totally within their rights to criticise after the poor showings one after the other. As for been unlucky, that more nonsense, unlucky is when you have been robbed of the match, we handed the game to Leitrim Clare Wicklow end of story. I am worried that Dempseys mindset now seems to have affected the players, i.e its everyones fault bar our own. Failure has to be dealt with and managed accordingly by management. Unfortunately they now seem to have the players believing that they havnt failed in this years league, that their own individual performances and team work does not require attention. I really pull my hair out at times with this management set up, we have the makings of a good team but unfortunately they are not getting the right guidance.

THE BOSS (Carlow) - Posts: 475 - 06/04/2012 11:29:19    1144819